Sarah Palin Channel Wardrobe Oops Replaced By Dog Drama

January 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sarah Palin Channel is for more than cooking tips, political opinions, it is also a place for wardrobe malfunction. On the December 21st episode of the Sarah Palin Channel, Sarah Palin, who is promoting her new book, appeared in a black top that slipped down and showed too much cleavage, according to some. Palin has yet to comment on the wardrobe oops, but the internet is doing a lot of talking about the incident. This minor controversy was replaced by the Sarah Palin dog scandal in the press.

Sarah Palin Channel

Can a Sarah Palin a wardrobe malfunction unite America and help bridge the divide between left and right?

Sarah Palin Channel is no longer safe for kids, according to some commentators. On Sunday, Sarah Palin posted a new video on her Sarah Palin Channel entitled Good Tidings and Buy My Book.

Mrs Palin used all 4 minutes to push her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, that is out for sale now.

The former governor of Alaska explained that the book is perfect for “dutiful Christians and godless heathens.” Palin revealed the inspiration of the book, by saying that she wanted to share many of her family’s Christmas recipes and traditions with other people.

Of course between recipes for sweet apple pie and Rice Krispie Treat snowmen, the former vice presidential candidate took few shots at liberals and their lawyers who are always threatening Christmas. The conservative commentator for FOX News, stated:

“Oh, I am so excited for people to get to read this Christmas book, while protecting the heart of Christmas and not allowing the Scrooges out there to take Christ out of Christmas, or to erode any of the tradition we celebrate during the Christmas season.It’s called ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas’.”

The founder of the Sarah Palin Channel went on to share a secret blueberry pie recipe and while demonstrating how to lay the crust, she had a wardrobe oops.

John McCain‘s former running mate, who was wearing a black sweater, bent forward to show how to better prepare the pie and the sleeves slipped down, showing a great amount of cleavage.

The Sarah Palin Channel‘s brief wardrobe incident occurred around the 3:50 mark in the clip.

While most people do not see what liberals are fussing about, few stated that while talking about religion, Christ, and wholesome family activities, Sarah Palin should not be showing so much of her boobs.

What are your thoughts on the Sarah Palin Channel cleavage-baring fiasco?

Update December 26:

Sarah Palin has still not responded to the supposed wardrobe malfunction, some say that the incident was a clever way to push her new book.

Update January 3:

A new controversy for the politician from Alaska, the “Sarah Palin dog” story has gone viral. On January 1, Palin posted a photo on Facebook of her 6-year-old son using the family dog as a stepping stone, backlash and drama ensued.


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  1. Stewart Evans says:

    Why, oh why did this even make the news. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this film clip. Big deal we saw a very brief shot of some cleavage, so what. We’ve seen much more on the Food Network than this. Somebody’s got a strange concept of “too much” cleavage. Get a life!!

    • Mary M says:

      Maybe they were just saying that ANY cleavage from a cow like this is enough to cause acute gastric distress to anyone unfortunate to be watching…

      • Bill says:

        Your liberal progressive comment is enough to cause acute gastric distress! Whats wrong Mary? You jealous about Sarah’s “Perfect Body” and “Down Home” country style.

        • swaggerhawk says:


        • JD says:

          Thanks Bill…..that’s just plain evil of Mary to say something like that about someone who’s so gorgeous like Sarah…Then again that’s the liberal way… smear and use childish put-downs. Joe below also has a GREAT point!

          • Jimmy Derp says:

            “Then again that’s the liberal way… smear and use childish put-downs”

            Love the irony there, Captain Stupid.

          • Palin Is A Dumb Twat says:

            Liberal, liberal, blah blah fuc*ing blah. That’s all you fu%ks ever have to say. So sad you worship this dumb whore.

        • peggs says:

          spare me i wouldnt do this bitch if she was the last female on the planet period

          • RANDY T says:

            You probably could not get laid if u ran naked down death row in a penitentiary

          • Joy says:

            I bit you can’t do anybody or any tree because you got nothen and you could never even get near her.

          • zack says:

            News Flash Peggs: Sarah Palin is not gay so you will have to keep on looking.

          • momo says:

            Peggs- then you’d be missing out on one fine piece of ass!

          • NC native says:

            I’d do her…. she just won’t get my vote for any office though. Before everybody starts the political pile-on… Hillary wouldn’t get EITHER from me. Let’s just say I prefer women of looks, intelligence AND integrity…

        • RANDY T says:


          • RaZeR says:

            wow…such typical hateful spew from a moronic republican.

          • OnlyRandPaul2016 says:

            Hey Randy? Don’t forget this liberal butch man-shee probably even tries to mimic a man by trying to pee while standing up in one of those California liberal transgender bathrooms because “it” can make up its mind what sex it even is on a daily basis.

        • Swamptrotter says:

          You need glasses son. No perfect body there. An empty head on top of some bagged gas. She wouldn’t know “down home” style if it came up and hit her in the ass. She’s a fake and a dumb fake at that. Never could get anything right. Couldn’t keep her husband happy, couldn’t raise her child well, couldn’t keep to the course and finish her stint as governor, couldn’t be a decent running mate in a presidential election, doesn’t know American history or the constitution or much else. Perfect embarrassment.

          • les says:

            Sarah lives inside your head, haters. She is pretty and she is smart and you are haters because she is so pretty.
            Mary- you are ugly, just by your comments
            Peggs- You would in a heart beat, you probably just wouldn’t tell anyone because your hater friends would make fun of you
            Raz-er- But I guess it’s okay to make fun of Bushes Children? Ironic, huh. But then Bushes children are pretty then the Obama’s Just fact.

          • obamasuxazz says:

            yea keep worshipping MOOooooCHELE LOSER OBAMA ,HAVE some chicken with the fat arse not so first chump lady

          • nick says:

            true .what an air head.

          • PRE3ACHERSEED says:

            And the current person in the oval office knows American history, or the constitution? Seriously?

          • Bill says:

            Your right, she is a phony and about as dumb as dirt.

          • Patrish says:

            I think you said it pretty well. Most of us with brains keep hoping she will just go away. Still gives me a reason to be unimpressed with what the Republican have to offer.

          • DonW says:

            The only thing wrong is that you do not agree with her politics.

            The fact that you create all of these other criticisms proves that you don’t really, deep down, believe that her political beliefs are wrong.

          • momo says:

            Yeah Swamptrotter — but she’s still smokin’ hot!

            She hunts and eat red meat.. Gotta love her!

          • OnlyRandPaul2016 says:

            Yeah that’s because Rachel Mad Cow is so “HOT” right?

        • RK says:

          … and the “war on women” continues. From the left.

          • Gene S says:

            FYI, President OBama is a constitutional Lawyer and was President Of Harvard Law but do not let the facts get in yr way. Bottom line she could not handle the pressure as Governor and quit. She would hv made a great President.LOL

          • Garrett says:

            Gene, Obama was never President of Harvard Law. he was editor of the law review, which means he read what others wrote. Obama was not even a professor at the University of Chicago. he was a guest lecturer. He got that because the democrats pushed for him to get that with his buddy, Bill Ayers, the weatherman murderer. That is where Obama came from, and Rev. Wright’s loving church.

          • Brian says:

            She has proven herself DUMBER than dirt too may times to count! She is a waste of our air!

        • Al says:

          Sounds to me like Mary has no body or figure for that matter, to speak of, she’s jealous!

      • Joe says:

        Mary, why the name calling? We all know you liberals are the TOLORANT ones…. So what’s the deal?

        • JeebusCrise says:

          Most liberals can spell tolerant and would not put it misspelled in all caps. Most liberals understand that on the web, caps indicate screaming. So, this would mean you screamed TOLORANT (tow – low- rant). Goofballs make me smile.

          • Tammy says:

            Liberals are far more tolerant with the exceptions of hypocrites. This woman screams about family values, thumps her Bible at every chance and you fools fail to see her as the hypocrite she is. How many children out of wedlock has this clan had? How many drunken brawls? How many affairs? She’s nothing more than hypocritical trash.

        • OnlyRandPaul2016 says:

          Yeah no kidding Joe, The only war on women I see is coming from these liberals.

          • CharInOhio says:

            @Tammy …..FYI Tammy,Fist off Sarah NEVER has said her family was PERFECT. She SAID, her family has the same issues OTHER families have. No matter HOW much you teach your child right from wrong, unless you lock them up in a cage and watch them 24/7 they are prone to make bad choices in life. Sorry, but that is just how it works. Even preachers kids have done the same? Does NOT mean you were not TAUGHT right. There are NOT lots of out of wedlock kids FYI. You apparently know NOTHING about Sarah, like most haters DONT. There was one “drunken brawl” if you wish to call it that, that was STARTED BY OTHER PEOPLE and the Palin’s DEFENDED THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF GETTING THEIR ASSES KICKED FOR NO REASON. I suppose you would have just let them beat you up and did nothing? The brawl was STARTED BY OTHER PEOPLE, not the Palin’s. And , probably ON PURPOSE to make it a huge issue. THERE WERE NO “AFFAIRS” … read WAAAYYY too many National Enquirers in the grocery store check out lane….you know the ones that say “Woman gives birth to ten aliens !!!” Hey nine maybe ..but ten ? You really believe that? 🙂 Speaking of hypocrital trash, you likely qualify in that category as you just mentioned that liberals are more tolerant, obviously you have just displayed you ARENT lol? Tolerant, that is. IF YOU WANT TO BASH SOMEONE, perhaps you should research FACTS instead of hate articles spreading LIES and MISINFORMATION? AND, just for the record, perhaps you should be worrying over all those ILLEGITMATE ILLEGAL BABIES your tax dollars are supporting? I am pretty sure the Palin’s are supporting THEIR OWN. Whether you “like” how they are doing it or not …IF YOU ARENT PAYING FOR THEM , its not YOUR BUSINESS …..Just a thought?

      • Ray Tripp says:

        Mary must be a wart hog and could never get a man to turn his head if she was buck naked no one even a liberal scum sucker cant stomach a look

      • Helena C says:

        You are really in the Christmas spirit aren’t you?

      • James says:

        Cow? I think she is sexy!! If my wife looks that good at 50, I will feel super lucky. It is typical for unattractive women to call attractive women ugly or cows though isn’t it. Jealous much?

        • Patrish says:

          Looking good is one think, having a brains is another. Her look will eventually go, but brains can last a lifetime.

          • CharInOhio says:

            I suppose we are to judge whether or not she has “brains” in comparison to you ? LOL ? Well …..Just sayin …..Haters don’t consider anyone who disagrees with them … “have brains”.

        • Brian says:

          YUCK! I just threw up in my mouth a little!

      • henryetta coon says:

        You seem to be a bitter person. I feel sorry for you.

      • doowop69 says:

        a hole

      • Brian M says:

        This HAS to be my bitchy sister… MOO!

      • TheDuke says:

        Referring to her as a “cow” shows you must be blind! Sarah Palin is a very pretty woman. She probably only bothers you because she has right leaning values! I’d love to have your picture to compare to hers.

      • obamasuxazz says:

        COW THE ONLY DISGUSTING fatt bottom cow in this country is MOOCHELLE OBAMAS FAT arse….tell MOOCHELLE TO eat some grits and ribs,greasy chicken and some bananas

        • Fire Away says:

          Are we seriously going to go there with the racism? You seem to be the most ignorant of all, “obamasuxazz”. Are you even old enough to vote?

          Go away so we can watch everyone one-up each other with the “You couldn’t get laid if” comments.

          Personally not a fan of Palin but you walked right into that one, Mary…

      • Bret says:

        What liberal hypocrisy… slamming Sarah Palin as ‘a cow’. I’ve seen Rachel Ray show more cleavage doing cooking shows. And I love Rachel Ray. Mary’s hypocrisy epitomizes the lefts false claim about ‘conservatives war on women’. When liberals claim sexism, racism and indifference to the working class… they are describing themselves!

      • GM says:

        Well, well, well, isn’t if fitting that another woman, who probably is a cow, would call an attractive cougar like Sarah Palin a cow.

      • zack says:

        Envy, envy, envy Ms. Mary M.

      • ralph says:

        the only cow is clinton

      • Rob W. says:

        So, Mary, tell us why do you think she’s a cow, why you think we’ll all get gastric distress, etc. Please also post a pic of your face and boobs (not the ones you might steal off the internet — YOUR REAL PHOTOS so we can judge your credibility. Thanks and Merry Xmas.

      • Anthony says:

        If this is what you call a cow — then I’m giving up my day job and becoming a Dairy Farmer. Sarah Palin is now and has always been one Hot Momma. She’s got the entire package, Face, Body and Brains — I’m not crazy about her hunting and killing animals, but with all of her other attributes — I guess there’s got to be something I don’t like about her.

        • CharInOhio says:

          LOL Anthony … would give up your day job and be a Dairy farmer would ya lol ? Love it …. 🙂 Tell ya what ….I wish everyday I could wake up and look like that lol …I do have a couple years on her though 🙂 They need to stop hatin’ on Sarah, they can’t stand it cause she won’t just go away and cause they aren’t cool like her and never will be 🙂

        • SANDRA says:


          • Fee says:

            Lady, you need the Lord Jesus Christ and much soul-searching. “Father, forgive her, for she knows not what she’s doing and saying.”

      • Smitty says:

        If you call her a cow, What in the world do you think of Hillery the horrible??

      • Alan Moore says:

        Let’s see your body Mary, I would bet at Sarah’s age you didn’t or won’t look like her. You are a jealous liberal puke that has nothing good to say about anyone that doesn’t think like MSNBC tells them. I can tell you’re the cow without even seeing you.

      • Jamal Abubulende says:

        Mary M likes to suck sh8t diluted by rat urine and suck 2 Lb. of it through a straw every day. Then she proceeds to tell all of us who is or isn’t a cow.

      • mks281 says:

        “Down home country style” is a nice way of describing a nit-wit! You Palin groupies did hear about her “down home country style” brawl not long ago at a kid’s party no less! Yup, can you just imagine them in the WHITE HOUSE! By all means groupies, encourage her to run again!!!

      • Fred says:

        COW……really mary… must not have any mirrors in your house because you have no idea what a cow looks like……Sarah is a very good looking and intelligent woman….I agree with Bill

      • Robbie says:

        A cow? Are you kidding? The cows are those “butch lesbians” feminists.

    • Kevin says:

      Alaska news

    • Bob says:

      Only intelligent comment I’ve seen is from Stewart. The rest are full of sh8t!!

    • J B says:

      I am so with you on this “subject”

    • Joy says:

      Hello! What is there to talk about? Good for her, even she is not 18 yrs.old she has a nice cleavage and she is beautiful naturally.

      That I said it.

    • GregP says:

      I totally agree with you. I’m sure most people were breast feed one time in their life and cleavage? Wow, the Brits were right, America has a hang-up about the natural body – GET OVER IT! There was nothing wrong with Palin’s wardrobe. It seems to me who ever thinks this way is a pervert – always thinking sexual crap – Grow up will you

    • Mike Lyons says:

      This was just all part of the script.

      • Mike McDonald says:

        EXACTLY! I was wondering when I would read a comment by someone else who had enough brains to figure that out. While it may not have actually been scripted and may have, indeed, been an accident when it happened, she and her producer(s) obviously left it in there on purpose just to get some publicity (unless of course, it was airing live, which it wasn’t, since it was a pre-recorded segment). If she didn’t want people to see it, it would have been cut from the video. She’s airing stuff like this to try to get more people to subscribe to her floundering channel. She only wanted publicity-it’s as simple as that.

    • Stephen W.Ditschler says:

      I think that we all should try to be non judgmental for a 24 hr. period. God bless you all. That is my prayer for you.

    • David in MA says:

      In today’s climate she could bake pigs in a poke naked and not cause a comment. Well, maybe from the hypocrites.

    • Jamal Abubulende says:

      You mean you don’t know? I’ll tell you. Because there is a large class of ass licking vermin who do nothing but target people and try to make them look bad even when there is nothing bad there. They largely work for MSN, NBC CNN and other bottom of the urinal publications like thespreadit. Hey I think they got the title of this publication from a vote for what’s the quickest way to getting STD.

  2. George Tittle Jr says:

    Beautiful lady and smart. Nothing wrong with her cleavage. Keep up the good work Sarah.

    • Debbie Scott says:

      Who are you? Why do you think this? What is your level of education? Do you have a job? Do you make over $25K? How could anyone think this?

      • Mary M says:

        How could anyone think that…? Let’s start with it being someone who quotes Lush Limburger as if that moron is Holy Writ. Someone who considers Sarah Puling attractive has got to have taste lower than a snake’s belly in a swamp. I guess she MIGHT seem like a step up from the sheep he usually has sex with, but they must be really ugly sheep for Sarah to supplant them…!!!

        • Bill says:

          I never even seen you Mary M, but I can determine from your comments that you are one ugly “Hag”.

          • jeannie says:

            Bill, I am sure you are absolutely right about Mary. Sarah Palin is a very pretty woman. Mary is probably dog ugly and weighs 250lbs.

          • Joy says:

            Mary M.
            You are so jealous you got nothing to show of that is admirable. You are ugly people MARY M. Who you had sex with if there is any a stone? Is your sex transplant went south Mary M.

            Amen to you Bill. Whatever we the beautiful and handsome people do Mary M. still won’t like us because she/he just a fungi attach to an OLD DEAD TREES.

        • Joe says:

          Once again nice TOLORANT liberal viewpoint…..

          • Joe says:

            I am waiting for you to spell that word correctly . You’re almost there ! People , Inbreeding is a bad thing .

          • wm evans says:

            pay no attention to mary, sara. I have known u and todd since he got his first gillnet lic for Bristol bay. also raced snowmobiles with u in Wasilla (against of course) also the timbertramps band were your booster’s in southeast ak when you ran for gov. I am an Alaskan pioneer of over 50 yrs in Alaska.

          • CharInOhio says:

            @jeannie ……I was thnking Mary is probably like 400lbs or over lol ……you were very “tolerant” to say 250 🙂 She is also probably cross eyed and bow legged. Wouldnt matter if she is drop dead beautiful ….Her attitude and jealousy sucks and MAKES HER UGLY ……

        • festie says:

          as opposed to the ugly angry hag that is michelle Obama. anyone that thinks someone is without guile and corruption just because they are of color is dumber than a box of rocks. the only truly progressive thing about liberals is their constantly declining intelligence.

        • Al says:

          Mary is saying to herself, while eating her I/2 gallon of ice cream, “I wish I had boobs”!

        • Bret says:

          Nary is a half baked twit! To liberals all conservative women are ‘just wrong’. And no matter what dim-witted things Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson-Lee, or commentator women like Rachel Maddow say… they are 100% right. Even if 70% of the country are laughing or aghast at their stupidity.

        • Bret says:

          Mary is a welfare queen!

        • zack says:

          You are really envious Mary.

        • Christine says:

          Mary, Some advice…Grow up, you are childish and so transparent!

        • Jamal Abubulende says:

          Mary M, after your daily dose of shit slurping, I guess you must dream of a swamp snake going up your fat scary ass cuz that’s the only action you can get.

      • Kevin L says:

        This is not news. Besides…I find it hard to believe that anything Ms. Palin does isn’t carefully coordinated and scripted.

        • JD says:

          Yup but on a much smaller scale than the giant left wing liberal media machine…..of course Liberalism is disease so the daily drivel is to be expected.

        • Mike McDonald says:

          Well, not EVERYTHING she says is scripted. Let’s not forget her Katie Couric interview, where she couldn’t even name a magazine or newspaper. It seems that whenever she has to use the minimal brains she actually possesses, she sticks her foot in her mouth if she doesn’t have one of her handlers to tell her what to say. Yes, she’s physically attractive, but DAMN, is she ever stupid!

    • RaZeR says:

      I love how these TEA-Billys think insulting Obamas kids are A-ok but no one is supposed to say a damn thing about this conceded greedy bitch. She is a nasty ugly bitch.

      On the inside. Where it matters. I wouldn’t touch her with a Tea-anderthals tiny penis.

      Fortunately, this bitch is the perfect mixture of greed, conceit, and stupidity that she will pull something that forces her off her pedestal, if not land her in jail.

      • Bill R. says:

        It must be terrible for you and Mary M. to have that huge burden of so much hate inside. Your words reveal a consuming hatred. Forget the Liberalism vs Conservative aspect for a moment and just think of your choice of words and ideas to describe someone you don’t know. Ray Tripp and JeebusCrise are right up there with Mary M. on the mindless ascerbic end of things, but on the other end of the spectrum Randy T. comes fairly close in reaching for a pure emotional response without any substance whatsoever. The polemic hate filled attacks on each other, devoid of any essential substance are pitting Left and Right against each other in a way similar to the fever pitch vitriolic attacks of the North vs South in Antebellum America of the 1850’s. Do we really want to go through that horror again? Using the most bellicose and obscene language against each other is just a preliminary to a violent rendering of what is left of the once proud United States. Attacking someones political views by contrasting those with your own is not the problem. Dehumanizing those of our opponent and trying to deny him or her even the right to disagree is the problem. Liberals and Conservatives both share guilt and shame for doing that in these times. Once you start slinging epithets and apply sexual innuendos, comments about supposed mental competence or unjustified attacks on someone’s family,religon, level of education, financial status or physical attributes then you have forever compromised your credibility in any thing resembling a rational discussion on the issues. That is unless you don’t object to fanning the flames for a future violent conflagration of political extremes at the expense of the future of the country.

      • Joy says:


        Look at yourself on the mirror. Are you as good looking as the TEA-Billys you said?

        Let see let’s gather all of you. Hilary Clinton Ugly Wide Hips Chunky Legs, Nancy Pilocy Ugly as a skunk, Barbara Baxter, Michelle & Barrack, Biden, Harry Reid, Jessy Jackson, Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr.,Charles B. Rangel, Oprah, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Lovely boy head. You RaZey. ATTY: General of Obama, Barbara Mikulski, and The beauty of your people RaZey is a turn on to any man even without taking their Viagra. Biden and Reid is Kissable. These are only a few and there are millions of you RaZey that talks and look just like you and them and don’t forget the tree hugging woman.

        Now, let’s line up a few of the TEA BILLYS as you sad it.
        Myself, Nancy Reagan, and Laura Bush, Michelle Buckman, Sarah Palin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Ben Carson. etc, etc. If you look at us we are good looking respectable people
        You all are jealous of us because we are happy, smart and well educated and beautiful.

      • Bret says:

        You are a perfect mixture of a cretin moron and typical dimwitted liberal.

      • David in MA says:


      • SANDRA says:


    • henryetta coon says:

      Amen, George! Merry Christmas to all

  3. Zipper 666 says:

    Guess having failed so abysmally as a Vice Presidential candidate, quit her Governorship early to get Fox News dollars and been dropped by them as well, the only career left is giving Teabaggers cheap thrills.

    • festie says:

      as opposed to the prince of lies and his token white running partner.

      • Joe says:

        Ah, Brilliant ! Please elaborate on exactly what lies instead of spewing FOX news rhetoric, Try independent thought , you troll.

        • jniseda says:

          Try “If you like your insurance you can keep it”.

        • Bret says:

          “If you like your plan you can keep your plan.”
          “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”
          “No one is going to take that away from you.”
          ” The affordable care act will lower premium rates, lower medical costs and help balance the deficit… the cost of premiums for a family of four will go down $2500 a year.”
          “If you have a successful business… you didn’t build that… someone else did that for you.”
          “The deaths of four Americans in Benghazi were in reaction to a video posted on the internet by some shady character.”
          “There is not one smidgeon of corruption behind the IRS investigations of political conservative fund raising groups.”
          “The threat from al Qaeda is over… they are defeated and on the run.”
          “There is NO war on terrorism.”
          “Anyone who thinks like Mitt Romney… that Russia is still a threat to us and the freedoms of western Europe, is living with a twentieth century mentality.”

          I could go on and on… but it is redundant… the man is a pathological LIAR!

          • Justin H says:

            Way to go Bret! Poor Joe…dumb enough to step into a statement like that after the years of lies caught on tape, in the news etc….Try independent thought , you troll. Please just sit back and shut it Joe…everyone reading your post just lost 10 points off their IQ and for some they couldn’t afford it. Sarah Palin is a very attractive lady…her problem is the libs are so scared of a conservative point of view that anyone who makes sense is automatically their target. And Mary?? I think based on your comments your IQ was already in the negative…poor lady made such an idiot of herself in public.

    • David in MA says:

      SHE did not fail, McCain sold out!

      • Mike McDonald says:

        I would be willing to bet that if McCain had picked almost anyone else even REMOTELY qualified for the job, he’d have had a hell of a lot better chance of getting elected. The only-ONLY-reason he selected her was because he thought that having a woman for a running mate would get the Hillary supporters to vote for him.

      • CharInOhio says:

        There was several states that McCain refused to even go to , to campaign…..Sarah said she would GO ALONE , they refused to LET HER GO …McCain sold out and gave up LONG BEFORE the campaign was over . They would not LET Sarah keep telling the TRUTH about Obama ….they silenced her. Sarah DID NOT lose the election , MCCAIN the LIBERAL LOST the election. Sarah carried his arse the entire campaign ….and almost won DESPITE him not even TRYING to win ….until they held her back.

    • CharInOhio says:

      McCain FAILED as far as the campaign was concerned, he WAS A LIBERAL by the way in case you didnt know ….we call it a RINO, Republican In Name Only 🙂 He did not WANT to win and did not TRY TO WIN, Sarah carried him the entire campaign. She did NOT make him LOSE….HE MADE THEM LOSE …

      She “quit” her Governorship because some dimwitted hater liberals like yourself, filed FALSE lawsuits against her and she could not be in court and on her JOB paid by taxpayers TOO ….Tell your boss, IF you have a job that is …that you will be in court more than on your job and see if they want you to stay there ? She had NO CHOICE but to go to court ….the allegations were FALSE and SHE WON THEM ALL … It was costing the state alot of money and HER OWN FAMILY lots of money to fight the ignorant allegations against her. STUPID things like a logo on a shirt she wore. YES YOU ARE RIGHT …..A LIBERAL WOULD TAKE MONEY FROM TAX PAYERS AND NEVER BE THERE TO DO THEIR JOB ……You are absolutely CORRECT ….we have a few of those in the White House and outside of it now …..BUT SARAH CHOSE TO STEP DOWN or “quit” as you haters like to call it. HER FOX CONTRACT ENDED , THEY DID NOT “FIRE HER”. She decided to NOT renew the contract at that time….AND SHE IS BACK BY THE WAY and the contract IS RENEWED or was ….at a later date. Don’t worry OVER HER CAREER …perhaps you should get out of your pajamas in your parents basement , get off the blogs and stop tracking down Sarah articles to spread hate on …..and GET A CAREER YOURSELF ….instead of trolling Palin articles to write down hateful comments ?

  4. Lou Vogt says:

    are you freakin’ kidding me? THAT was a lot of cleavage? Get a life!

  5. Bren says:

    She is Dumb as a box of rocks. When she slips from the spotlight she always finds a way back in.

    • surf says:

      I believe a box of rocks would give you an education, well maybe not, your probably a democrap.

      • Tom says:

        It’s funny that you are saying someone needs an education since, I gather, you haven’t gotten past the 4th grade when they teach you the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

      • Mike Lyons says:

        I’d rather be a democrat than part of the “Psycho Sarah” fan club!

        • CharInOhio says:

          Then perhaps a good shrink would do you good? You are tracking down Palin articles to spread hate on them? Normal people stay away from things they “dont like” but liberals like yourself GRAVITATE towards them like a magnet? It shows how mentailly deranged and challenged you seriously are …..If she is dumb and meaningless to you ….you would not be on this blog …

      • Sekigahara says:

        It’s you’re. As in you are. I’m going to take a guess with your poor English and gems like “democrap,” and imagine you didn’t like school that much, especially English class, and don’t care how your poor command of simple English, clumsily used to suggest someone else lacks education, shows you to be just another ignorant rube.

    • henryetta coon says:

      and THAT makes her dumb???? Seems just the opposite.

    • Bret says:

      This coming from someone who believes Obama is actually a Harvard professor of Constitutional law and ‘gaffamatic’ Joe Bitme is a genius!

    • David in MA says:

      Bren, You worth 12 MILLION $$$?

  6. JO Blow says:

    I’d do her

    • Mary M says:

      Your standards must be botton-of-the-swamp low. Sub-human low.

      • Bill says:

        And your standards, going along with the democratic progressive socialist that are now trying to destroy “America” are at the very lowest, deepest part of the sewer processing plant. Mary M, I just diverted your sewer line to your bathtub, go take a long bath.

        • Joe says:

          What an idiot , LMAO , When are you morons going to come to your collective senses and see the very people that you idolize are keeping you right where they want you , You idiots are the new Nazis .

          • RaZeR says:

            Joe is totally right……If you fucking DUMB-icans would do anything other than hang on every word of these liars, and did a bit of insult, you would know that they are ROBBING you and your family and telling you to be grateful about it.

            But no…you wont…Youll just attack people you don’t know anything about repeat the rhetoric served you like a good little parrot.

            Stupid, hypocritical, republican morons

          • Educated man says:

            RaZer’s comment below made my jaw drop! I don’t need to swear to make my point (although I can lay down my share at times) profanity is the sign post of people with a poor vocabulary and poorly educated.
            Higher taxes, higher insurance premiums, and much higher deductibles, and that’s just to start. So if you want to talk about getting Robbed lets leave Sarah out of it.
            I’m guessing 10th grade on you Right?
            Hypocritical was another word you used – WOW!!
            The Democrats list of hypocritical things.
            People keeping there own money?
            people who might think different from you?
            Its OK to get BJs in the oval office from interns, but cleavage (I would no stand for it – if I was you)
            It was a sad day in history to have to talk about Bill’s affairs (yes plural) and have to bring cum soaked dresses in front of the congress. (cleavage?)
            Democrats – US history is taught in the 11th grade. Here is what you missed.
            There have been two presidents impeached in US history both were Democrats.
            As a republican we put are own in jail if they screw up, look up Duke Cunningham. Not the Dems they treat there law breakers like gods.
            Lets talk men of the Democrat party
            Gerry Hart (Donna Rice)
            John Edwards (Had an affair while wife was fighting for her life with cancer)
            Bill Clinton (what are there 9 affairs to date – and you want his wife as president she’ll put up with anything, give this country away)
            John Kennedy (Bay of Pigs, Vietnam and affairs)
            Go back and hit that bong of yours or drop an oxycodone and chill, that goes for all of you Dems.

      • Scott says:

        Mary, you must be one of those Code Pink hags with boobs hanging down to your pot bellies. It’s always you ugly sows that insult the attractive women that you could never hope to look like. At the same time, you think Michelle Obama is beautiful. I guess, if you like women that look like men, you would be right. I’m sure if Sarah was a liberal Democrat, you would love her. Your politics clouds your judgement. Or, more likely, you’re just an ugly, stupid cow that no man would touch.

      • Al says:

        Mary, grab a shovel and have some ice cream!!

      • CharInOhio says:

        He didnt say nothing about “doing you” Mary 🙂

      • SANDRA says:


    • henryetta coon says:

      Classy stuff. Wow, I am not impressed.

    • David in MA says:

      YA BETCHA!
      She’d go home and slap her husband for holding out on her!

  7. Ben Doverdahl says:

    Hey! It pay’s to advertise!!

  8. Bob says:

    What cleavage?? nothing there

    • Elijah says:

      Quite correct, there was nothing to see since nothing was exposed except her shoulders, and upper arms.

      “…bent forward to show how to better prepare the pie and the sleeves slipped down, showing a great amount of cleavage.”

      The last part of the sentence run on was HILARIOUS. That was supposed to be a GREAT AMOUNT of cleavage?!! Sorry Garrett Montgomery, you must never get outside your cubicle.

      • RaZeR says:

        While I too thought that the video is in all reality, tame to be the least, when hateful bithces like her verbally assault children for wearing clothes no worse than than her, shouldn’t she totally expect to be attacked on the same level?

        Fair is fair right?

        • henryetta coon says:

          RaZeR, you seem to be VERY ANGRY. Are still in a free country where I am ABLE to intelligently think and believe in principals and values. Anger management classes meet every M>T>W> in the basement. Please attend.

  9. Jon B. says:

    Are you kidding me! A women shows “a little” cleavage, and her show is now not kid friendly?? She didn’t show any more cleavage than the women on “The Weather Channel”, or the local news.
    Come on, how about some real news, instead of made up garbage.

  10. Mary M says:

    WOW!! Yet ANOTHER ghost-written book claiming to have been “written” by this anti-semantic twit.

    • Bill says:

      Yet another comment posted by an uneducated female moron.

      • jeannie says:

        Go Bill, Go!

      • JD says:

        Right on, Bill!

      • RaZeR says:

        You have NEVER posted a single thing that would even suggest that you have slightly increased your knowledge in any matter,had ANY original thought, or done anything except juvenile insults.

        See that’s you Retard-icans problem…..You listen only to the talking heads on FAUX news, but your little brains cant comprehend that those rich bastards have their own agendas, and will do anything to stick to those agendas……Including LYING to your ridiculously gullible asses.

        Use that lump of gray matter between your ears. I know you have less of it than your typical human being, having subjected your poor brain to the drivel that constantly flows from these heroes of yours.

        If you quit right now, you could possibly bring your brain function back up to 30%…Hey I know it doesn’t sound like much, but its better than the atrophied state your brain is currently in.

        • sergeantmajor says:

          You amaze me, democrats in our congress are ALL multimillionaires claiming to fight for the little guy while giving away hard working legal citizens tax dollars to illegal immigrants. You buy the dribble spewing from their lying mouths (“you can keep your doctor and your insurance plans if you like your plan”) from the highest office in the world democrats can not face the truth coming out.

          They are the real 1% of our population yet they try to deflect that brand on Republicans (the party of Lincoln and the real patriots).

          Your ignorance towards free spirits and openly caring people does not surprise me.

          Start accepting responsibility for democrats failures and bad decisions about leading our nation. You say Palin messes up, but finds a way to get back in (sign of a dedicated person who does what it takes to get the job done).

          Grow up RaZeR learn from your idols (democrats) mistakes and Bull Crap. Open your eyes and see for yourself the realities of life.

          • Joe Boyle says:

            Patriots?? There are no patriots anymore, just a bunch of dumbasses. Stop throwing around the “patriot” B.S. A patriot is a real American who doesn’t hate other Americans based on lies that treasonous bastards throw out to divide us for their own gain. There aren’t any patriots or real Americans anymore, only Republicans and Democrats. Makes me sick. So keep following your lying, manipulative masters cause it is all of you who are sending this country down the toilet. You idiots are doing infinitely more damage than the moron politicians could ever dream of pulling off. So, be proud of yourselves, because the end of this country is near and there aren’t enough real American patriots left, without a D or R on their useless voter registration card, to stop this country from imploding. Good job, morons. By the way, I really resent you people on the right falsely claiming Lincoln, because your party in no way resembles anything Lincoln stood for. So just stop being stupid

    • festie says:

      hey mary, go back to your 5 quart bucket of ice cream bought with your food stamps paid for by people like palin. maury povich missed you for those few minutes you weren’t watching.

    • Al says:

      Hey, Chubby!! Let it go! Hit the treadmill!!

  11. wayne wilkerson says:

    REALLY !!! your envy obvious and that’s sad.

  12. Calvin says:

    Maybe those with Palin Derangement Syndrome went bonkers (it has been kind of slow for them with the election and all) because they had nothing better to do. Imagine how they must feel. They hate Sarah Palin so much that they sit in front of the TV watching a show that they must hate (probably have a legal pad in their hands) waiting for something, anything to happen so they can be offended.

  13. Bill says:

    LOL, the she/he that sit in the White House acting as The First Lady has shown a lot more skin than Sarah. Why didn’t that make the news?

    • Gmoney says:

      You Communist, Racist Motherfuc**ng Pig. If I had a dollar for every time you stupid republican twits opens their mouths and bashes Obama or his Wife Id have enough money to not only bring the country out of debt but actually make a profit and use it to find you, rape your wife, sisters, daughters whatever and then kill you all

      • John M says:

        Are we having some anger issues today?

      • Elijah says:

        You love obummer & manshell, but are attempting to label someone else as a communist? Then you rant out the word “pig” like your buddy who killed a couple of N.Y. policemen. After which you spew how you want to “rape” female Family members then kill everyone afterwards. Anger issues John M…not hardly…this one’s a first rate psycho that needs a net thrown over it.

      • alex says:

        Same could be said for each time your holy emperor Obama says (he and his party are still saying this) that “it” was Bush’s fault. Wake up all of you. None of these people in DC can be trusted after their first term…they owe too much to the supports who pay their way. Not to the tax payers who they are supposed to be representing!

      • Tiny Tom says:

        Bring it on little man, (Gmini) I think you need trip to the woodshed for an attitude adjustment. Do you talk like that to your mother too?

      • Bill R. says:

        Mary M. just got demoted to the number 2 spot on the list of top Hate Promoting Posts. Gmoney is this really how you want to be thought of? Are your comments truly representative of your thought and of your concern for other Americans, only because they share different political views? Hate has never built anything useful. The vitriolic statements you rendered make rational discussion with anyone holding an alternative viewpoint virtually impossible. When rational discussion ceases violence begins. Is that truly what you want and is that the best approach for the future of this country? Yeah, I know you will write something back most likely more hate filled and targeted toward me than your comment from 23 December, but where is the future in that? What happened to the concept that America is a country that is able and willing to accomodate different faiths, different ideas and philosophy in peace… instead of in pieces? What are you possibly building with this kind of expression of pure hatred? There is no question that the same words you used could have been applied in a sligtly modified way by a Conservative toward a Liberal target.. that wouldn’t be any more uplifting or justified. It is not so much a matter of who or what our targets are anymore for vitriolic speech as it is the pure hatred that we infuse that speech with towards those who have a different view of the world.

      • Al says:

        Must be black!!!

      • wm evans says:


      • Justin H says:

        Are you kidding me?? My comment waits for a moderator and this group of words made it? Gmoney it is so tempting to give you my address. Rape my wife, sisters, daughters whatever and then kill you all? Really? I can see where you get your hate by throwing the race card but anyone that threatens to kill another and do the things you describe is conveying a terroristic threat. The attempt to strike terror by saying what you did shows not only your lack of brains but also your lack of honor. The moderator needs to track your IP address and then ban it from ever stating your opinion on anything again.

      • Stanley says:

        STFU Sambo before I come down there and hang your watermelon eating ass from the closest tree.

      • Bill says:

        What an obviously well educated person! Such a way with words. Such talent should not be wasted on comments alone. The world yearns for such gifted people.

    • Al says:

      Bill! For crying out loud, you’re making me puke. To think that Michelle/Michael is showing any kind of skin, is revolting! Shame on you!!

    • Educated man says:

      Gmoney – spoken like a true democrat – Buy the way Communist are on your side

  14. charles says:


    • surf says:

      You know this how? Oh wait, I see, you think because she can go f*ck herself, I get it. Sorry had to bring myself to think like a democrap. Oh and let me guess, you think Hillary and Ms.Ed daughter look-a-like is better looking.

    • Robert Dewar says:

      Charles, attacking a handicapped child because you don’t like its mother! You belong in Afganistan/Iraq, etc. They think a lot like you do. You “RETART”.

    • Johnd says:

      Charles you are simply a moronic sub human. Please don’t procreate.

    • Al says:

      Speaking of retards, how are you doing Charles?

  15. David says:

    Your kidding, right? I’ve seen more cleavage than that on Putin’s chest and any kid anytime can turn on MTV and see a hell of a lot more suggestive clothing option than you take issue with from this video… Get over it left wing hack jobbers, Palin is a conservative and a Christian, stop trying to nail her to your proverbial cross every time you ‘think you’ see and opening to do so.

  16. Larry Tate says:

    I didn’t think the pie or her saggy boobs looked appealing! DUH!

  17. Jim Berry says:

    what’s wrong with that, your just a hater, dumb as a box of rocks? did you run for VP, were you a governor of anything, cow – really – no matter her politics she is a nice looking woman with a moral sense and who cares about the miniscule cleavage or how she makes a living, you are entitled to your opinions but some of these comments are just hate.
    In closing, this guy Charles – ever finish high school? pay taxes? hold down a job – I don’t think so because you are the mold for the worlds first ass hole.

  18. Mike says:

    I have to admit, seeing Sarah’s cleavage made me masterbate.

  19. Art says:

    Oh wow,there was not that much cleavage to even talk this much about.She’s a woman and women have cleavage for real people.She did nothing distasteful and God made her that way.

  20. maryjesusjoseph says:

    Tits are not the enemy. Free the nipple.

  21. dave says:

    Garrett Montgomery, get a real job, you suck at this kind of reporting. Who really cares I would still vote for her..

  22. Tom Stewart says:

    Wow that’s news worthy! Sarah Palin shows cleavage. NOT! If this is meant to put her down, I’m sorry but you missed whatever you were shooting for. Did you cry yourself to sleep because you say cleavage, and not the whole naked body? You sick sob. She’s a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and she’s beautiful. Maybe you could get your rocks off Garrett Montgomery if you just follow Miley around from now on.

  23. festie says:

    as usual, liberal stupidity grasping at straws. much ado about nothing. the corner stone of liberal hypocrisy.

  24. CHRIS says:

    I saw one LIB saying Sarah is unattractive. Then another saying she is SLUT just trying to get back in front of the camera using SEX and then calling her family RETARDED. Some values from a POLITICAL party who can’t even argue the same points as others in their own party on a single topic. NO WONDER THEY STAY CONFUSED AND BRAINDEAD.

    Not that Conservatives WHO CAVE are any better.

  25. rukiddinsport says:

    This report is CRAP x9

  26. rukiddinsport says:

    Tis report is CRAP x9

  27. E. Polk says:

    I agree with Stewart, people need to get a life. If showing too much skin for a cooking channel is inappropriate, then excuse me. Other than that I didn’t notice a thing.

  28. clyde says:

    love her or hate her…. either way she is polarizing. Reading these comments proves that. BTW Giada shows more cleavage at church.

  29. Bruce says:

    Sarah is a train wreck, you know its going to be hideous and awful, but you still watch, just like I just did. That’s 4min I’ll never get back and 3min longer than it took the american public to realize she was an idiot. Anyone that thinks she is worth the air she pollutes needs to check the roof of their ‘double wide’, ’cause I think its leaking.

  30. Folsomprisonblues says:

    Who cares? She can dance around naked, for all it matters.

  31. john hammond says:

    O.K. let me get this straight. Sarah Palin says she espouses Christian values, and then compares the sacramental blessing given to Jesus Christ in the river Jordan by John the Baptist to deliberately, forcefully, repeatedly bringing a fellow human being to the brink of death by drowning?? And she calls herself a Christian. WWJD? No way on God’s green earth would Christ consider waterboarding ANYBODY, and would not claim anybody who would do or condone others doing the same as a true follower.

    • Greg says:

      So many of these responses show that hostility and ill will towards others is currently the dominant attitude of our society.
      There are many more important things to attend too than what little cleavage was seen.
      Too bad too few heard the message given about the freedom to practice one’s religion. It’s a pitty that so many will revel in their lack of civility, negativity, and vitriolic ways. Such a waste of emotional energy that could go towards positive ends.
      Life is too short to be so angry anout such trivial things one can do nothing about. Try stepping back and view the world with objevtivity and respond with thoughtful optimism. Lord knows there’s too little of both.
      Peace on Earth. Goowill to all.

      • JD says:

        Yes it sure is sad Greg…..we have become such a divided country with the lib’s controlling everything in the media EXCEPT talk radio where WE rule!!!! They rarely call in because they can’t have a civilized debate on anything….I think it’s funny that all their attempts at liberal talk radio fail or at least get really low ratings. Why? Because they’re all downers….who wants to listen to that all the time….HELLOOOO….they got Barry in the WH AND they had both houses yet they still bitched and moaned daily…meanwhile they nearly ran the country into the ground making W look like a Rockstar which he was not!! Really hope some of those new GOP’ers can strap on a set and stand up to their PC crap!

        • Bruce says:

          Let me guess, FOX News, right? Figures……you should try watching news instead of fictionalized opinion.

          • Bret says:

            And what news would you suggest? MSNBC? A channel that delivers only 15% news and 85% opinions. A channel that either obfuscates the truth from the news or just opts NOT to report anything on a subject that reflects badly on the president and the liberal agenda. Case in example: The censorship of the news on Jonathan Gruber (architect of ObamaDontCare), saying that deliberate lies and relying on the stupidity of voters was crucial to getting the legislation passed.

  32. Chuck says:

    She’s very cute, but why is this a news story? So she had on something a bit low cut, she was in the kitchen, it was warm. Geez!

  33. captain fog says:

    Women are the most beautiful thing God could have put on earth for man if not mankind. There is nothing wrong with a man seeing a women is a full woman as long as it is in good taste.

  34. James says:

    Mary, stop. you sound foolish. She is smoking! Wish a little more cleavage would have been shown.

  35. JackyBoy76 says:

    I couldn’t help but read (admittedly, more than) a few of the childish and absurdly callow comments and replies on this feed and I have to say…Almost ALL of you people should be ashamed of yourselves. While I do not agree with much (if any) of Sarah Palin’s political views, I also don’t align myself with the views of some of her opposition… With that being said, IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW SMART OR DUMB SHE IS, because… A.) This is just CRAP NEWS all-across-the-board. B.) That was NOT any kind of wardrobe malfunction. C.) She is in fact, a very aesthetically pleasing-looking woman of 50.
    …So, can suck-it for jumping on a “site-click” bandwagon, that a dumb-ass like me fell for….go figure.

  36. Gene Simpson says:

    There are people from Alaska and people who wish they were from Alaska. You just keep being who you are. A 100% Class Act. To have them talk about you wearing a sweater really shows they don’t have a real life.

  37. Milton Coop says:

    With me,….Sarah can do no wrong. She’s great.

  38. SexyMan69 says:

    I don’t give a sh8t about Religion or stupid politics. All I know is I would love to see Palin and Bachmann naked and oil wrestling. After there done I’d take them both and have one helluva threesome. Yeah baby!

  39. Mike says:

    I’ve seen more cleavage in Hillary’s jowls.

  40. The monsignore Jones says:

    As you know SP I’m a huge huge fan of you and I hope you check out my masterpiece literature vachelettres ywitter and The Absurdist Z.A. Youtube if it no longer exists its bcause BS couldn’t handle me anymore anyway I check in at The Alaska Motel every so often if you know what I mean you are still one super hot babe and I hope your president some day God ypour hot hot… Bsurdist! The Monsignore Jones (BS still #1 to me but your #2

  41. Frederick A. Velasquez says:

    I like Sarah Palin for what she believes in morals, and values. She very honest woman who believes in family closeness. Which these days you don’t see enough. I’m from a dysfunctional family, we don’t stay in touch with each other, even during the holidays. I stay to my self, because get blame for things go wrong in our family. But they come to me to get things done specially dealing with my mom who’s 91 years old. I’m the escape goat in our family because I see things different than they do.

    • Lianne Brannen says:

      This is for Frederick Velasquez. When I scanned down through the comments and came to yours, I did a complete double-take. Your situation is exactly the same as mine. It’s like you ARE me. I so related to your situation, almost as if you took the words right from my thoughts. I too have come to the conclusion that distancing myself from my brothers and sisters is my only option. This was my first holiday season without my family even though we all live in the same area of town. I was lonely and depressed but I’ve gotten through it. I agree with you about the lack of traditions and family closeness. We need so much more of that now.
      This country was so much greater and more powerful, not through might, mind you, but through working together on tasks for the greater good and for future generations that will be handed down to our beautiful children so they can lead our race–our HUMAN race–into the next beyond. How can this ever happen when all our children ever EVER hear these days– from us mind you– is this stupid minutia and constant odoriferous garbage. It is so scary when you think about the fact that we are our only children’s role models (every adult in the world whether a politician or a weekend web warrior such as I). I sure would like to see the younger generation listening and watching more closely to what is going on now in the world and how the so called “adults” are handling things–important things like their future– so they will know how not to act and what not to do. If not, we are in big trouble folks.

  42. Jim says:

    I agree with Stewart. I have no idea how this ever became a news story. I actually repeated the clip, thinking I must have missed something??
    Get a life, indeed!

  43. John Catfang says:

    Sarah is a smart woman, pretty articulate in her views. No wonder so many in US hate her. Leftist trolls call her stupid, ugly. Only because Sarah doesn’t chant their mantras. Discuss the facts, don’t slur the person. BTW, is this brief “view” of cleavage any more than any of your own family show when dressed up for holidays? Really. Get over this obsession to smear Sarah already.

    • JeebusCrise says:

      Not all liberals smear her. I would love too, with jam, and eat her up. Most of us straight liberal males see her as highly attractive, moderately smart, as smart as most of the 70% of our uneducated or undereducated populace seems to be. Hey, even retards need a pretty queen to look at. For this, we give you Sarah. Visually stunning and the non thinking persons smart person.

      If you are among those that “went to college” but failed to become educated, here’s your queen. If you went but failed to persevere and graduate with knowledge, then she is your queen. If you graduated college (Magna Cum Laude, 3.80, only because I was kind of a lazy freshman and bonked a class or two) and on to grad school (as have the top 30% of us), Sarah ends up visually stunning, but cerebrally challenged.

      This said, I would cross party lines to bang this woman, if she remained silent except for moaning the words, more oil, more oil.

      • haha says:

        Hahaha.. you’re simple. I’ve never posted on one of these stupid things before, I just read what people say because its funny how ignorant and polarized most of America is on both sides. But you my friend take the cake. I’ve never seen such a self-righteous attempt to sound smart. There’s quite a few things I could say bashing the education you brag about, I noticed you didn’t mention your major, but I won’t do that because education doesn’t determine the man. And before you say something stupid trying to bash my education, I’m not going to push degrees and accolades, but trust me, I’m better than you. Remember, “he who brags is insecure and lacking.”

        I do agree she’s pretty good looking for an older lady.

    • henryetta coon says:

      Agree, John.

  44. Dani says:

    Can we all agree that she is one hot mama and she knows it.

    • JeebusCrise says:

      Even Obama would use his 08 slogan.. Yes We Can. I am a conservative Democrat, but 100% agree she is not just fine for a woman with kids, but as compared to any woman. She is insanely gorgeous.

  45. JeebusCrise says:

    As a card carrying liberal, I am with Dick Cheney, she wasn’t the right choice for VP, but she was a very attractive candidate. Purely from a man’s perspective, any man that does not find her visually stunning needs to turn in his penis immediately and ask for a vagina.
    Her looks have nothing to do with a political slant.
    I would almost vote Republican to bang her, but even then, only if she promised not to talk. Her ideas are best left unstated, or stated to small groups with little intelligence. She should go on a stump at daycares and speak to toddlers, then demo new breast feeding techniques. I would pay to watch that one.

  46. Debbie says:

    Governor Palin is a very pretty woman who obviously has the self esteem to take care of herself. She also has strong beliefs which have fortified her through the continuous onslaught of insults and ridicule.
    The only reason people hate her is because they simply hate any thoughts or beliefs that contradict their own nebulous views and they can’t explain why.

    • JINJER says:

      You got it Debbie! 🙂

    • Lewis Eagle says:

      I give your comment a 10.

    • Al says:

      Debbie, you hit the nail on the head. She is a striking woman. The reason that people like Mary complain is because they probably wish they looked like her. Sounds to me like Mary c ould use some help in that department, anyway!

    • Mike English says:

      After reading through dozens of these post, I have found they all seem the same. 1 The main reason dems don’t like Sarah Palin is the fact she has the guts to call them out on all of their crap..period, and they don’t like being questioned one little bit about what they say. After all in the utopian dem world it is “do as we say and not as we do”. true there are hypocrites on both sides, that is just human nature, but what gets me is the blatant double standard the so called “enlightened People ” in this nation want others to live by. So what is this , a “convert or die ” type situation? You don’t follow what the nanny state has set up, so you must be inbred and uneducated? I really wish more people would wake up and see what is really going on here, it’s not about race, education or social/financial status…it’s about control, pure and simple. They want it and will slam anyone they can to get it and keep it. The liberals are afraid of people like Gov. Palin ergo, the personal attacks

  47. chris says:

    she does sound like she left school in grade 10 though, very annoying voice!!

  48. JINJER says:

    I think she is Beautiful & Smart! What Cleavage? She should have wore a BIKINI!

  49. wild bill says:

    all you libtards are ignorant and arrogant, a bad combination. the article would have been funny had it been Elizabeth Warren’s cleavage

  50. Cheryl says:

    Of Heaven’s Sake!! People don’t have enough to do, if they are going to pick at something so menial! Take a look at the people who wear necklines going almost clear to their waistline. Cleavage? I certainly do not understand what the big deal is when Sarah Palin’s cleavage is next to none. LOL Get a grip people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Laura says:

    Are you fu9k1ng kidding me right now? That’s cleavage? Liberal media is so desperate. pathetic

  52. Lewis Eagle says:

    If this had been Michael, I mean Michelle Obama, the word alleged would not have been used.

  53. Marty Yeany says:

    REALLY! What a compliment! If that is the worst you can hold against her, it just proves that a life that acknowledges mankind’s need for God, has made a big difference in her life. Just think, we had the choice to have that imprint on our entire nation and world, and we choose another. If we had been at Christ’s crucifixion, would we have been chanting for the release of Barabas?

  54. NC says:

    She is an idiots.. However, she sure as heck turns me on.

  55. PJC says:

    Wow…as I read these posts and replies I am reminded how far we have collectively sunk as a country. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much hate in one place before. Can’t we do better? Sad.

    I wonder how this string would have gone if it was about a man showing what some believed to be a little too much skin. One of the saddest things about all of this is it became about sex just because she is a woman.

    I don’t normally read comments and replies to on-line stories, and now I am reminded why.

    I am signing off of this nonsense.

    Verbally skewer me if you will. I won’t know the difference because I won’t be checking back in.

    And may I suggest to 99% of you: please get a life and find a way to direct this hate and anger into something positive. You will accomplish nothing with this ugly, pointless bickering. Surely you are better than this.

    Happy Holidays.

  56. mark says:

    Sarah looks better fully clothed than Michelle Cow Obummer would look naked.

  57. Ben Rogers says:

    Okay I wasn’t going to say anything here because of the sheer idiocy of the whole thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ms. Palin is a beautiful woman. Then it occurred to me, at least she HAS breasts that can form cleavage. More than can be said for many female politicians. Maybe it’s breast-envy that has sparked so many comments. Surely we adults can find something more productive to do than spit irrelevant insults.

  58. Levi A says:

    Watched the whole promo, have no idea what Montgomery is talking about!?!? Just my personal opinion, but perhaps if a few quotes from some real people of prominence were in this article it would have more credence.
    But, I did watch the whole 4 minutes on YouTube and if I see the book in a store today I’ll probably buy it. So…..

  59. Nancy says:

    SERIOUSLY!?!?!! Victoria’s Secret shows more than that! Along with numerous shows on television, the big screen, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and other “stars” grabbing their crouch, etc.! How about starting with banning all the other “sexual” venues, too!

  60. Mikey says:

    She is selling her ghost written book and as a member of the Murdock crew she knows sex sells. Why do all those old white males watch Fox? It’s not the news, it’s the blondes with their short skirts so they can get their sexual fantasies. As for Sarah, a person who says Africa is a country or I can see Russia from my Wasilla home is a intellectual light weight. I hope the teach her now that Cuba is an island, but then she fits right in to the tea party where most have only a single digit IQ. As all you conservatives claim that you are the only ones who represent the Christian values, well, here is a list of your supporters.
    Trump married $ times
    Murdock= 3 times
    Rudi Gugliani= 3 times
    Gingrich= 3 times
    Ted Nugent 2 times
    Geraldo Rivera 5 times and finally the star of Family Values
    Limbaugh 4 times.
    A great crew that preach Christianity.

  61. Fred says:

    The genetic stupidity and hypocrisy from the left never ceases to amaze me. The dumbing down of America continues.

  62. Morton Rilley says:

    Unbelievable! I bet the people complaining about this have no problem with their children seeing gay men on TV kissing and simulating gay sex.

  63. John Martin says:

    Good Lord she is drop dead GORGEOUS and smart as a whip. What cleavage was shown, not a fraction of an inch was revealed. DAMN!!!

    These people bitching about anything Sarah are evil’s little minions just trying to take down anything good in this world. Sad little people.

  64. John Anderson says:

    Okay, For a 50 year old woman she is attractive, not gorgeous but good looking. That being said give me a break, I’ve seen more cleavage in church picnics than this. How desperate anyone would have to be to watch this woman because of 2 inches of crack and 1 inch of tit on either side. Go to a porn channel if that is what you want to see.

  65. okieGreg says:

    Not news worthy. I can’t believe that anybody still even follows or cares about her. She is a stupid loser that thrives on other stupid losers following her.

  66. bobby g says:

    Palin is a good woman..there is no way she intentionally exposed herself..but, HEY!! The woman is a hotty.

  67. J NORTON says:

    Too much of her boobs people in GLASS HOUSE”S should throw stones they can come back and hit them were it hurts the most Too much boobs you have got to be kidding me I am a Baptist Minister and I see a lot more on good ol shows you really have to look hard But if that is what you are looking for you will find it on a lot more shows As far as being Christians CHRIST wouldn’t see that as immoral There are some people that don’t LIKE Sarah Palin which is fine but we as Christians need to look at the person and see what he/she does in there life not a 10 second shot of a slight cleavage shot Some of you people need too look around at all the people in your circle ” tight clothes – to much makeup ” and so on remember you need to LOOK AT THE PERSON _ NOT HER BOOBS OR TOP THAT MAY HAVE SLIPED DOWN grow up people

  68. Renals says:

    Come on people…no one is going to comment on “wardrobe malfunction unites left and right”…OK I will.
    I would love to join her left and right in my face!!! SMH

  69. Lennart Bilén says:

    It seems to me the blueberry pie is very tasteful. I did not notice any wardrobe malfunction. Anyhow, this is how we celebrate Christmas:

  70. RK says:

    … I’m still waiting for the “cleavage.”

  71. John D. says:

    Wow, so much hateful speech, and right at Christmas to boot. Sarah Palin believes in individual freedom and small government. The liberals believe large government is the answer to all our problems and that politicians should be able to dictate our every move.

    I know what sounds like a better way of life and I think you all do too.

  72. Damon says:

    Wow..this woman is on here talking about Christmas an Christ, an people on here hating on this lady because they think she is showing to much be honest I didn’t even see what people are talking about ..u had to be looking really hard to even notice a few seconds of for people talking about her looks,she is 50 years old ..look at the shape she is in ,look at her face, Sarah is a very attractive woman at any age..grow up people, its Christmas, not bash Sarah day…

  73. Alfredo says:

    Anytime I can get a chance to enjoy this talented and beautiful women I’m there. Protector of human life and what is just and free in American, Christ Bless you Sarah Palin.

  74. Alfredo says:

    Thank you for the protection of human life and the American way, protect us from the secularist/socialist of that monkey in the WHITE house.

  75. Francis R. says:

    I don’t understand why all this negative comments about a woman that is attractive and pursuing her dreams. I get it she’s not the smartest political candidate but smart enough to convince a political party that she was ready for the job. Please don’t be negative about her family. they are a typical American family with problems just like you and me.(Mary). I seen family shows that show more than cleavage. Whatever they wardrobe malfunction wasn’t nothing I wish I could seen more than a little cleavage from her. She’s 50 years old and she still rocks. Sara please keep up with the good work and give some more wardrobe malfunctions. By the way. I’m a democrat that admires her.

  76. Ed G says:

    What cleavage??? Nothing to see here.. moving on… BTW, Sarah’s hot… nothing wrong with that….

  77. Jim says:

    “cleavage-bearing fiasco”???? Where? Do you not have any better story? Is this the best you dweebs got? You don’t even need like this silly woman to see this is a stupid story!

  78. eric pyle says:

    if everyone that took time to comment on this story suddenly died, would the world be a better place??

    I think so..

  79. Joe Geach says:

    Well Sarah, as usual you have stirred the bottomless creatures and the stars of the universe! You are a blessing in times that not many blessings exist in the political wackiness that prevails today! Keep up the good work and the only person that matters on matters of your looks are you and Todd! The rest of the comments are absolutely poppy cock and of little to no value! You are loved and admired by so many people!

  80. andy says:

    JFC, anyone who thinks she actually showed too much seriously needs to join the isis idiots, you freaks should stick together.

  81. Roni says:

    I think Sarah is as graceful and beautiful as ever. Nothing wrong here. Love the way she likes to share traditions. We could learn a lot from her. Beautiful is as beautiful does.

  82. Al says:

    Ok, Mary so you’re jealous, probably have no figure to speak of, anyway! You morons don’t know the meaning of the word cleavage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this video at all, outside of the media needing a scapegoat to pick on. These forums are such a waste of time and are populated by people that have absolutely nothing else to do with their time. I’m on it now because I read the article and after checking out your stupid comments, just had to step up and correct all you idiots.

  83. Henry Jackson says:

    You must really hate this lady, because there is noting wrong with this !

  84. chris says:

    seriously….nothing wrong at all,thats just how desperate they to find something wrong….I don’t see a reason she should respond to the press….she would have made a way better president than who we have now.

  85. Tyson says:

    republican porn

  86. The Engineer says:

    While waiting for my flight, I’ve been amusing myself by reading the comments about the so called wardrobe malfunction that Sarah Palin is supposed to have had. I find it amazing that so many comments were left by so many so called intelligent people, comments constructed using bad grammar, countless misspellings and let us not forget the vile profanity that many of you like to use. Yet here you are, a group of uneducated people criticizing and belittling another for being successful in her own right.

    This country still has a lot going for it, but being educated doesn’t seem to be one of our strong points based on what I just read. Maybe we would be better served if we put more energy into getting people a better education.

  87. Marmaduke67 says:

    People need to get a life and leave things alone. There is nothing wrong or provocative about this and I don’t think it was a malfunction as these styles of women’s clothing fall like that all the time. There wasn’t a lot of cleavage shown, heck did anyone see the Victoria’s Secret show just recently, not that was provocative but did anybody jump on the band wagon about that. I rest my case.

  88. Ray says:

    I love her cleavage, would really enjoy seeing more of it.

  89. Arch says:

    Sarah Palin lives rent-free in the liberal mind. I LOVE watching libs go berserk every time they think about her.

    The funny thing is, they still call her ‘stupid’, even after watching Obama’s bungling for six years.

  90. Yowzer says:

    She’s a good looking woman and a little cleavage never hurt anyone.

  91. patrick tack says:

    OK so it does not really matter if it is Sarah Palin or not what matters is that someone thought it NEWS worthy to make an issue out of this. republican democrat conservative liberal does it really matter who is what when it is easy to identify the true IDIOT in this. I mean the person that felt this non-point is a issue worthy of reporting about should stick to doing the dear Abby column for the local news paper. AND all you dumbazzes that want to fire ignorant cheap shots at each other over the comment board GROW UP!!!!!!!!! Dumbazzes like all of you are what is really wrong with this country, while you FOOLS sit around bickering back and forth about dumb crap the politicians and rich corporate leaders that control them sit back laugh rob, rape and plunder all of us while eating popcorn and enjoying the show. MAYBE if everyone stopped worrying about if they can insult someone better over something so trivial and all of you people truly woke up you would see that both sides are getting screwed by the same corporate dildo!!!!!! and the hands controlling it are all one in the same not democrat or republican but POLITICIAN!!!!!!!!!!

  92. jimbo says:

    I’d most certainly tap it. Could care less about her politics.

  93. Danny Brewer says:

    Why has every one made a big deal of this/ One can see more than that on any given day at restaurants, malls,and even TV. people just need to get over being so up tight about stuff that is not a big deal…most people would not even notice as we don’t go around looking for malfunctions accidentally or other wise…Get a GRIP please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. David in MA says:

    I would love to have a Sarah Palin, slightly sexy, with tasteful composition, calendar.

  95. Bruce says:

    She’s a good looking woman, and people have only just noticed because they got a peek at about an inch of cleavage? Much ado about nothing.

  96. Joe says:

    What a bunch of dumbasses.

    Anyone with a “smidgen” of interest in fact would check and see that the sweater is designed that way.

    Liberals STILL cannot handle an attractive, family-oriented woman being conservative. All they have to look at are the wrong ends of burros like Pelosi.

  97. Ralph says:

    Mary ,your just another POS liberal Cu-t , Mary , do you know where all the good liberals are , I’ll tell you , in the cemetery . You liberal demacraps are the ruination of the country , & you should all drop dead .

  98. cjosie says:

    Come on ppl get a life. Check out NIGHTLY NEWS.. cleavage happens.

  99. Joe says:

    The only thing wrong with this is that was NOT enough cleavage shown. I would like to see more.

    I cannot believe that people have nothing better to fuss about.

  100. Richard says:

    Aw, come on Americans! What does Sarah Palin, Cookery, and The Celebration of Christ’s Birthday have in common? Commonly, Americans have become a nation of lost 2-party whiners as instruments of CNN vs. Fox News, et al. They distribute bias and misinformation to shape public opinion. Today’s bitter, vocally campy, political atmosphere of disabling egotists, self- obscuring autists, and argumentative demagoguery, the USA has un-glued itself in massive suicide.
    Look around. Listen to your neighbors. Isn’t it obvious? American Disunited States! We have no definite policies or systems of decisive government! In the scheme world dominance, and YOU, and the commentators and all people exercising little character or substance have been sub-politically maneuvered into a herding of sarcastic disassembly. I say to YOU, change our ways, please.
    Epilogue : Here’s to our ending days, on our forefather and veteran graves; raise your glasses in campy praise. Our descendant’s lives we have set ablaze.

  101. Mr Wilbert says:

    Your kidding me Right!!!!!

  102. Patrish says:

    It this women still around? Her 15 minutes of fame is gone. S

  103. JC Dillard1 says:

    Example of how America’s on the fast track downhill! America’s greatest generation didn’t have time nor interest in this kind of junky story, nor a no talent Kim Kardashian (Murderer OJ’s buddy’s daughter).

    Originator: Get a life!!!

  104. OGwB says:

    Well, at least we know female Republicans have breasts. Too bad the liberal men have no balls. They androgynously try to please everybody, and say “yes” to virtually anything and accomplish nothing. Then again, there’s Hillary, a complete physiological enigma, who undoubtedly couldn’t bake a Pop-Tart.

  105. Kat S says:

    And where is the cleavage at exactly? I think I missed it. Watched a few times and apparently blinked every time. Really?!?! Ya know, the liberals seem to love her more than the conservatives do, honestly. Y’all get y’alls panties in a serious bunch when it comes to her… and she is laughing her way ALL the way to the bank about it. Good for her making money at your expense.

  106. Joe L says:

    If liberals really were convinced Mrs Palin was a airhead she would not be a thorn in there side. Well, Mrs Palin is not going anywhere soon so you just going to have to live with her. I did not see any cleavage to speak of and She is very pretty.

  107. gladiatorbeaver says:

    Not sure which is worse, her idiotic dribble or her totally grotesque family! The entire clan is nothing more than a laughable collection of hillbilly caricatures, the very epitome of obnoxious drunken tards!!

  108. Paul Michael Murray says:

    Really? There wasn’t much to that at all! No one would think anything about it if She was in a bikini, and that would show far more!

  109. Billy says:

    I’m ALWAYS looking for something like this!

  110. s says:

    John McCaine kicks himself everytime he hears her name and sees her on tv. Hahahaha.

    • Old vermonter says:

      Yes he is. She got all the press and he didn’t. But she brought the Conservative votes to the ticket. Without her, he would have lost by a much larger margin.

  111. Larry T says:

    I think it’s funny how everyone commenting on Mary’s post assumes that she is a liberal.

  112. joe mama says:

    Hey this chick is a moron! But honestly nice boobies…. just saying

  113. CharInOhio says:

    What I find interesting is …….you PAY like a hundred a year or something to sign up to the channel. NOONE FORCES you to do this ….SOOO some liberal TROLLS sign up and PAY to troll the site and see Sarah’s shoulders? SERIOUSLY ? Its just like the Sarah haters SEEKING OUT articles to comment on AS IF , anyone FORCES them to do that …just to spread hate? That shows how mentally messed up they are ? MOST “NORMAL” folks STAY AWAY from things they “dont like”, but liberals GRAVITATE TOWARDS IT like its a magnet? EVEN PAY to go there so they can bitch and complain? Nothing is showing but her shoulders FOOLS ….get a life ? It takes a LIBERAL to make something FILTHY out of NOTHING ….most folks watching this channel are not watching it with a trashy mind like the liberals are !!! THEIR MINDS, POLITICS, AND MORALS STAY IN THE GUTTER 24/7 and Sarah lives rent free in their small minds. I DONT GO TO LIBERAL SITES or any PRO OBAMA sites and post nasty and hateful things ….I DONT BELONG THERE, I DO NOT SUPPORT THE IDIOT ……BUT, the Sarah haters never miss a beat to go trolling on PRO PALIN sites. Like I said ..its a MENTAL ILLNESS.

  114. CharInOhio says:

    Takes a liberal to have their minds in the gutter, just like their politics and their morals to find something wrong with someone’s shoulders showing? Seriously? I dont think fans who PAID to see this channel were there to oggle Sarah’s bare shoulders …sorry, I just don’t. Nor did they even THINK that way ….but some LIBERAL TROLL WHO PAID to be there ….Just HAD to make some “issue” out of it ? GET A LIFE HATERS !!!!

    • Kris says:

      None of this matters, all of you just hating on a woman for being successful, instead of looking at people for what their political view is just try and accept when they attempt to do nice, its people like angry politcals that are ruining this society with all the slander/libel going back and forth.

  115. Old vermonter says:

    This is so funny.
    How can anybody except the Palin haters get upset over the “malfunction”? Those who say “too much cleavage” haven’t been to a beach in 60 years.
    Governor Palin tells it like she sees it and that makes the left wrap their head in duct tape to keep it from exploding.
    She is an attractive woman, unlike Hilldabeast or Fauxcahontas on the Democrat side. Will she be President? No. But I would love to see her as Secretary of Energy in the next administration which, historically speaking, will be a Republican as no party with the exception of once, has held the Oval Office for more than 8 years since FDR.

  116. Al says:

    Get a life, I saw more boobs than that from Giada.

  117. Linda L says:

    I think the theory behind her book is EXCELLENT! She is completely right now with her comments, especially to keep the CHRIST in Christmas. I read the comments and usually bullying comments are just like the “bullies” in children. Ignorance, jealously, and not listening to name just a few.

  118. Alan Moore says:

    I don’t care what you liberal pukes say, she’s an all around good person that cares about family and has the highest ethics….But I wouldn’t expect you to understand either of those things.

  119. dave says:

    All this over a little down-blouse?

  120. Bad Bob says:

    Let’s see. why not put Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton in a beauty contest and see who wins.

  121. Gary Hanson says:

    Palin should have paired up with Glen Beck then we could have a concentration of idiots on one channel

  122. Phyllis L says:

    I just happened upon this article and the picture. Cleavage? Pulleease have you ever watched the red carpet. The Cooking Network has one lovely Italian that adds her cleavage to every dish and it isn’t a wardrobe function. No one bad mouths her. One thing Sarah has going for her, she can still make the news. Haters or lovers, give her a break. For all the women out there, how would you like to be under a microscope with someone looking for a wardrobe function? A split in someone’s pants shows more underwear than Sarah shows cleavage.

  123. Greg Johnston says:

    Is this what is passing for news these days???
    Gotta go….I wish people would post something intelligent.

  124. wolfen says:

    fox deluxe beautiful woman !!!

  125. Eye says:

    Good lookin for her age…but definitely has hit her head on the headboard to many times !!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Linda S says:

    Don’t we have enough going on in this world that are more important then seeing a little bit of Sarah Palin’s boobs. Children are dying of starvation, police officers are being shot in the streets in broad daylight and society can only seem to care about boobs.

    Give the rest of us a break. Instead of looking for something to pick on do something useful. Get out and contribute some of your time to help feed the hungry at a local soup kitchen.

  127. Ric U. says:

    What is the big deal? This doesn’t come up to the level of hype except for the people she is trying to reach. I also note Ms. Palin is remaining silent and letting everyone else talk it to a natural demise. Media has again done the bidding for her with all the hype. Ms. Palin’s self proclaimed conservative views are now counteracting those of the “The Interview.”

    Ms. Palin, if you planned this, good for you. If not, even better. Cecil B. DeMille took the secrets of how he filmed the parting of the Red Sea to the grave. That is a good place for this non-story.

  128. mks281 says:

    Well, at least she’s been relegated to the far reaches of media and gives priority to her recipes giving her political thought a back seat (thank her God for that!). Speaking of God and his son, Jesus…I thought it was well known by now God chose the Spring of the year to send his Son to earth…what we celebrate now is SPENDING!!!! Merry Charge Account, Happy Debt…hope you have low interest!

  129. Ron Chambers says:

    The only thing I can figure is the leftwing media can’t stand people that have a lot of common sense, or they are jealous of a very pretty lady…

  130. Dennis says:

    I think those who believe there was a wadrobe malfunction are tripping on something other than the apple pie Palin was making. Didn’t see it, I guess that means: SORRY! no apology coming.

  131. Dana says:

    TOO MUCH CLEAVAGE? Get a freak’n life. Go to a Church some Sunday, as I’m sure you’ll notice a whole lot more (cleavage) there. Ooops, it seems as though there are ‘slipp’n sweaters’ everywhere!

    PS:Thank you Lord.

  132. Jack says:

    I knew she was a hussy! Ban her boobs, I mean books I say!

  133. Steve says:

    New title “The malfunction that never happened.” I can’t believe that this was even mentioned. I guess it shows what great lengths haters will go and what simple minds Sarah’s haters have to create an issue where there is none. Gov. Palin should not comment nor be drawn into a false issue. Most of the people talking about this probably show more skin than she does. As I write this, there are bullets with pics and ads on the side of the page with Miley Cyrus, Mariah Cary and Katie Holms all showing way more than Sarah. What a hypocritical post.

  134. Aaron says:

    Typical Republican sleeping or showing skin to get to the top

  135. Dr Bill says:

    I am a conservative Christian, but will have to say, if people are complaining about what I saw in the video, then, they need to keep their heads in the sand. What I saw was a Christian Cross Necklace which was just above where here breats are on her chest, but she was not overly exposed. We all need to realize that we have certain parts of the human anatomy; and while we don’t have to expose them completely, there will be times when our clothing will underscore these parts as being in existence. If what she did is bad, then, the celebrities need to be completely banned from all public exposure, because most of them are definitely out of line. Her top was not revealing too much breasts. Plain and simple. Not from what I saw.

    Thanks for letting me voice my 2 cents.

  136. David says:

    Remember in 2008, on the internet, there was the I masturbated to Sarah Palin craze. How about the Larry Flints Who’s Nailin Palin?

  137. Melinda says:

    Seriously world, she could wear a burlap sack and it wouldn’t change who and what she is. Enough clothing BS!! Does Palin’s wardrobe in any way change your life? Your views? Your ideas? No? THEN IGNORE IT!!!

  138. Tyrese Smith says:

    Palin is hot so who cares! Now if it was a hag like Hillary that would be another story.

  139. eileen grabe says:

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about..People just want to give
    you a hard time..I think Trigs pics with the dog are adorable.If your dog
    didn’t want him there he would have moved..It’s plan to see that he doesn’t care..Dogs know kids and I imagine that he is very good with Trig..

    As far as your sweater malfunction? There’s nothing wrong with the sweater..It’s the style of it. I’ve seen pictures of a lot more “wardrobe malfunctions” that showed a lot more..I have to really hand it to you,Sarah.You’re a brave woman to have done what you have…

    Happy New Year And may God truly Bless you and your family…

    Eileen grabe

  140. Bugsy says:

    Sarah has always used her looks to get what she wants. She dresses like a tramp on purpose. She reminds me of Tammy Fay Baker.

  141. Eric says:

    So much better looking than ANY liberal hag. Liberals are just jealous.

  142. Exformer says:

    I used to be a fan, a very long time ago. Palin wasted her potential by being bitter after losing to Obama and Biden, she could have proposed sensible leadership on critical issues, instead, she chose to pander to the right’s most basic instincts. It’s a real shame. because before 2008, she had seemed like the future of the party.

  143. Blueus says:

    I love Palin and Trump, they are real outsiders inside Washington.

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