Samuel Dufner: Salem Science Teacher Used Tesla Coil To Burn Students Arms With Sweet Images

May 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

According to authorities from Salem, Samuel Dufner, a science teacher at the South Salem High School was arrested and will not be charged for using a Tesla coil to brand phrases and images into his students’ arms. It is claimed that Samuel Dufner has been marking the skin of his students in the name of science for years.

Samuel Dufner Salem

Samuel Dufner, a South Salem High School teacher, has been arrested after angry parents complained to Oregon authorities about him branding students. According to Salem Police Lt. Steve Birr, Dufner was arrested on Thursday, but no criminal charges have been filed against him at the moment.

The 37-year-old science teacher was released from jail after posting $2,000 bail and has refused to comment on his actions. Students claimed that the educator was experimenting with a Tesla coil, which can be described as follows:

“A Tesla coil an electrical resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891. It is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity. Tesla experimented with a number of different configurations consisting of two, or sometimes three, coupled resonant electric circuits.”

At the end of the class, he revealed to his students that the coil could be used to mark the skin and asked if there were any volunteers. Those, who accepted, had the sentence “I love mom” and a heart burned into their arms.

Aminna Ackridge, a student, who took part in the experiment, said:

“He took like the probe and he touched my hand and I pulled my hand away and it was done.It hurt me a little bit, but as soon as I pulled my hand away the pain was gone.”

Another student by the name of Katy Broadwater told local media that Samuel Dufner has been burning teens for a long time. She shared:

“Apparently he’s been doing this for a long time. My brother, about six years ago, had burn marks on him from when he did the experiment back then.”

Samuel Dufner

As police investigate the matter, the Salem-Keizer School District placed Dufner on leave. Eilish McDarby, whose child attends South Salem High School, has a reasonable solution, have parents of students taking Dufner’s science class sign a release form. The concerned mother said:

“I’d imagine all the parents have signed release forms for their kids in science classes. I had a 9th-grader in science class and I think the teachers do their best, and I’m sure the police will investigate and come up with a good resolution.”

What are your thoughts on Salem’s Samuel Dufner’s actions?


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  1. Secryt says:

    In my chem class my teacher let us play with a tesla coil and we spent tons of time shocking ourselves for fun with it. Granted the teacher didn’t actually shock us, but still, how often do you get to cause muscle twitches without any real risk of electrocution?

  2. A Hall says:

    I think he is making learning more interesting—just needs to get that consent form and should be fine. If my child wants to experience that sort of thing, I just want to know. How bad–Science coming to life.

  3. Mike Herman says:

    Get a life, people. Nobody was injured or permanently harmed. High School kids aren’t the precious and dainty little angels mommy thinks they are…they will survive.

  4. Mike says:

    Inappropriate to say the least. Just teach the kids good science. That’s your job.

  5. DaveJ says:

    Oh good grief. Get a life people. This teacher is making science interesting and fun. I’ve played with Tesla coils many times, including getting the burns described on my skin. It’s more of a tickle than a pain. It’s actually just a burn on the outer epidermis, and will flake off in just a few days.
    If that’s a tattoo in Texas, best not waste your money there getting inked.
    This teacher should be lauded, not villified.

  6. John says:

    You want God and prayer back in school? Move to Saudi Arabia.

    Mother of 6? Really? Guess who’s paying for all that… You’re welcome!

  7. Richard says:

    I have a granddaughter in his class. The kids really love him. They are planning a protest today against the suspension. I can not believe that parents today are so sensitive about things like this, yet they do not teach responsibility, work ethic, or proper behavior at home. Teachers today have to be so sensitive as to not offend anyone or even anything. The school boards and the police do not use common sense anymore.

  8. Cheri says:

    I wish a teacher would burn “I love mom” into my daughter’s arm. 🙂

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