‘Sam & Cat’ Canceled, Ariana Grande Reacts To Nickelodeon Show Ending

July 14, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sam And Cat Cancelled

“Sam and Cat” cancelled after just one season. “Sam and Cat” starred Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande and focused on two friends trying to run a babysitting company. While Nickelodeon did not say why “Sam and Cat” was canceled, rumors claimed that the actresses never got along. Grande released a statement on the cancellation where she never mentioned Jennette McCurdy’s name.

“Sam and Cat” has been cancelled by Nickelodeon according to a press release.

The teen comedy was a spinoff of Nickelodeon’s highly successful shows “iCarly” and “Victorious” and featured Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett and Ariana Grande in the role of Cat Valentine.

“Sam and Cat” told the story of two clueless friends trying to run a babysitting business in order to make money after school.

The first season of “Sam and Cat” had a total of 40 episodes with the final one airing on July 17, 2014.

It was renewed for a second season but production was halted in April and no real explanation was given by the show’s creator Dan Schneider.

But according to rumors the series’ lead actresses who were good friends in real life grew apart and even started fighting which made it impossible for them to be on set together.

Jennette McCurdy posted a rant on Twitter around the same time where she blasted Grande for being a fake, a bad friend who was self centered.

Another reason the show was given the boot might have to do with the scandalous lingerie pictures of McCurdy that were allegedly leaked online by a former boyfriend.

With a successful singing career, many were wondering why was Ariana running around playing a naive redhead who keeps getting into one comical situation after another?

Miss Grande issued a lengthy statement on the show’s cancellation where she thanked everyone under the sun who contributed to the project, but never mentioned her friend and co-star Jennette McCurdy’s name.


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  1. Rachel W says:

    I am so sad that Sam and Cat is ending it was my favorite Nick Show!!:(
    Why would they cancel it? I am so so sad!!:(

    -Rachel W

    • GABRIELLA says:

      The show was canceled because both girls[Ariana&Jannette]were 21 another reason was because Dan Schneider is making three new shows that have been ordered HENERY DANGER,BELLA AND THE BULLFROGS,and NICKEY,RICKEY,DICKEY,AND DAWN

      that is why SAM

  2. scott m says:

    its bad to take a great show off sam and cat is a great show will not watch nick

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