Saginaw Prisoner Uniforms Swap Caused By ‘Orange is the New Black’

July 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Saginaw Prisoner Uniforms

Saginaw prisoner uniforms are being changed because they are viewed as being too cool since the success of the show “Orange Is The New Black.” Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel who is famous for making unconventional decisions announced that prisoners will no longer be wearing orange uniforms but unflattering black and white striped suits.

Saginaw prisoners are getting new uniforms thanks to a bold decision made by County Sheriff William Federspiel.

And the great news is that the Michigan government which is handling a financial crisis will not have to spend much.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel who is known for making controversial statements has announced that prisoners will no longer be wearing orange suits when they are incarcerated.

Why dump the orange uniforms? Because William Federspiel thinks they are too cool.

And he blames the cast of Netflix cult series “Orange is the New Black,” for making the orange suits fashionable and sexy.

It appears that women do wear similar suits/rompers to stroll in the mall.

The law enforcer said that the bright orange uniforms will be replaced with black-and-white striped suits.

The Saginaw official explained that he is not wasting tax payers’ money because it costs the state about $11 to make a suit and they last over three years.

He went on to reveal that by having the inmates wearing the black-and-white suits, they will not be confused with residents when they are working in public.

Saginaw prisoners are angry by the announcement and have told the sheriff they hate the monochrome uniforms that will be mandatory at the end of the year.

Federspiel told them, if they don’t like the clothes and if they don’t like the food, make sure they stay out of trouble and never come back to prison .

When he is not changing Saginaw prisoners’ uniforms Sheriff William Federspiel is making headlines by driving around in luxury cars and wearing clothes that he confiscated from local drug dealers


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  1. Will says:

    Now, see, the problem with that is black-and-white striped prison issue clothes have already been used in television and film too, so it could be too easy to distinguish between those and a costume, especially come Halloween time.

  2. Neil O'Hara says:

    What a small, petty, smarmy, little man.

    This is what he worries about.

    I wonder how many of the inmates are in for minor crimes.

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