Ryan Watenpaugh Dog: Cops Say Man Fed Dog To Girlfriend

September 13, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ryan Watenpaugh Dog

Ryan Watenpaugh’s dog eating prank will get him some serious prison time. Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh has been arrested after assaulting his ex-girlfriend and for claiming that he killed, cooked her dog and fed it to her. A petition by animal lovers is demanding for the maximum penalty for Watenpaugh.

Ryan Watenpaugh has angered Battered Women’s Support Groups and animal lovers after abusing his former girlfriend and by making her believe that he killed and barbecued her beloved dog.

This week, officers from the Shasta County Sheriff Office in California arrested Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh after his former lover made some shocking allegations.

The ex-girlfriend whose identity has not been revealed, told the cops that she had been in an abusive relationship with Watenpaugh for several months.

The pair split in late July after he hit her, she left the home and when she returned her abusive man and her adorable dog Bear were gone.

About a week later they reconciled, and Watenpaugh invited the woman to dinner.

Several days after the romantic dinner, the woman received some disturbing text messages from Watenpaugh asking her did she enjoy eating her Pomeranian dog.

The first disturbing text message read: “How did your dog taste? I thought it would be better with BBQ sauce and Hawaiian buns.”

One message read: “The smile on my face after you read this.”

In another Watenpaugh said: “I guess you can bury what you did not eat.”

The taunting did not stop there, several days after the horrific messages, Watenpaugh dropped a plastic bag containing two dog paws on his girlfriend’s porch.

The woman who finally split with Watenpaugh claimed that the paws belonged to her pet dog Bear. On Wednesday, during a traffic stop, Mr Watenpaugh was arrested on charges of domestic violence, false imprisonment, stalking and animal cruelty.

He was booked at Shasta County jail and is being held on a $250,000 bail. Watenpaugh confessed to stalking his ex, sending her dozens of text messages and hitting her, but denied that he killed her dog.

The man claimed that it was just a sick joke and that the paws belonged to another dog.

A petition has been started online demanding that the criminal gets the maximum penalty.

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  1. europe says:

    i hope somebody barbecue Ryan Watenpaugh and feed his ass to the rats,that is the only payback i can see feat.

    • Lawrence A. Daly says:

      Im with you europe, this bastard needs to be put somewhere where he will never be in contact with humans again, how in the world could any human being do this to a poor defenseless little animal, i guess that means this sonaofabitch is not human,hang the filthy low life %^&^^%%$#, or better yet let me shoot the bastard, oh wait it slipped my mind for a minute, this is calif. we don’t want to hurt killers or hurt
      these kind of crazy no good worthless lower than life bastards.

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