Russian Photo Of MH17 Said To Be Fake Gets Slammed

November 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Russian state TV claims to have a photo of MH17, being shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet. But experts have rapidly stepped out to say that the photo of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 being shot down by a jet is fake. It is believed that the Photoshopped satellite picture is being pushed by supporters of President Vladimir Putin, who was blasted during the G20 summit in Australia for creating the Ukraine crisis, and the downing of MH17 that killed 298 people.

Russian photo of MH17

Russian photo of MH17 being shot down by a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet is fake. On Friday, two Russian television networks, Channel One and Rossiya TV, produced a satellite photograph that supposedly showed that a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

President Vladimir Putin‘s supporters have always supported that theory. Talking to Channel One, Ivan Andriyevsky, the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers, who is investigating the crash, revealed that “sensational photo of MH17 being shot” was emailed to him by a man named George Bilt.

Mr Bilt, who is supposedly a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an aviation expert, revealed in the email that Boeing was shot down by cannon fire and missiles from a plane. Andriyevskiy, who believed that the photo of MH17 was authentic, said:

“We can assume that the photograph was taken by an American or British satellite we have studied the photograph in detail and found nothing suggesting that it is fake.”

On July 17, a Boeing 777, which was traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down while flying over Ukraine. The attack, which was said to be orchestrated by Russia-backed rebels using a ground-to-air missile, killed all 298 people aboard.

It is being speculated that the fake photo was released in order to help President Vladimir Putin who was set to meet world leaders at the G20 summit in Australia.

President Barack Obama, Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, and Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, have demanded that Putin get out of Ukraine. Putin left the G20 summit earlier than planned.

Many took to social media to blast Russia for their Photoshop fail. One person stated that “Malaysia” logo on the plane was in the wrong place. While another explained that it is a picture of a Boeing 767, not a 777, which was shot down over Ukraine in July.

Another claimed that fake Russian photo of MH17 was actually taken in 2012.

The U.S. State Department slammed the report saying that it was a “preposterous attempt by Moscow to obfuscate the truth and ignore ultimate responsibility for the tragic downing of MH17.”

What are your thoughts on the fake Russian photo of MH17?


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  1. Ivan Charvat says:

    The airliner in the clip is not even a B-777, rather a B-767 type. This is an incredibly amateurish error on the part of the video’s authors…

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