Rush Limbaugh Woes Worry Fans, Please Foes: Huge Decline In Ratings Signals The End Of An Era

June 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Earlier this year, Rush Limbaugh was claiming that he caused MSNBC’s ratings woes, now the roles have been reversed, and it seems that there is no bouncing back. According to reports, Limbaugh more or less self-destructed after insulting Sandra Fluke in 2012, the ensuing controversy prompted WRKO-AM to fire him.

rush limbaugh woes

Just weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh was bragging about the fact that he was behind MSNBC’s decline in ratings. The conservative radio host said:

“They had a much higher audience when I was playing sound bites from that insane asylum every day on this program… so I banned ’em.”

Now, Rush Limbaugh is the one battling ratings woes that most say are self-inflicted. According to Media Matters, it all began in 2012 when Limbaugh took the airwaves to publicly shame Sandra Fluke, a college student, who testified before Congress in favor of contraception mandates for health care insurance. He had the following to say about the law student:

“What does it say about the college coed Susan Fluke [sic], who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.”

Since those controversial comments and seismic-size backlash, the conservative talk show host has been demoted so many times that it is hard to keep track. First, large-market affiliates in Los Angeles and New York dropped him because no company wanted to advertise on his show.

Boston and Indiana then announced they were no longer airing Limbaugh’s talk fest. This development forced Limbaugh’s syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks, which pays him $50 million a year, to dump him on second or third-tier radio stations. The experts broke it down like this:

So with no takers in Boston, iHeartMedia turned to its lowly WKOX station, scrubbed its Spanish language format, and will flip it to “Talk 1430” on June 29, where listeners will hear a hodgepodge of far-right talk mixed Fox Sports Radio programming. “With the lack of options for gaining syndication revenue from another broadcaster, dumping the extraneous 1430 format becomes the only clear option for the company,” noted RadioInsight. And don’t expect Limbaugh to turn things around for WKOX. His show struggled on WRKO, which boasts a 50,000-watt signal. In contrast, WKOX broadcasts from a tiny 5,000-watt signal, which doesn’t even cover the entire Boston metropolitan area.

Along with advertisers fleeing, Rush Limbaugh’s downfall is caused by young people. Limbaugh just does not connect with the Facebook generation.

What are your thoughts on Rush Limbaugh’s ratings woes?


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  1. Robert says:

    I lost interest in him 10 years ago. Anyone that talks on the air while loaded up on painkillers does not get any serious attention from me. Plus, he just plain went nuts, and became too unbelieveable.

    • Terry says:

      What’s the problem? You can’t handle facts?

      • Gonpher Coughie says:

        Yes, Terry, we can handle the facts. However, Rush has NO real facts only paranoid hearsay from many questionable sources and lies the wingnuts of the far right and the teabaggers claim are facts (like the “fact” the Cheney-Bush Crime Syndicate used to attack a sovereign nation and make the formation of ISIS insanely easy while lining their pockets and the pockets of their chums with taxpayer dollars. Or the “fact” that the economy under the current administration is worse that it was under the “guidance” of the Cheney-Bush Crime Syndicate).

        • Argo says:


        • steamboat says:

          Who are you Gonpher… really Robert ?!? We know what’s going on here… a minority of liberal freaks using fake names are spreading lies about Rush… and the majority of us are not buying it fool ! Too many people love Rush !!! Toddle on troll !

        • Paul Phillips says:

          Note the lack of examples. Thats the staple of the leftnuts. Every accusation from the non informed left is full of non examples. Examples of “paranoid hearsay”? Just one will do. “Paranoid hearsay” generally looks like what leftist are full of, as exampled above. The waco left is unhinged.

      • billy says:

        Rush you are a God among men the world needs more people like you close the boarders ship them back and cut out all government handouts S can Obama and the world will start to get back on track.

      • Yolanda says:

        Facts??? You mean distorted facts, conveniently spoken to appeal to the far right crowd and conservators. I have never heard a show and thought anything he said as creditable or that anything he said was coming from a mentally stable man. Just watch his mannerism while he talks?? He’s certified in my eyes as crazy as they come.

    • Phil says:

      His demise and those of his ilk is long overdue. Any befuddled blowhard who deceives others into believing that voting/working against their own self-interest is a good thing deserves a hellish and unforgiving departure.

      • Al says:

        The problem of this article is right there in the 4th paragraph. Anybody who subscribes to and would believe anything coming out of “Media Matters” is fool. They are the shining example of bias and deception. Rush has 23 million listeners, more than any other talk-show host in the world. Rush has an independent accounting firm that analyse his comments for accuracy. They report a 99.3% accuracy rating. I would challenge any other news pundit to put themselves under that scrutiny. The left wingnuts can continue to lie and many lazy low information voters will believe those lies. The truth is still the truth even if you don’t believe it. Boston, New York, and especially Indiana do not represent the majority of United States of America.

      • steamboat says:

        Robert… or Gonpher… or who ever. Go away… you’re pathetic. Tell it to the bartender at closing… maybe he’ll listen … LMAO !!

    • steamboat says:

      LOL – Good riddance to you. Hogwash !! – He was never loaded on the air and has been over pain killers for a long time. This concerted attempt by a few liberals to make you think he’s loosing listeners is BS !! go back to your Mommy’s basement troll !!

    • lonnie says:

      Repubs are the only people listening to because they need to be told what to think.

    • ZipZonker says:


      Media Matters is a gaggle of little liberal trannys who are beside themselves with rage because they’re completely impotent.

      Them trying to attack Rush is like a fly trying to rape an elephant.

      Try again you little fruits.

    • ZipZonker says:

      You could combine MSNBC and CNNs audiences with every single person who reads anything Media Matters has to say and it would be a tiny fraction of Rush’s audience.

      You can’t beat him, ladies. Just stop trying because you just look stupid.

  2. Michele Hoffman says:

    I don’t believe any of this for one second. And even if he has suffered in his ratings, it is probably due to the drive by media bashing a man who KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. As far as I am concerned, Rush Limbaugh is one of very, very few people who are telling the TRUTH these days.

    • Sandys says:

      He’s a drug addled loser from day one. Good riddance. My father referred to the local conservative talk shows in the early 60s as “idiot’s delight”.

      • Antonios says:

        There wasn’t real opinionated media back then due to the “Fairness Doctrine” so talk radio as we know it today didn’t exist. So your pops was drinking a little too much Schlitz.

      • Me says:

        Your father sounds like a dumbass.

      • Larry Simmons says:

        If you or I had the addiction and falsified prescriptions that he did, we would have gone to jail.

      • Tim says:

        Libs love it when Ed Schulz or any of the other far left MSNBC wackjobs go on a rant, but if Rush or Ann Coulter use the same level of “entertainment pundancy” they get crucified…despite that it is grounded in truth.

        And by the way, I thought liberals where the “anti-bullying” crowd — “He’s a drug addled loser from day one. Good riddance. My father referred to the local conservative talk shows in the early 60s as “idiot’s delight”… you must have missed that day!

        • Ralph says:

          Well said Tim.
          What kind of loser makes 50,000,000 per year? I wish I was a loser like him!

          Liberals are the anti bullying crowed unless you disagree with them, they also apply the same standard for free speech.

          • Steve says:

            Yes, in your tiny world I guess $50 million means this drug addict on his 4th marriage is a “success”. He’s a bloviating ignoramus who prey’s on the hate in angry old White guys. They just can’t believe that “their” world of unquestioning supremacy is collapsing around them. The “losers” are people like Rush’s defenders who are so intellectually rigid that they can’t deal with change.

            When all of you old farts are dead, we can finally have a true social democracy like Denmark or Norway instead of a plutocracy supported by angry old poor White guys.

    • Armando Castro says:

      He tells you what you want to hear, that doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

      • IowaFalcon says:

        Rush meticulously shows his source material on his website, and links to evidence of his opinions. He is routinely shown to be more accurate in his opinion than most other talkers. His audience, which is not simply people who agree with him on all things, tend to be found to be the most learned audience in study after study.

        Rush is more like a friend than anything else, which is why he does so well year after year. It is also why he was given love and concern when he went through his ordeal with painkillers than hate and vitriol like the Left thinks the Right only capable of. It is why his listeners defend him when he is attacked. He is engaged in a conversation, not simply giving marching orders. His audience considers his opinion and his evidence, and nothing else. He has a bit more of an edgy sense of humor and can say things from time to time that he is going to take a beating for, but that is the way that anyone is. In a day and age where RuPaul has been called a hater by the LGBT community for using the wrong word to describe himself, anyone who is talking on air for 750 hours a year is going to say something that is going to offend someone or sound terrible when taken out of context. Rush is no different.

        There is no arm wringing or forced compliance in the conservative world, and no enforcement of political correctness. Instead, there are ideas, facts, and perspectives that compete with each other. Rush simply has done a better job than anyone else in presenting his perspective, and convincing people that it is worth listening to him explain it, than anyone else in modern radio for about a third of a century. And yes, his audience knows when he is wrong about something.

        • Carol McFadden says:

          Dear Iowafalcon: Please do not use the name of our reasonable state in your rant. People will think we are all crazy.

          I did listen to Rush at one time, and thought some of his ideas made sense. Then he seemed to get so paranoid and delusional. He has all kinds of criticism, but no answers. These are complex problems requiring intelligent right thinking people to address them. I don’t care if you are conservative or liberal. Stirring up fear and hate does nothing to solve things. Washington is broken-yep, politicians are often crooked-yep, too much money exchanging hands in back rooms- yep, and a million other things. But really all Rush has accomplished is helping create a mentality of fear, and of course he had a hand in birthing the two spawns of hell. His minions Glen Beck, and Sean Hannity. Now they can take over his lunatic nation.

          • Peter says:

            What part of IowaFalcon’s comments are you labeling as a rant? Terms like “Stirring up fear and hate,” “helping create a mentality of fear,” and “birthing the two spawns of hell” sound much more like a rant to me.

          • steamboat says:

            Fear ? Sure – of what liberals and lemmings like you are doing to this country. Buh.. Bye troll !

      • Stan says:

        Listen to him. Then, name one thing he says that is not true. You won’t be able to do that. Most liberals never hear the truth because they only hear one side.

      • cassie hamilton says:

        Rush is my friend

    • Gonpher Coughie says:

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Mickey, keep drinking the Kool-Aid. He needs all the Kool-Aid drinkers he can get…….

    • Brian says:

      Do you believe in climate change? It started to be noticed by the scientific community shortly after the time RL started on the air. Now that most of the the public has finally realized the real cause of all this hot air, it is starting to act, by shutting down the source!

    • paulgary allbritton says:

      horse sh8t!

    • Janet C. says:

      Rush rules. He may get a little carried away sometime by being absurd but that is his method of getting attention. He has the courage to call them as he sees them. I have been a fan of his since the beginning and I hope he is around to keep these politicians honest (if that is possible) for a long time to come.

    • Priness says:

      Michele, Rush is, first and foremost, an entertainer as he himself will tell you. His shtick, or gimmick if you will, is to rile people up because in the entertainment industry, negative publicity is better than no publicity at all. Furthermore, I’ll just about bet this entire story is publicity stunt. If not, they can always get Chick-Fil-A and Papa John’s to back their program.

  3. Pat Saxon says:

    I remember when many Americans lost their jobs, their homes as their families became homeless on the last year of George W. Bush, and he made the remark that any one who was laid off, was really fired and did not meet their potentials as a productive employee. What a low life who has never been poor and lived in poverty like most of us hard working Americans. I do not like his negative attitude against gays and also how he feels women should not have access to contraceptives, making it an obligation to procreate against their will.

    • Antonios says:

      Is that what you buffoons think? He isn’t a catholic, he never said women can’t have contraceptives, nor does he push some anti-abortion agenda. I remember during my undergraduate I took a science and gender studies class, and wow, the professor stood in front of the class bashed conservative white guys as eugenicists. The ironic aspect of this was as she was hailing how great Margret Sanger was, she by “chance” left out the fact that Sanger was a racist and eugenicist herself. I fully support prevention as the best way to approach that issue, yet abortion should be a last resort.

    • Michelle says:

      He’s been poor in the past. He was on welfare for a period of his life. He’s also not “anti-gay” nor does he say women should not have access to contraceptives. He is opposed to the “gay agenda” and taxes paying for contraceptives.

      His opinions and radio style leave plenty to disagree with. There is no need to fabricate things. It actually makes you look uneducated and will lead people to ignore and avoid you! Know what you speak of!

    • Me says:

      Pat you have no idea what you are talking about. Stop reading what media matters and Huff Compost say about him and listen yourself. Do your own homework. You sound like a dumbass.

    • El Chichon' says:

      Please do not pervert the good word “gay” to describe a homosexual. The proper word to describe a homosexual is:”SODOMITE”!! That one single word describes both genders of homosexual. Thank you for not using stupidity.
      Please keep in mind when you make mindless claims against Mr. Bush, that the last two years of his presidency were controlled by communist liberals. Barney Frank (a SODOMITE) and Christopher Dodd were instrumental in causing the collapse starting with Freddie and Sallie. That and the housing market is what kicked the stilts out from under everything. SODOMITE = mental instability.

  4. Charley says:

    He’s nothing but an entertainer to begin with. He started as a DJ didn’t he? He hasn’t come very far when you think about.
    Look, he doesn’t give a damn about you and I. It’s all about the big cigars, the private airplanes, etc. He’s just another big shot wannabe!

    • Steve says:

      Yeah, he did start out as a DJ and he showed what a racist POS he was even back then…

      “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back (to an African American female caller).”

      Rush Limbaugh acknowledged making these statements in a 1990 Newsday article (although the latter, at least, occurred not on Limbaugh’s now-familiar talk and political commentary radio program, but at the beginning of his broadcast career back in the early 1970s when he was hosting a Top 40 music show under the name “Jeff Christie” on either WIXZ or KQV in Pittsburgh):

    • Steve says:

      Yeah, he did start out as a DJ and he was even a racist then before he started playing to his right-wing base…

      “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back (to an African American female caller).”

      Rush Limbaugh acknowledged making these statements in a 1990 Newsday article (although the latter, at least, occurred not on Limbaugh’s now-familiar talk and political commentary radio program, but at the beginning of his broadcast career back in the early 1970s when he was hosting a Top 40 music show under the name “Jeff Christie” on either WIXZ or KQV in Pittsburgh):

    • Steve says:

      Yeah, he did start out as a DJ and he showed what a racist POS he was even back then…

      “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back (to an African American female caller).”

      Rush Limbaugh acknowledged making these statements in a 1990 Newsday article (although the latter, at least, occurred not on Limbaugh’s now-familiar talk and political commentary radio program, but at the beginning of his broadcast career back in the early 1970s when he was hosting a Top 40 music show under the name “Jeff Christie” on either WIXZ or KQV in Pittsburgh):

  5. Bernie Hughes says:

    People will get their jollies at his commeuppance much as conservatives do when newspapers close, but much like that situation, this was destined to happen regardless of what he said or did. Old media forms are dying. Listening to someone rehash political opinions over the course of hours is not interesting. People prefer to just read the details of something immediately.

  6. LCL says:

    If I had to choose, I would much rather subsidize another individual’s nocturnal activities, rather than their unintended children. It’s much cheaper, and will result in less unwanted children in the world. However, this should NOT be my responsibility. If you’re mature enough to sleep with someone, you should be responsible enough to buy your own contraceptives – they’re really not that expensive. And if you can’t be bothered to make even that much effort… well, there’s more than one way to have a good time, if you catch my drift.

    As for Rush, he’s just being Rush. But if you think about it, he has a point. If you were pitching in gas money in a carpool, and one of the guys asked for extra so he could go to Vegas alone on the weekends, how would you respond? You’re already paying into a system, but now you’re expected to pay extra for someone else’s enjoyment, while receiving no benefit yourself? Sandra Fluke is no different. She wants the perks without the price tag. But if you choose to sleep with someone and also receive compensation for it – whether monetary or in ‘gifts’ (ie: subsidized/free contraceptives)… what DOES that make you?

    • IowaFalcon says:

      We are going to spend over a trillion dollars in taxpayer money this year to care for the children of people who could not control themselves. From welfare to schools, from healthcare to prisons (90% of prisoners in the US are from fatherless homes). We are being crushed by the cost of people sleeping around, but the Left continues to push the concept of “reproductive liberty” as if it is not anti-social. The Sandra Flukes of our society are imposing costs that are breaking us.
      And yet, Rush is considered wrong to call them out on it.

      • Priness says:

        Iowa, I’m a little confused. First you bash people that obviously didn’t use contraception, then you bash Sandra Flukes because she want to? Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

      • pat says:

        What costs more contraception or raising a child (“cost of people sleeping around”) moral considerations to the side for this discussion?
        His error was to rudely call an innocent person foul names. Certainly his vocabulary is vast.

      • Jack says:

        IOWA FALCON That’s the problem with you so called conservative worry about the American taxpayer having to spend a trillion dollars a year for unwanted children..and yes that’s a trillion dollars we shouldn’t spend but meanwhile Rush didn’t have a problem with the trillions of dollars spent in the false war in Iraq…somehow that’s’s okay to spend all that money on a false war and have over 3,000 American men and women killed in the process.
        It’s that type of hypocritical BS I can’t stand.

  7. Max says:

    He’s just boring but usually right. Oh and while Fluke was a college student, she was also 31 years old. The tone with which the media throws around “college student” seems to suggest she’s a traditional 18-22 or at least under 25. Don’t care if she is 18 and better than everyone. She can buy her own BC. It’s not expensive and yes men should by their viagra too lefties.

  8. Mark says:

    Rush Rocks! Many people that complain about him never listen to him, just his detractors. Many people that do listen to him complain, but I’d bet not near as many. I think he speaks the truth in an in your face fashion, which is no longer the way to communicate with the new politically correct crowds.

  9. Keith says:

    I used to be a Rush fan… in fact I used to be the board operator at our local station that had his show. Once I left the radio business I only listened a short while longer before stopping. I am getting pretty fed up with one-trick-pundits on both sides. I also think Rush has run out of both material and steam. Give me good music and people who love and care for each other, that’s what I listen to over the Internet.

  10. Diana Douglas says:

    Calling Ms. Fluke was both rude and inappropriate, but Rush Limbaugh’s mockery of Michael J. Fox horrified me. I watched my father die from Parkinson’s and to make fun of someone suffering from Parkinson’s requires a skewed moral compass. The world has more than enough hatred without saturating the airways and I would be delighted to see him off the air. And, BTW, I’m not a Democrat or Republican–just an Independent who’s sick of the childish behavior and hatred on both sides.

  11. Ricardo says:

    As I read all the liberal Rush hater’s comments, I’d says they all sound very similar to the countless “remove Rush” efforts by Media Matters and other crazed leftwing groups that have occurred in the past. The “Kool-Aid” line is so overused by these clowns. Also, “He only tell his listeners what they want to hear.” Right! How dare he gives his conservative opinions which his listener happen to agree with. From the left perspective, that’s just not acceptable because it goes against the PC narrative, which is of course mostly a negative view of traditional values and norms. Simply put; “truth” is just unacceptable in the left’s brave new world. It just doesn’t fit their constructs which are in the end “The Big Lie”. [read Obama]

  12. Necco Wafers are Dusty says:

    The math is simple: Old, paranoid, angry white men are dying off. They’re his primary audience. All that’s left is the old, paranoid, angry white men’s kids, and about half of those (or more) are leaning toward reality rather than the xenophobic, bigoted rhetoric of their fathers. Gen X and later wised up and realized what our parents were saying about politics, race, and religion was ignorant bullshiat, and most of us tuned out of the conservative echo chamber.

    Rush’s type of people are a dying breed of hate-filled cowards, and once they’re extinct we can get on with making the world a far more friendly place.

    • IowaFalcon says:

      Most of Limbaugh’s audience are Gen X or later. 18-24 year old Americans today are more pro-life than their parents, are less likely to have smoked marijuana than any generation since the 70s, are more fiscally conservative than their parents, and are more open to Limbaugh’s message than their parents. Other than Gay Marriage, it would seem that the youth are more and more rejecting the ideas of the Democrat party in poll after poll.

      Maybe the disaster that they grew up in, where they were more likely to be in a broken home, more likely to be on welfare, more likely to attend a failing school, more likely to not be able to get an entry level job, and so on than any previous generation is starting to convince them that the progressive makeover of America has not yielded the promised results.

    • JAY BENSON says:

      It sounds as if you are the Hate filled coward Necco Wafer. Can’t wait for 20 + million people to die off huh? Nice. Just to give some perspective, Rush Limbaugh’s radio audience numbers while going up and down during the years, always fluctuate during non political years….Even in a non political year his audience dwarfs most TELEVISION news audiences. These are not my numbers they are Arbitron/Nielsen numbers…Perhaps the energy YOU use to hate, would be more effective with some occasional reading.

  13. Pete says:

    This is nothing more than a distraction to get people talking about something else other than what is really happening in the world. Media does this repeatedly and its getting very old. Do your own research and form your own opinions.

  14. Dr. John says:

    Rush completed rehab successfully years ago, Congrats to him. Most of you are jealous of his empire. Charity contributions to fallen Marine families and leukemia. A Great entertainer who does make money for his sponsors. I hope he will continue to tweek your below average IQ’s and lives. Go ahead and vote for Hillary and enjoy Obama’s last days.

  15. IowaFalcon says:

    I just checked to make sure. Yep, there he is at the top of the talk ratings as of today with a million more listeners than the next show, which is Sean Hannity.

    A quick google search shows that this story of Limbaugh’s demise seems to be a constant thing for about a decade, yet he somehow continues to dominate the market.

    Limbaugh is nothing like you say he is, and frankly you are closing people to your perspective when you lie about those who disagree with you. If you think that he was wrong to call Sandra Fluke a slut simply because she told congress that she sleeps around so much that she can not afford to pay for her own birth control, fine. That is your right. That said, lying is not the way to convince people. They will eventually stumble over the truth.

    • Melinda says:

      Rush is a giant douche bag and so are you IowaFalcon.

      • Paul says:

        Melinda you are such an articulate individual. You really should spread your words of wisdom more often. I hope the government and taxpayers did not pay for your education. If not you and your parents should sue the educational system and demand a refund.

      • YtownSports says:

        A regrettably unconstructive reply.

      • billy says:

        Melina is a giant douche bag open your eyes chick educate yourself it is not my or the governments responsibility to support you or your children.

  16. BarbaraHarrison says:

    With all your BS about his ratings falling, he is still top dog according to ALL ratings reports, followed by Shawn Hannity. MSNBC is junk and is an example of a failed Company. Even the Obuma admin could do better than them.

  17. Rockin Randall says:

    Ok. A drop in ratings, perhaps….but STILL the number one radio show in the USA. Maybe they are ALL dropping because of Sirius, etc…

  18. Sam says:

    End of the Conservative era? No. End of big ego conservatives like Rush? Yes.

  19. Paul says:

    The libs are all excited. The end of Rush is here… Not so soon. If you noticed this bias article can only mention two markets(I am sure if they could have found others they would). The Boston area is filled with over educated liberal idiots lots of formal education with no common sense. I am sure Rush is not losing any sleep over this. His numbers still greatly exceed any of the liberal leaning stations. Most of the haters have never listened to his show they can only repeat what other liberals which have not listened to him tell them. I occasionally listen to Rachel Mad Cow oops Rachel Maddow and the the always entertaining Rev. Al Sharpton those are two great sources of information for the liberals. Rush will be off the air when he decides to go, sorry liberals hate to ruin the party.

  20. ME!! says:

    This no more means the end of the conservative era, my selective memory friend, than Obama getting elected in the first place meant the end of the Republican Party…which your liberal friends claimed at the time. Perhaps you’ve forgotten the fact the Republicans (most of whom are conservative or at least claim to be) won the last two elections for Congress with them winning control of the Senate after having won control of the House in the previous one.

  21. Sara Bald says:

    Try as hard as you can, RUSH’s ratings are stronger than ever, and will only continue to climb as more and more people are realizing the truth.

    • ShandaLear says:

      Add all the leftists radio talk shows together and they might make up 10% of Limbaugh’s ratings. 🙂

    • El Chichon' says:

      I totally agree!!!! When you put truth and intelligent substance into anything, esp. talk radio, it hits a very painful communist liberal NERVE because they have no sources and no substance for their arguments. Gotta respect the El Rushbo!!!

  22. Sara Bald says:

    Hey Melinda,

    Instead of acting like a typical low informational voter, why not try to research facts before you spew lies about a man you have no idea about. Get your head out your Left Wing behind and accept the truth

  23. Old Fashion says:

    What’s going on in America. The inmates are running the asylum.
    A boy born out of wedlock is a bastard.
    A girl born out of wedlock is a bitch.
    A girl that sells her sex is a prostitute.
    these are facts.
    I’ve had enough of the politically correct crap.
    Life is not easy or fair. Your parents should have taught you this.
    There are winners and losers. It’s just life. Get over it.

    Rush is one of the last people who stands up for the wrongs our society and government are practicing.

    • RickySmith says:

      Republicans HATE all minorities = women and blacks especially = FACT
      Republicans LOVE money and themselves = BIG FACT
      Republicans offer NO SOLUTIONS – they just love to complain and look back = BONUS FACT

      So sick of Rush and his clan (pun intended). No worries here though, highly doubtful we’ll see another Republican President any time in the next century. I LOVE IT!

      Here’s a little low hanging fruit – GO HILLARY!

      • steamboat says:

        LOL – Barry is that you ?!? If you want more of the same liberal policies destroying this country, and actually believe the nonsense you wrote, then you’re too far gone on the liberal KoolAid to be helped. Go back to your Mommy’s basement troll and try to have an intelligent day!

      • El Chichon' says:

        You are wrong as a four foot yardstick. Everything you just described is the true mentality of a communist liberal crat rat,not an America loving conservative. You think the crat rats are your saving grace, well, you had better wake up because they are your true enemy. They play poor people and a portion of the working class for the fools they are if they think for minute that they are going to be helped by these anti-American “one-world government loving” communists. They lead the jack-ass with a carrot dangling on the end of a stick making him think that he (the jack-ass) is going to get a freebe hand-out. Please wake up!!!

    • Greg says:

      Please, stands up for the wrongs of “society and government”. Really How? Talk is cheap let’s see Rush and the his clan (you) do someting lasting.

  24. Sutir Comed says:

    This man is vile.

  25. steamboat says:

    Long live Rush !!!! One station … probably closed by a liberal owner does not equal ratings woes for him. If it did, he wouldn’t be making such a boatload of bucks !! This is just a phony rumor campaign by a handful of liberals. LOL – We’re not buying it fools !!

  26. Greg Skiles says:

    Another wing nut who beat the war drums but never served his country. So if you’re not a lock step Republican your a liberal. Party before country. We’re doomed.

  27. Rogerdodger says:

    It does really hurt for liberals or deadbeats when they are called out on their crap.Libs want to paint them as “victims” that are “entitled” .Yeah,they are entitled all right,with my tax dollars.I am sick od financing lazy worthless people.You libs can have them.

  28. Montel says:

    Could not happen to a nicer guy! He is making 50 MILLION a year!! WTF!

  29. ShandaLear says:

    You guys on the left are funny. You only wish you had something on the radio that garnered 1% of Rush’s ratings. HAHAHAHAHA!

  30. mike says:

    most people, like me, are listening to the “radio” via internet anymore

  31. Drodz says:

    Never believe the hate monger Libs. What do you expect from brain dead morons listening to MSLSD. Libs are nothing but guilty white trash and black racists.

  32. JJ says:

    I actually listened to one of his programs about a month ago while driving in a desolate area where there was nothing else available. I could not believe what I was hearing. He referred to the women who fought for equal rights as “femi-nazis”. He blamed these women for causing people to become gay. He said “femi-nazis” demeaned the role of a mother and destroyed America. As a professional woman with two incredible children, I was very offended and am quite frankly astonished at the women who support this man. Without fighting please, how can this be deemed acceptable to broadcast? After listening to him, I felt attacked as a woman; I felt demeaned and lessened as a human being. I know nothing about this man other than what I heard him say on the radio last month, so I do not have any axe to grind with him. I am being sincere here in asking how in the world can women or men for that matter find this to be acceptable.

  33. gv says:

    You either Love him or Hate him!!If you are going to worry what others say about you…well your someone that is afraid to stand for anything.

  34. Bob Wilson says:

    Rush get’s in hot water saying what millions of American’s are thinking.
    Sandra Fluke is a joke. A media circus is all it was. Publicity for what? Trojan Rubber Co.
    Come on people if anyone wants to have lot’s of protected sex if you want to play you have to pay not the taxpayers.
    I can’t believe any sensible American would buy into that Liberal crap.
    And Rush is not policticaly correct and neither em I. The Liberal’s can take their polictical correctness and shove it. 1st Amendment rules!!

  35. (SP)AM RADIO says:

    Can’t handle any talk radididio any more- endless 5 min. commercial interruptions – constant cutting off callers because ” you goota go to break, relentless phone numbers rammed down your throat from advertisers & the hosts.

  36. Rogerdodger says:

    I am just damn tired o everything being politically incorrect about something or other.The libs started that shit years ago.It seems like people just can’t wait to be offended by a name or group that they think should be changed to fit their way of thinking.What a bunch of pussies.

  37. Trevor says:

    More lies by another Geo. Soros website. Soros, the guy who owns the “occupy movement” & bribed BHO with $1 mil & many trips to the W.H. Google his name. He openly states he wants the U.S. to be a socialist country. He has a record of doing financial damage to countries that he can’t influence. A former NAZI collaborator. Find out how Soros got Rich. He is the money behind our civil unrest. Another user of black men & hiding in the Democratic Party. I’m being nice. Do some research & see how you have been tricked. Have you ever listened to Rush? It might CHANGE your anger if you did so for a week. Every time Rush is ridiculed his popularity grows. He is NOT your enemy. I HOPE you see and hear the truth. Man up! Only YOU can stop YOU from listening.

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