Rush Limbaugh: Ben Carson Is Not Ready To Be President

November 24, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Rush Limbaugh claimed that Ben Carson is not ready to be president, but if he wins the nomination, he will support him because any Republican is better than Hillary Clinton. Talking to FOX’s Chris Wallace, Limbaugh also ripped President Barack Obama for getting more upset over Republicans’ refusal to take Syrian refugees than ISIS.

Rush Limbaugh Ben Carson

Rush Limbaugh says of Ben Carson, “he is not ready to be the leader of the free world, but he has my vote because he is a nice man.”

On Sunday, Limbaugh, who is promoting his books entitled Rush Revere and the American Revolution and Rush Revere and the First Patriots was a guest on Fox News Sunday, and he had a very energetic conversation with host Chris Wallace.

The entertainer and radio talk show host decided to share his thoughts on several of the politicians hoping to land the 2016 Republican nomination. Mr. Limbaugh started with Dr. Ben Carson, the brilliant retired neurosurgeon from Detroit, who is now mostly known for his controversial comments on Muslims, gun control and for dissembling a stabbing story and his violent past as a youth.

The conservative political commentator stated that Mr. Carson is not yet prepared or equipped to be given the title of President of the United States. The writer went on to praise Carson, who was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013, separated conjoined twins and developed a technique for controlling brain seizures, for leading an extraordinary life. The media mogul said:

“One of the most decent human beings in this country. One of the finest men. I’ve met him. The things he has done, places he’s come from, he’s just one of the most decent human beings…And I cringe when I see that they’re trying to destroy him.”

However, when Wallace asked if Carson was equipped to be president, Limbaugh was very honest and said despite all of his accomplishments, he is not there as yet, but he would vote for him any day to make sure Hillary Clinton does not become the first female US president. The controversial radio personality shared:

“Ben Carson equipped to be president? Um — probably not at this stage, but any of these Republicans running would be better than Hillary or better than anything we’ve got now, so on that, based on that comparison, yes. I would vote for him if it was up to him and Hillary, absolutely, without a doubt. “

Limbaugh also gave his views on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, he said that he loves the way the front-runner and billionaire is fighting against the so-called biased media. As for the senator from Texas, he sees him as “brilliant and conservative through and through, trustworthy, strong and confident.”

The radio star believes that Jeb Bush is low energy and lacks passion. According to Mr. Limbaugh, Mrs. Clinton is corrupt, and he does not wish to see her in power. He explained:

“I just think ‘corruption.’ When I think of the Clintons, I think ‘corruption,’ and skirting the edges. Don’t trust them, and certainly don’t think the country would be in the best hands possible if either of them got back in power.”

He also had few choice words for Obama and his mishandling of ISIL. He lamented:

“And Chris, look, I don’t like saying any of this, but it’s obvious Obama is very sensitive to Iran’s needs and is trying to satisfy them. We have lifted the sanctions. They’ve got $150 billion they didn’t have. They are on the way to get a nuclear weapon, all because of Barack Hussein O, and I think his dealing with ISIS is inept, and incompetent, and nonexistent.”

Mr. Carson is back in the news for claiming he saw a video of people in New Jersey celebrating after 9/11; he is now saying that the clip was actually from the Middle East. Trump said the same thing, but unlike Carson he is doubling down on his comments.

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  1. steamboat says:

    I knew this would happen. That headline is very misleading. This is a journalist ? That’s not exactly what was said or how it went down, but Chris Wallace’s little trick was sneaky. Go to Rush’s website and read the transcript of the interview he posted yesterday. In the end Rush said Carson was much better than anything the Dems were offering which includes the present administration.

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