Royal Dress Code Angers US Reporters Before Duchess Kate And Prince William Visit

November 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Royal dress code angers American reporters. Ahead of the much anticipated Prince William and Kate Middleton trip to New York, Buckingham Palace has released the royal dress code that American reporters should abide by, and they are not thrilled by it.

Kate Middleton

Royal dress code guide revealed by Buckingham Palace, has upset American journalists. From December 7th through December 9th, there will be another British invasion, for Prince William and Duchess Kate will visit New York.

During the three-day trip, the pair will visit the September 11 Memorial and go watch a basketball game in Brooklyn with Beyonce and Jay Z. Prince William and Kate Middleton will also take part in the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the University of St Andrews’ 600th anniversary dinner.

Prince William will then travel alone to Washington to attend an anti-corruption conference at the World Bank. Ahead of the visit, Buckingham Palace has released a guide pertaining to what reporters should, and not wear when they are interviewing the royal couple. The royal dress code is explained below:

“Journalists wishing to cover royal engagements, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, should comply with the dress code on formal occasions out of respect for the guests of The Queen, or any other member of the Royal Family.”

The rules go on to say:

“Smart attire for men includes the wearing of a jacket and tie, and for women a trouser- or skirt-suit. Those wearing jeans or trainers will not be admitted and casually dressed members of the media will be turned away. This also applies to technicians.”

American reporters were quick to blast the silly royal dress code. NY Magazine mocked the Britons by writing:

“First of all, what are “trainers.And second, why should the United States’ press corps – who barely bother to brush the muffin crumbs off their polo shirts before lobbing questions at the president of the United States – schlep extra pieces of clothing to work just so they can make smalltalk with a (perfectly nice-seeming) British air ambulance pilot-in-training and a former chain-store accessories buyer?”

Politico also had a good laugh at the rules:

“Our much more refined brothers across the pond are apparently worried that the American press corps, with our pride of the haggard and ill-dressed journalists, won’t be appropriately attired when interacting with the royals.”

Few journalists promised to wear funny fart t-shirts and sneakers when they meet the royal couple. What are your thoughts on the royal dress code?


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  1. brenda wallace says:

    go sit in any downtown of any city and you will see that we have become a nation of slobs. Men’s beer guts and butt cracks are all too common. Our women have become more and more obese(no I am not some skinny bitch, far from it and I mean FAR)want to dress as if they are all size 2 wearing the tightest jeans and tops they can find so everyone can see their bulging bellies and elephant butts flop and grind all over the place. Just because they make a style in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it. Our skinny or average size people wear ripped jeans wrinkled clothes that look like they were slept in or laid in the dryer for a week. Or the women all look like they need to be standing under a street lamp waiting for their next trick. We use to have pride in ourselves, where has it gone? When did people stop looking in the mirror before they left the house? I think it’s a shame that people have to be told how to dress appropriately and that companies have to put out dress codes and explain every little point of it because people just don’t get it. We have lost respect for ourselves and everyone else and it shows in out slovenliness.

    • Patricia Morgan says:

      I so agree, we have no pride in what we look like or even how we talk anymore. We have lost the art of respect. We feel showing skin is awesome but in reality most of the stars(Angelica Jolie Pitt) when she was given an award by the Queen she dress accordingly. Dress As requested or don’t go at all…you seem to need the story anyway. Respect the individuals or don’t go simple as that…what I feel is sad is the Queen had to release a dress attire before the visit…says a lot for our country as a country that has no idea what protocol is. Deal with the request or be left out…

    • Mgb says:

      I have been truly blessed, I have been married for more than 31 years and my wife to this day is very conscientious of her appearance even at home. When we go out, she still walks with me arm in arm. I can not explain the pride I feel with her walking by my side, and so I too have a certain “pride” in my appearance. Age is catching up with both of us, so we don’t have the svelte tones we had when we first got together but we both still take pride in our appearance. As I look back, each generation seems to have lost a little pride in themselves, and the parents have looked the other way. Our daughter went to college and came home for a weekend and she looked like a bed that had not been made in a week. We were horrified! She wasn’t raised that way. She explained, “everybody does it”. We returned the horror, when she was informed if she did not make an instant transformation an show pride in herself and the family name, she could continue college on her own checkbook. Final.

      She began to conduct herself as she was raised and married a very respectable young man that has a bright future and they have started a very pleasant family. Time and time again there seems to be a push to make what was unacceptable, common place. I believe it is called “tolerance” today. Our house doesn’t have it.

      It costs no more to wear clothes that are tasteful and presented in a prideful way than not,(shirts tucked in, clothes that do not have holes in them and so on). The same goes for personal conduct. Parents seem to be tolerant, even protective, on disrespectful, immoral, and even rude conduct. How is it fixed if the parents won’t do their job? By people standing up and stating, “we have guidelines of conduct, if you can’t meet them, you are not welcome”.

      • jack hawley says:

        While I don’t get to worked up over your comments, you are sadly mistaken to try to tie morality to the clothes you wear. Many very smartly dressed people are very immoral and cruel individuals. I certainly agree that many parents do accept the lack of morals in their kids without saying a word. Back to dress, I tried to implement you suggestion on my grandson but the little bugger (1 yr. old) stubbornly refused to wear the smoking jacket and slippers I put on him. I guess that doesn’t bode well for his future. I to have a very “pleasant” family.

    • Erlina Cohenour says:

      Brenda, you are absolutely right. Just last night my husband and I talked about how people dress in America anymore. Casual can be nice. but the slovenliness too much showing everywhere in the mall, restaurants, etc. No respect for themselves and other people around.

    • Lyn says:

      Your last sentence is right on it. I remember classrooms where teachers were respected and all of them were dressed in what would now be called “Sunday best.” There was less confusion and more learning. And most of us respected our teachers. I don’t remember there being any shootings or stabbings in the classrooms back then. Maybe a standard to follow was part of what helped us. If we don’t respect ourselves, we surely don’t respect others and that extends to our relations with the world.

    • Elizabeth says:

      AMEN, Tell it like it is.

  2. Squirrel_Of_Mistri says:

    I guess I can understand the resentment, since we are talking about engagements in the U.S….but, would it really be that much of an imposition for people to put on decent clothing once in awhile?

    Why not try it, folks? You might even *like* it.


    • Annie Blue says:

      Hip Hip Hoorah for my friends across the pond. I appreciate knowing what is expected of me prior to attending any function. We, as Americans,have become a casual society. When is the last time you saw a recognized journalist (Walters, Sawyer, Roker) in jeans at a requested interview of Royalty? It is not only appropriate, but, mandatory and a courtesy to alert the press corps and others so that they know what is required of them if they wish to attend this interview. Americans, take heed, and do not fear a good scrub and dress up session. There IS a time and a place for pomp and circumstance and decorum. Well done, my Briton friends. Suck it up, press corp.

    • Jose Quezada says:

      Hey NY Magazine reporters..
      What’s wrong to dress appropriately? even once in your life?.
      Try it feels good.

    • Pat RN says:

      I agree! Bragging that they barely brush the crumbs off of their polo shirts prior to interviewing the POTUS is ridiculous. But I hardly expect more from the US media since they really don’t present “news” any better than they dress.

    • Christopher Dovalina says:


    • Leah says:

      But what constitutes decent clothes? I can look very nice in a pair of jeans. I think many people can in the right pair of jeans. We don’t have to wear suits and ties to look nice.

  3. Allison Webb says:

    Those of us who find the royals interesting and enjoyable only do so because they are royals. If you want to cover the event, why not play the part? If you feel you are above it, then report on something else. A little bit of fairy tale is a good thing. We have enough depressing news in our faces daily.

  4. Pauline says:

    I agree with Brenda that we don’t care how we look these days. Everyone is wearing jeans and t-shirts and many clothes are so tight they couldn’t bend over to pick up a dime. It’s sad that another country has to tell us how to dress appropriately because we are becoming so ignorant as well as rude.

  5. Rose says:

    I have no problem whatsoever with this request for appropriate dress by members of the media. Those members of the media would be working somewhere else if this were not a topic of interest to them. So, the subjects of their interest are justified in requesting that an appropriate dress code be observed. The POTUS would do well to follow suit. It might help to make some of the media more civilized than they appear to be. And, for the uninformed (or perhaps ignorant) writer at NY Magazine, “trainers” are athletic shoes; and the word has pretty much the same meaning in both British and American English; so, maybe that writer should take his trainers out of his piehole.

  6. Lucy Akers says:

    I think it is sad that journalists, teachers, and others need to be told how to dress decently. When did we lose all respect for ourselves?

    • KLDGBB says:

      How we dress is superficial. I fail to see the relationship between how one dresses to how much respect one should give or receive. On a professional level, I know dozens of completely incompetent people who dress professionally each day but I have no respect for them.

  7. cher says:

    I don’t know, if we all dressed like that on a regular basis we might take more pride in things.
    It’s not like this is new to us, it’s just a throwback to the 50’s & 60’s.

  8. Francoise says:

    I don’t understand why this request from Buckingham Palace is any different from any other request when meeting heads of state. Americans, not just journalists, have forgotten the fine art of how to dress appropriately in specific social settings. The everyday slovenliness at all times has all but replaced common sense along with common courtesies in public.

    Heaven forbid one of them would actually show up to an event with crumbs on their polo shirt, unshaven, with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth, wearing Sponge Bob or Batman pajama bottoms.

  9. DuchessofDownton says:

    I understand that some commenters believe that American journalists could smarten up their attire and to some degree, I even agree.

    However, it is not up to the British Royalty to dictate dress code or ANY terms for meeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ON AMERICAN SOIL!

    We told British Royalty over 200 years ago what we thought about their commands, edicts and other demands.My attitude hasn’t changed since.

    Additionally, the Duke and Duchess are NOT guests of the Queen on American soil. They are OUR guests and we can wear precisely what we like. If the Duke and Duchess do not like it or can’t handle it, they are free and welcome to stay in their own country where they can tell British press what to do and what to wear.

    Here in America, we celebrate our independence from British rule every July 4 and the Duke and Duchess would do well to remember that.

    • Foxy Painter says:

      How old are you. Did you fight in any of these conflicts/wars? Your comments just show your intolerance. Great Britain has been our ally for years. Asking this of the journalists is not unreasonable. Dressing appropriately shows respect for who these people are and what they represent. Americans need to start taking pride in their appearance.

    • Bob R. says:

      While I agree that journalists should dress up better from time to time, of their own free will, I will agree wholeheartedly with DuchessofDownton when she says that we are in charge “here” and not the British. Period. I say do not cover the brit slobs at all if that is what is required to cover them. They get toooo much press anyways.

  10. Black Sabbath Fan says:

    Why would you have them spend time with Jay-Z and Beyonce? Isn’t there anyone classier that represents our nation? Those two are beholden to the Illuminati….well, so are the royals….never mind.

  11. BrightEyes says:

    Touche’ BrendaWallace touche’. I am only in my 20’s so this may seem a knock at my generation, but it is ridiculous the way people dress. They leave NOTHING to the imagination and I, for one, dont really need to see every – how’d you put it? ” bulging belly and elephant butt” ! We have become a nation of people who have no personal pride in our appearance. I love to wear comfy clothes at home and running errands, but I cover it up. When I have an important engagement to attend, I dress it up. Why not? Its nice to wear after 5 attire once in awhile – live a little !! There is a time and place for everything. Try it people.

  12. J Jensen says:

    It seems to me that the Brits shouldn’t have to give advice on proper etiquette, and a shame that we in the USA have actually come the point of disrespect and worse, mocking a request to be respectful to others. I’m not thinking of respect for just royal visitors. But, respect for ourselves and the way we present ourselves and the way we treat others. I remember years ago in my youth having a lesson in Sunday School on, “dressing for the occasion”. If going to a formal activity you dress up, go to school, you dress modestly casual, going to the beach you wear swim wear. Anyone who needs to be told they are dressing inappropriately should not take offense but be embarrassed and reconsider who they are. I find the president, the British Royalty, or anyone else who shows dignity in the way they dress to be a refreshing sample of self respect and a reminder to all of us that we are not pigs and we do not live in a world of our own but we live with others and we might consider the environment we are associating with and dress accordingly. It would be inappropriate to wear a suit to a beach party, the person would be out of place. It would be out of place to wear a t-shirt to an occasion where people are wearing suits. We all could do better to look at the environment we will be in and consider what really is appropriate. I suggest we all take this as a reminder to have a little self respect, respect for others and dress for the occasion.

  13. sam says:

    Thousands of Americans were killed by the British during several wars within our borders. Why the HELI do we even care about these snobby ba5tards in the first place. We won, go home and stay there Brits!

    • Foxy Painter says:

      How old are you? Did you fight in any of these conflicts? Get over it! Great Britain has been our ally for years. Your comments just show your ignorance and intolerance. Asking this of the journalists is not unreasonable. Dressing appropriately shows respect for who these people are and what they represent. Americans need to start taking pride in their appearance.

    • Lia says:

      Although I do agree that they should stay away, there are thousands of British people living in the US, contributing to the economy and integrated into society, so telling the Brits go home is not the best way to make them feel welcome, which they are.

      Mentioning the war of independence is also petty, how many innocent people have we killed in conflict and don’t forget, we did fund the Nazis in WW2, so if you really want to go down that route….

  14. LA says:

    Come on, “journalists”. Didn’t your mammas ever teach you to dress up for an occasion? If you’re showing up at the White House with muffin crumbs on your polo shirts, perhaps you should reconsider the standards your parents raised you with. Though you may feel fine with being casual (read: slobs) around the local gang, guests should always be regarded with more than a modicum of respect, royal or not. Nobody wants to be followed around by a gaggle of poorly presented bums. As for NY Magazine, I always thought you New Yorkers were more worldly than that. Trainers are sneakers. Anybody who has spent any time paying attention to the world around them could tell you that.

  15. Carol Landis says:

    The people covering this event are making money out of it. Most of us have a dress code at work. If we don’t comply, we don’t get paid. Why shouldn’t the same standards apply to the media people? What makes the media so special?

  16. Denise says:

    What’s the problem? Everyone knows putting a little effort (and they are asking very little) makes a person feel better about her/himself and shows the event is something more than a chance encounter. As professionals (and I assume the journalist and technicians are pros) aren’t we past the frat-boy uniforms lol t-shirts and Keds?

  17. Lyn says:

    Dress accordingly. It’s easy to be a slob; try to rise to the occasion.

  18. Willie says:

    Perhaps the press should not attend. I do not attend anything if I can not go in a open neck shirt and jeans. Dressing up is oh so Victorian and snobbish.

    • Deborah says:

      Perhaps the press could actually learn something about being respectable. Open neck shirts and jeans are perfectly ok at casual events. This is not one of them. And not dressing up is oh so Neanderthal and slobbish.

  19. Christopher Dovalina says:

    So what if the journalist don’t want to dress like a proper adult and whine like a spoiled child then they don’t have to be around William and Kate remember they have to adhere to dress code as well!

  20. Elizabeth says:

    RAY for them. If the reporters don’t like it stay AWAY. They have the right to grant permission to who can and can not come for interviews. Maybe the US stars and famous should take their lead.

  21. IB says:

    They are visiting, thus they should adapt to the diverse ways of life in the country in which they are guests. I think it is an insult to the country they will be visiting to impose their own royal rules, which, by the way, have no longer any bearing on this side of the Atlantic. Have we regressed 200 years? What makes this country so unique is the freedom of each individual to live as one pleases and to wear what one pleases.
    Furthermore, what purpose do these royals serve in contemporary society, aside from sucking the resources from their own people to flash their wealth of jewelry, diamonds, and expensive clothing around, obtained through parasitic behavior and no productive individual contribution of their own to society?
    In my opinion, no reporter should cover the news at all. A couple sitting on the taxed wealth of their own subjects does not seem relevant news. Especially, in comparison to more important contemporary news, like current truly important events: immigration, troubles and threats in the middle east, etc.

  22. Chen says:

    Again no word about sagging. Cant get the princess to keep up with the modern fashion. Tsk…Tsk..

  23. Leah says:

    Wearing sneakers and jeans does not make us slobs. If this is how the Royals want to play I say just don’t cover them. Who cares?

  24. Swampwillow says:

    A journalist who can’t even google ‘trainers’???? And getting upset at being expected to dress like a professional??? Grow up, you jerks.

  25. GrowUp! says:

    As a “Professional”, these immature folks should be embarrassed about whining over appropriate dress attire. It’s a shame that another country had to remind you to dress like you are serious. Don’t reduce their level of expectations. Have some respect for them and yourself. For too long you’ve been getting away with dressing like you’re going to play in the backyard and park.
    Either abide by the GUIDELINES or stay away. It’s just that simple and no, we have no sympathy for you.

  26. Hannah G. says:

    “Journalists wishing to cover royal engagements, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, should comply with the dress code on formal occasions out of respect for the guests of The Queen.”

    I think the key words here are “on formal occasions” and “out of respect”. I mean, you don’t wear sweats to the prom! Sneakers to weddings and funerals? I believe all they are asking is that the “press” dress appropriately for the event and act professionally. Is that seriously such a big deal? If it is that big a deal to you NY Magazine and Politico… don’t go!

  27. Sam says:

    Somebody should make a “skirts below this line not allowed” sign with a cutout of the QUEEN pointing her finger, like they have on the canrival rides (kids shorter than this…)

  28. Sam says:

    Ties are over the top. Business Casual or Business Professional is all the had to say

  29. Ani says:

    Two things.
    1) This really should not have had to be addressed.
    If we insist on other nations taking us seriously, we cannot keep looking like the day after a wild frat party. We wear t-shirts to the Cathedral of Notre Dame that bear messages like “S@#t happens when you party naked.” Our young people have to be told not to show up in court with pants hanging off their backsides. Adults go shopping at their local Wal-Mart attired in anything from pjs and slippers to bathing suits.
    I realize not all of us do this. But our reputation has been that of unpleasant Americans for a long time. This kind of apparel just seems to seal the deal.
    2) Courtesy. Manners.
    These need to be part of our lives. There is certain behavior and language that is used to show respect for another persons dignity. We are rapidly losing that.
    I know that some things seem pretentious and overly deferent. I think that is mostly because we have strayed so far from decency that we have forgotten the things our mothers, fathers, grandparents and teachers used to teach us.
    It costs us nothing to show civility, kindness and respect. The Royals should not have had to give a dress code. Please let’s not cement the image of the stupid, aggressive, ill mannered American in the worlds eyes.

  30. Michael Mackenzie says:

    The journalists that so many commenters here find so easy to criticize and even denigrate deserve much more respect and are far more important to America, the American people, and democracy than to the entire existence of any of the anachronistic and absurd members of the British royal family including Liz and Phil, Chuck, or one of his brats and his store clerk wife. Each poster fretting about how reporters dress or behave when in the presence of these self-appointed bluebloods needs a refresher course in the importance of the media to a democratic society. It is the British royals that need to worry how they are dressed when in the presence of the American media. The bloodsucking Mountbattens and Windsors (or Mountbatten-Windsors) are lucky anyone even recognizes their existence. As for all you Americans worried about reporters offending the royals with their dress, try to remember on which side of the Atlantic you live.

    • Lia says:

      THANK YOU!!!! I completely agree 100%

    • Bob R. says:

      I agree with M. Mackenzie. What do the royals do to earn money/income/salary except something that is so easy to do. All they have to do to earn money or recognition is to “breathe”. If the reporters want to dress up to support/cover the royals, that should be totally up to them. Don’t cover these royals. They are a waste of coverage when compared to immigration, federal budget, terrorism, Ukraine, N. Korea, Iran, Russia, China, and the almighty dollar winding away until the Chinese money replaces it as the currency the world bases all finances on. The royals are not worth the coverage. If they were, we would have a king and queen in the US, not a President. come to think about it, even our own political representatives (from the Executive Brance and Legislative Brance) are worth talking about these days. Focus more on defeating ISIS and getting Russia/China involved with that, as well getting Russia/China involved more with stamping out Ebola….All this stuff is much more important than covering overpaid royals where all they do is so much watched by all of GB and unfortunately, too many Americans as well.

  31. Roni Morrison says:

    Good for them! I have long mourned the loss of self respect and respect for others by the way Americans dress. Time was when what is asked for was everyday wear and people behaved differently.

    Anyone who doesn’t want to conform, stay home in your offensive clothing. Who needs you anyway?

    Respecting the wishes of another is just plain good manners. What’s that you say? Manners?? Never heard of it Respect others, You must be kidding, this is a “selfie” world, all about ME and I prefer being a slob.

  32. Dave says:

    Reading the comments has actually made me feel that there is some hope for us as Americans after-all, well said (with a few exceptions) and as for my comment, I would like to borrow a line from Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does”. If that fits your trainers, then wear them !!

  33. GARRETT says:

    It’s about time our press start’s respecting people and stop behaving like street bum’s. If they don’t want to put on a pair of pant’s and a jacket just to show some respect then they really don’t want the story. Go work in a factory. Oh wait they have a dress code’s there too. The press is not special. They don’t even tell the truth anymore. I do not feel sorry or have any respect for them anymore. They need to grow up and act like adult’s for once and stop embarrassing this country. And when you interview the President put on a tie he should have our respect even if you disagree with him. Really now it’s not like you can’t afford it.

  34. Wilson says:

    The comments below are right on target. I think it’s time for us Americans to shape up and present a respectable appearance when performing on stage or interviewing important people. Ragged jeans and t-shirts show no respect. We do not give a good example of Americans to other countries nor to our young people.

  35. Joseph Porter says:

    I agree that expecting reporters and their crews to dress appropriately is reasonable, but the question is “what is appropriate”? Jacket and tie (or equivalent dress for a woman) should be a no-brainer for a reporter. However, should a cameraman, sound technician, or other support person be expected to wear such clothing? I’m not sure “business casual” might not be more appropriate.

    That said, I agree with the other posters here who note that Americans, in general, tend to go out looking like slobs, clowns, thugs and whores. Just visit your local Wal-Mart – it’s a running joke on the internet just how slovenly many people dress. There is an appalling lack of pride, self-respect, and respect for others in our society.

    But guess what! We are those Americans. These attitudes are prevalent because that is what we have become. In fact, we glamorize the decrepit. Flip-flops/thongs are accepted apparel in many workplaces (primarily because too many people are so fat they can’t get into regular shoes), our public celebrities dress with clothing that looks like it came from a dumpster – the kind of crap Goodwill and The Salvation Army would reject, and people routinely pay more money for junky clothing than one could spend on decent clothes.

    There is no hope for American society.

  36. Bopper says:

    I concur with all that has been stated in the affirmative. I can remember my mother always telling my brother and me that it was always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed; if we arrived at a function that did not require a tie, we could always removes ours, but vice versa and you’d be lost.

    I am a regular church-goer, and I am sadden to see that males have gotten away from coats and ties for church – there are less than a half dozen of us who still put on our “Sunday best” for the Lord!

    Instead of having “professional casual,” perhaps it would be best if we insisted in “pride and self-esteem” in the work place. Perhaps we should emulate President Bush who, reportedly, insisted that no male would enter the Oval Office without a coat and tie!

    It is a sad day when grown ups have to be told the basics of maturity. Put you slovenly habits aside and grow up!

  37. Marie Clark says:

    I agree 100% that they should comply with the wishes of Buckingham Palace. Everybody today dresses in jeans, tee shirts and sneakers, even going to church. It is very disrespectful. Nobody says you have to have brand new clothes, however they should be presentable and not look as if you just came in from cleaning the yard so to speak. If you don’t take pride in how you look then it shows that you have no respect for anything or anyone. Very sad that our Country is going on an anything goes life style, and that is why it is crumbling beneath our feet.

  38. Lia says:

    Unbelievable the arrogance of these people. They may be used to feeling superior, forcing the British public to pay millions for them, curtsey and call them by their titles, which they have done nothing to earn, but they’re not an American royal family. They’re being welcomed to a country, treat your hosts with respect. This is an embarrassment to the British. Please American press, all turn up in your onesies.

    I understand the comments of others about dress code, or lack of by many people, but I find their demands unbelievably rude.

    • Bob R. says:

      Dress better (press) if you want to and need to in order to cover the royals because your journalistic boss wants you to cover them. But if you can avoid covering them, avoid it. They are not worth it. We do not have a Queen or a King or 50,000 others living today getting allowances from the Queen because they are a member of the “family”. To get that money or allowance, all they have to do is “breathe”. We got away from that over 200 years ago, defeating the British to have our freedom. The Brits are over telling us what to do, but there are plenty of Americans out there that feel that the Brits can still tell us what to do. Ridiculous! Yes, we all need to dress up in public a lot better, espcially me. But I will do it on my own time and own dime, not because a Brit family tells me I have to do it in order to cover one of their “family”. The Brits are our Alies but this has absolutely nothing to do with wartime or anything close to it. Don’t cover these snobs!

  39. Pam Peirce says:

    PLEASE, if you don’t want the story, stay away. Prince William and Duchess Kate are not demanding anything but the respect the Royal family deserves. They have NO reason respect our press. The press that deserves their respect are professional journalists – and they know you do what you have to for a story or interview.

    Grow Up. No-one owes you anything.

  40. BOB LATTA says:

    Here’s an idea. Don’t interview them.

  41. Arkay says:

    The problem is that we no longer have any true journalists in America; merely a bunch of “bloggers’ who feel reporting is conveying their opinion or repeating others’ blogs

  42. Thomas says:

    I think that these are common sense practices – particularly when attending formal events. That being said, however, it is not up to the crown to dictate how Americans dress or behave. When speaking of the press corps, it is important to remember that our freedom of the press is constitutionally guaranteed. So while our reporters and members of the press SHOULD dress like this from the perspective of respect and common sense, for the crown to DICTATE that they dress in this way is not only unenforceable but downright offensive.

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