Rosemary Chavira arrested: 2 gang members and Rosemary Chavira arrested for killing Brenda Sierra

March 5, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Rosemary Chavira was arrested almost 13 years after taking part in the brutal murder of her friend, Brenda Sierra, the woman claims that she is not guilty. California authorities have arrested Rosemary Chavira along with two men and are searching for a third suspect who they believe kidnapped Brenda Sierra as a part of gang retribution. Police say Chavira coordinated the kidnapping and was present when her pal was sexually assaulted on numerous occasions and murdered.

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Rosemary Chavira arrested as the Sierra family continues to mourn the death of their 15-year-old daughter. On Friday, police in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced that they have arrested 27-year-old Rosemary Chavira at her home in Lancaster.

Two other men, whose identities have not been revealed, are believed to be gang members, were also apprehended and the police are actively searching for a third man named George Barraza. Barraza is said to be hiding in Mexico.

According to Jane Robison, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, in 2002 Miss Rosemary Chavira and at least 10 other gang members took part in the murder of 15-year-old Brenda Sierra.

On October 18, 2002, Brenda Sierra was kidnapped near Whittier Boulevard and Leonard Avenue in East Los Angeles as she was walking to a friend’s house to catch a ride to get to Schurr High School in Montebello.

On October 19, the body of the teenager was discovered in a wooded area in Crestline in the San Bernardino Mountains. Authorities stated at the time that Brenda Sierra was taken to a house in Williamson Avenue in East Los Angeles, where she was raped several times.

She was later transported to another Miller Avenue location where she was bludgeoned to death and later buried in the forest. It was always believed that Sierra was murdered in an act of gang revenge because her brother and mother, Fabiola, had witnessed a gang shooting a few weeks earlier and spoke to the police.

On October 8th, 2002, Sierra’s brother had testified against gang members in connection to that shooting. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Dave Coleman, said:

“We now know that her abduction was not only in retaliation for his testimony but also to send a message to the neighborhood not to cooperate with law enforcement.”

Members of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department worked on the case for six years before turning it over to the Los Angeles County. The authorities attempted to provide answers to the family in 2012 by offering a $150,000 reward and by releasing composite sketches of two male suspects, but no arrest was ever made.

But few months ago, detectives spoke to few witnesses, who came forward and shared some important details such as:
Two females were seen talking to the victim before she was kidnapped and a suspicious and dark SUV was spotted in the area where her body was dumped. DNA evidence and surveillance video were also use in the lengthy investigation.

It is now being revealed that not only Rosemary Chavira was the mastermind behind the kidnapping, she witnessed the rapes and the brutal murder of her friend. Coleman added:

“We have to praise Brenda [Sierra]’s family and her brother for standing up and doing what was right, and unfortunately, Brenda probably gave her life for that.”

Rosemary Chavira has been charged with murder during the commission of a kidnapping and rape and also with gang allegations. Chavira has pleaded not guilty to the crime at her arraignment on Tuesday. If convicted, Rosemary Chavira could face life in prison without possibility of parole.

The law enforcer is hoping that people “with any information of this horrific murder will overcome any fear of coercion or retaliation and come forward and bring justice to Brenda and her family.”

Rosemary Chavira arrested, Brenda Sierra’s family can finally begin to get some closure. What are your thoughts on Chavira’s arrest? Should she get life in prison?

Rosemary Chavira Arrested


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  1. Take Responsibility says:

    This is what welfare recipient do to the people that feed them.

  2. Celestial2b says:

    What horrible treatment committed against a precious 15 year girl because her mother and brother were helping police!!!

  3. Aminah Yaquin Carroll says:

    There are some instances, and this is one, in which he death penalty is not only permissible, but optimal, for justice and social security to be best (and most of all as a deterrent to future depraved murders) served.

  4. wolfen says:

    death to her and the others
    thats better than what the 15yo recieved
    why keep spending money on murders

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