Rolling Stone Twins: At 68, Ronnie Wood Is Expecting With Wife, Sally

December 8, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Rolling Stone rocker is having twins at the age of 68. Ronnie Wood, a guitarist for The Rolling Stones, has announced that his third wife, Sally Wood, 37, is three months pregnant with twins that are due in June.

rolling stone twins

Twins for Rolling Stone rocker Ronnie Wood at 68, and he could not be happier. In a statement issued by Wood and his wife, Sally Wood, 37, via their representative, the couple revealed that they are going to be parents to twins. According to the spokesperson for the Rolling Stones musician, the babies are due in June. The statement read:

“Sally and Ronnie Wood are delighted to announce that they are expecting twins in June 2016. Needless to say, they are thrilled and overjoyed with the wonderful news.”

Sally Wood, born Sally Humphreys, a theater producer, met the Rolling Stones band member over nine years ago when she was working at the time. In 2008, Wood split from his second wife, Jo, to be with a young Russian cocktail waitress named Ekaterina Ivanova, whom he dumped for a Brazilian model, Ana Araujo, 34. After calling it quits with the hot model, Wood started dating Sally in 2012.

They tied the knot in a stunning wedding ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London that same year after six months of dating, with Rod Stewart acting as the best man. When Sally became Mrs. Wood, she inherited four stepchildren and nine grandchildren, but she had always made it clear that she wanted to have children of her own. She confessed:

“A baby would be nice. Obviously we’ve spoken about it quite a lot, and you can ask him and his response would be, ‘Well, that would be nice. He’s up for it. He’s got a lot of friends that are older who have younger children and they all say it’s fantastic and it keeps you young. I do think that would be wonderful, but I don’t know if it will happen. I hope so.”

In that same interview, Sally Wood claimed that the 31-year age gap is not an issue. She shared:

“Maybe it’s the old-souls-young-soul thing, but we don’t notice it.”

Sally Wood, who does not drink and has never used drugs, has been a great influence on her husband, who is now sober and living drug-free. The Rolling Stones just keep on rolling – the aging rockers will be going on a new tour of South America starting next February.


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  1. peter huston says:

    Such a lucky gal, all those great looks and only 31 years older at that. Win Win for her I’m sure and now two miracles coming. (Miracle he had any sperm left) He may live to see them graduate elementary school.

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