Riosucio, Colombia Gold Mine Collapse: 15 Or More Trapped In Mine Are Feared Dead

May 15, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

At least 15 are feared dead at the Riosucio, Colombia gold mine after a collapse. The gold miners became trapped and drowned in the underground shafts they were digging. A power outage disabled the pumps the workers were using to extract water and, therefore, created a massive and deadly flooding.

Riosucio, Colombia gold mine

15 miners are feared dead at the Riosucio, Colombia gold mine, according to officials. On Wednesday, the El Tunel mine located in Riosucio collapsed, leaving 15 workers trapped and possibly dead as deep as 90 feet below ground.

Colombian authorities say the Riosucio gold mine was flooded and collapsed. The flooding was the result of a power outage that disabled pumps used to extract water and supply oxygen to crews, who were in the underground shafts digging. 15 men drowned in the incident.

Yeison Gutierrez, 34, who was able to swim out, said he tried to save few of his colleagues in vain.

“That’s because the water from the river is filtering into the mine from underneath. The rescuers say it is very unlikely to find anyone alive,” Mr. Gutierrez told local media. “I swam to the surface fighting against the water and the air pressure, that’s how we were saved.”

According to sources, the Riosucio electricity company is to be blamed for the horrific incident because it failed to warn the workers of a power outage. A team of 50 first-aid responders and search-and-rescue personnel have been working around the clock trying to free the miners.

Hundreds of distraught family members and co-workers have gathered near the mine praying for a miracle. Firefighters are less optimistic, they say most of the men are dead, and they expect to recover the bodies by Friday afternoon.

Natalia Gutierrez, the head of National Mining Agency, wants the government to investigate the mine’s owners for negligence. Miners risk their lives to make between $400 and $800 a month.

Is the electricity company responsible for this tragedy?


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  1. Rsoy says:

    What a sad story. All the best to those families. the owner should be dragged in court. the electricity company too. criminals. all of them.

  2. milt says:

    greedy mine owner.

  3. Betty Anne says:

    Working in the marijuana field is as dangerous for Colombians.

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