Molly Ringwald Daughter Sixteen Candles Pose Goes Viral (Photo)

August 28, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ringwald Daughter Pose Like Mom

Ringwald’s daughter pose is familiar. Via Twitter Molly Ringwald shared a photo of her daughter Matilda who decided to strike a pose next to a poster of the movie Sixteen Candles, which featured her character Samantha Baker. Ringwald said that she was shopping at Target when her daughter spotted the poster and they decided to have some fun.

Molly Ringwald’s adorable daughter strikes a pose next to one of her mom’s posters and the picture goes viral.

Few weeks ago, Ringwald was at a Target store shopping for back to school supply when her and husband Panio Gianopoulos’ 11-year-old daughter Mathilda stumbled on a poster of the 1980s hit movie Sixteen Candles.

Sixteen Candles released in 1984 was written and directed by John Hughes.

It starred Ringwald as Samantha “Sam” Baker, a young girl whose parents forgot her 16th birthday because of her sister’s wedding and through a series of strange and comical events end sup kissing Jake, the boy she always had a crush on.

The coming-of-age story was hugely successful and marked an entire generation.

Which would explain why in 2014, Target stores are still using the character Samantha Baker to appeal to moms who grew up loving the flick.

Ringwald Daughter Pose

On the picture, Mathilda sporting jeans and t-shirt can be seen standing next to a display of DVDs with a dozen of films from the 1980s and 1990s for the low price of $5.

The pre-teen posed just like her mother in her flowery dress with her head tilted on the left and holding a little purse.

Mathilda has certainly inherited her mother’s beauty and red locks. The mother-of three (she also has twin named Adele and Roman with her second husband Gianopoulos who were born in 2009) who appeared in The Facts of Life and The Breakfast Club captioned the pic:

She can’t escape her mom, even when “back to school” shopping at Target.

Ringwald had always talked about making the sequel of Sixteen Candles, but it seems that her teenage dream has never materialized.


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