Reynosa Gun Battle Claims Three Lives, People Injured

April 18, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Reynosa gun battles have left three people dead, and multiple injured. On Friday, Mexican authorities captured a leader of the Gulf Cartel, named Jose Tiburcio Hernandez Fuentes, known as El Gafe – the arrest caused fights and gun battles between gangs and police.

Reynosa gun battles

Reynosa gun battles between gang members and Mexican police have left three people dead, and numerous others injured. On Friday morning, Mexican authorities arrested a leader of the Gulf Cartel named Jose Tiburcio Hernandez Fuente, also known as El Gafe, and in retaliation gun battles erupted between criminals and police officers.

The fight led to two officers being injured and three armed civilians dead. At around 8:00 a.m., many people, took to Twitter to share pictures of the Reynosa gun battles that left a school bus and dozens of cars on fire.

According to local media, the gun battles began south of the Hidalgo International Bridge to Reynosa and the fights escalated to a nearby bus station. Residents revealed on social media that dozens of carjacking occurred and the vehicles were torched and used as blockades by gang members.

The Tamaulipas Coordination Group, which have arrested a handful of gangbangers, who were involved in the Reynosa gun battles, explained:

“Resulting from the operation, members of the same criminal group reacted by attacking federal and Tamaulipas forces, setting up blockades in the city,”

The statement went on to reveal:

“Up to now, three armed civilians are reported dead, and two members of the Tamaulipas Force were wounded in the attacks.”

Reynosa, which sits on the McAllen, Texas border, has become a war zone where the Gulf Cartel and their bitter rivals, Los Zetas, have been fighting for control of a city of 610,000 people.

Several cartel members have been arrested in the region in the past months, (including the Gulf’s former leader Mario Armando Ramirez Trevino, known as X-20, in August 2013), but 20 officers have been killed over the takedown of criminals.

Reynosa Mayor Jose Elias Leal stated that a security task force regained control of the city at 6:00 p.m.
Two US-Mexico border crossings that were closed during the gun battles have been reopened.

Reynosa gun battles put a new light on the violence that is currently plaguing Mexico.

What are your thoughts on the Mexican violence?


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  1. Your demise says:

    Yeah, keep messing around in the middle east while our southern neighbors (who’s elected officials are as greedy and corrupt as any republican) keep up Mogadishu-levels of fear and violence… Send in the SF and let them clean it up.

  2. gunner says:

    If obummer would get off his ass and use the existing immigration laws, to enforce what legislation we already have on the books then perhaps the problems on the border would be less. But no, our fearless leader (yeah right) has opened the border to all with no punitive reprisals of deportation or to be singled out. That’s right give the intrusive ILLEGAL aliens the run of the country and cowl down to them and the Mexican leaders. If you have watched the political circus (at least a little bit) you will see how counterproductive the democrats under the supervision of the evil three obummer, reid and pelosi have been. Two quotes I’ll never forget. pelosi – concerning obummercare, “Oh, we got to pass the bill then read it to see what’s in it”, idiot! Billary clinton- concerning Benghazi. During her bid for pres. she proclaimed to all the world she would be available at 3:00 A.M. to answer the phone in time of crisis – the embassy made the call but NO ONE in the dumb leading the dumb administration of obummer and company answered the phone. So, are they liars, dishonest and disingenuous, oh yeah. but we only need to suffer under this administration another 1 1/2 years.

  3. may says:

    So once again we have the american morals police thinking that we as a country can stop drug trafficking. The fact is there is nothing any country, any police force or any private citizen can do to completely irradicate the drug trade. It’s a part of life-an ugly, dangerous part of life-a part nonethless. Why do people have the delusion in their minds that the so called “good guys” can stop the bad guys in this particular case? If one leader goes to jail, another is already in the wings! Worry about the kids that don’t have food and shelter. Educate them so the cartels have less of a hunting field in search for the next leader. Hopefully the kids you help see the benefit in working an honest job to support themselves and their families.

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