Rescued Beagles Leave Lab

July 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Rescued Beagles Leave Lab

Rescued beagles leave lab for foster homes and will eventually be adopted thanks to a non profit. A California organization called Beagle Freedom Project rescued 7 adorable beagles from a lab located near the Mexican/Texan border. It is believed that the rescued beagles which were injured, dirty and scared were used to test household items and medications. The dogs were unfamiliar to simple things like playing on the grass and eating treats.

Rescued beagles leave laboratories for temporary homes and story goes viral. On Tuesday the California based charity called Beagle Freedom Project was able to rescue a group of 7 beagles ranging from 2 to 9 years in a lab near the Texas/Mexico border.

The unnamed laboratory contacted Beagle Freedom Project and told them to send volunteers to collect the animals rapidly otherwise they would be eliminated. It is being speculated that the lab was testing drugs, industrial chemicals, and beauty products.

Without hesitation, the organization which has saved over 250 creatures since being founded in 2010 went to the company and picked up the beagles.

The volunteers who found the dogs said that they very dirty, with numerous cuts on their faces and feared human contact

The poor animals were scared when approached by humans, according to Shannon Keith, president and founder of Beagle Freedom Project.

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The 7 rescued beagles were taken to a safe house in the Lone Star State where they were cleaned and given antibiotics.

They were also introduced to basic things like playing fetch, running on the grass and eating dog treats.

A volunteer explained that one dog tried to eat the grass while another seemed confused by a bowl of dog food.

Shannon Keith added that the dogs are doing well but couple of them are still afraid of humans.

Next week the rescued beagles will visit a veterinarian and be spayed or neutered and will be put up for adoption after spending one month in foster families.


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