Renata Congleton Arrested: Florida School Says Woman Was Too Drunk To Pick Up Kid

September 10, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Renata Congleton arrested school

Renata Congleton, 27, was arrested after showing up at a school really drunk in Florida. The woman was at Trinity Elementary School in Pasco County to pick up a child, when officials noticed that she was highly intoxicated.

Renata Congleton arrived at Trinity Elementary School on Friday to get a kid, but she had to leave alone after staff members deemed that she was too drunk to drive. Some in the media say that Congleton is the child’s mother, but this information was not verified.

School officials and those who witnessed the chaos, Congleton caused in the parking lot before leaving, alerted the police. When law enforcement officers arrived at her New Port Richey home, they were amazed by her level of alcohol intoxication. Congleton registered a .413 blood-alcohol level, which is more than five times what is legally authorized in the Sunshine State.

It is illegal to drive in Florida with blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) superior to .08. The unofficial world record in that field belongs to a man in South Africa who registered a 1.6% BAC after an accident involving his Mercedes-Benz Vito that contained 15 sheep, five boys and a woman.

It was also revealed that Congleton hit two cars on her way home. She was sitting outside when the cops arrived at her address, the drunk lady swore at them and cussed when they tried to ask her questions. The woman was arrested and charged with child neglect, battery on an officer, and resisting arrest, according to The Huffington Post. Her bond was set at $15,000.

After the stories went viral, many applauded the school for handling the situation in a very professional way. Others say if the child belongs to Congleton, he should be taken away because she does not seem to be fit to be a mother. Few jokesters found the 5ft10 drunk blonde woman from Florida to be very attractive.

Update: A source close to Renata Congleton, tells The SpreadIt, she is looking forward to her day in court and wants to be able to share her side of the story. The person added, what is printed in the media is far from the whole picture.


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  1. gary says:

    You can tell she’s not drunk by the mug shot. Besides that, I drove her there and home. Tell the cops to go fXXX themselves. I’ll be there to testify at her trial!!!!

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