Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Mom Apology’ Monologue On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Goes Viral (Video)

May 11, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Reese’s “Mom Apology” SNL skit has gone viral. The Oscar-winning actress hosted the Mother’s Day edition of NBC’s variety show.

reese mom apology

Reese Witherspoon hosted Saturday Night Live, and her monologue has people talking. Witherspoon has managed to get the cast members of the comedy show to apologize to their mothers for all the wrong things they did while growing up.

It was a cute and original way to celebrate Mother’s Day. The star of Hot Pursuit brought her mother, Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Witherspoon, and said sorry for not always telling her the truth when she was a teenager. The Water for Elephants actress confessed to getting a hotel room with her then-boyfriend, but her mom was convinced that she was sleeping at her best friend’s house. Witherspoon, a mother of three, says she now understands what she put her mother through.

The cast members of SNL had some pretty interesting things to apologize for. Vanessa Bayer used to do a lot of peeing, and she thought it was time to express her remorse. Jay Pharoah apologized to his mother for throwing food away. Cecily Strong said sorry for writing angry notes filled with profanity. Kyle Mooney regretted doing some very questionable things next to his mom as she was sleeping.

The mothers were allowed to get revenge via old home videos that showed their children in embarrassing situations. Reese’s “mom apology” monologue was a hit, it grabbed headlines, and might have saved the episode. Many were unimpressed by the other sketches minus the “Draw Muhammad” skit that received a lot of positive attention on social media.

The “Draw Muhammad” sketch addressed the recent terrorist incident in Texas involving two attackers, who tried to harm people at a “Draw Muhammad” art contest, an event put together supposedly in defense of free speech. The attack sparked an intense conversation in the country over the limits of Freedom of Speech.

What are your thoughts on Reese Witherspoon’s SNL monologue?


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