Randy Orton Pulled Over By Police In Florida

July 22, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Randy Orton Pulled Over

Randy Orton pulled over by police and took a cool selfie for internet memory. Monday Florida police pulled Randy Orton over because of his overly tinted windows. Randy Orton took a mean picture of himself sticking his head out of the vehicle’s window making the patrol car that pulled him over visible.

On Monday afternoon Randy Orton was driving around Miami, when he was pulled over by a Florida state trooper.

Randy Orton whose real name is Randal Keith Orton was stopped because the police officer disproved of his dark tinted windows.

The professional wrestler who was not too happy to be bothered by Florida authorities took a picture of himself with a very confused look on his face sitting in his black pick up truck after being scolded and fined.

The 34-year-old actor used the caption to explain that this is not the first time he was pulled over for his windows (by the “stop wasting my time don’t you know who I am” look on his face this will not be the last time neither).

He went on to slam the Florida State Highway Patrol agent who stopped him, by saying that they should focus on real criminals instead of wasting time on a motorist trying to have a cool car. Orton wrote:

“Really? Again? You’d think the State Hwy Patrol would have bigger fish to fry then me and my overly tinted windows.”

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was most likely hit with a $100 fine and asked to remove the tint from the front side windows and windshield which is considered illegal in most states while back side and rear windows are allowed to have tint.

Randy Orton was in Florida for two big events.

On Sunday the father-of-one (see picture of his adorable daughter below) took part in WWE Battleground pay-per-view at the Tampa Bay Times Forum where he was beaten by John Cena who took home the WWE world heavyweight championship belt.

There is a possibility the Randy Orton was pulled over on his way to the taping of Monday Night Raw tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

While in the Sunshine State, according to his Instagram account he has been enjoying the hot weather, the luxury pools and the sexy ladies.


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