Puppy Saves Girl: Dog Saves Girl Lost In Siberian Forest For 11 Days

August 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Puppy Saves Girl Siberian Pics

Puppy saves girl in Siberian forest and story goes viral. After 11 days in the Siberian woods, a puppy saved his owner, a 3-year-old girl named Karina Chikitova who survived by eating berries, bugs and drinking water from a nearby river. While the puppy was the one that found the girl, Russian authorities had sent out 60 men and drones to search though the dense forest to locate her.

Puppy saves a little girl who was lost in the cold Siberian forest after caring for her for 9 days.

On July 29th, Karina Chikitova who is three years and a half went missing but no one noticed.

When Karina and her puppy vanished from the village of Olom in Olyokminsky district located in Russia’s Yakutia Republic, her mother made no deal out of it, thinking that she was with her father Rodion.

Rodion was visiting relatives in his native village several miles away, and the couple could not communicate because there are no telephones in the remote area.

But on August 3rd the child’s mother understood something had gone terribly wrong and contacted the authorities.

According to NewsOXY, Russia deployed several drones, helicopters, search and rescue dogs and over 60 men to search through the dense forest and marshes, which are famous for having snakes, bears and wolves but never found the kid.

9 days into the impressive search effort, the little dog surprisingly returned home and decided to join the team searching for the child.

When the puppy showed up in the village, the child’s parents became hopeless thinking the worse had occurred, but they were wrong.

After 11 long days, the animal guided the men to Chikitova who was found sitting in an area covered with tall grass.

The weak and dehydrated girl told rescuers that she survived by eating berries, insects and drinking river water.

She also explained that the puppy stayed with her for 9 days and then left to get help.

Karina who suffered minor injuries including numerous mosquito bites is in a hospital in Yakutsk where she is said to be doing well.

The medical experts caring for her said that, she is eating small portions of food, still a bit frightened by what happened to her and remembers every details of her ordeal.


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  1. Terry Churchel says:

    Not even ONE pic of the lifesaving puppy! What a disappointing story.

  2. Kim says:

    No pic of the puppy because the heartless parents left the puppy behind to die.

  3. Lee Davis says:

    Should have shown a pic of the puppy. The dog should be a honored member of the family by now. Good reporting would have made sure to have a pic of the hero in this story.

  4. Joanette Rodriguez says:

    I am so glade that she was found, but where is the DOG!!

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