Psy Car Crash: Artist Crashes Rolls-Royce Into A Bus, Leaves Scene In Porsche ‘Gangnam Style’

July 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Psy was involved in a car crash where he was left scared but not injured. However, what is spilling ink is the fact that Psy’s Rolls-Royce was destroyed in the pileup, and few minutes later, he drove away in a Porsche. Yes, this is how the wealthy man rolls.

Psy Car Crash

In case you were not aware of it, Psy is a gazillionaire, which is why when his Rolls-Royce is involved in a car crash, he is immediately whisked away in a Porsche.

On Thursday at around 3pm, South Korean singer and songwriter Park Jae-sang – better known as Psy – was in a bright red Rolls-Royce limo on the busy street of Hangzhou in China when it crashed into a bus. It is not clear if the mega record producer and rapper was behind the wheels.

According to the multiple pictures that surfaced online, it appears that the front of the Rolls-Royce was seriously damaged in the accident. The grill completely detached from the vehicle and landed behind the bus. Local media claimed that no one was injured from the crash.

Psy, who was very frightened by the accident, decided not to call the authorities. Instead, he and his large entourage negotiated compensation and insurance with the bus driver.

Minutes after the crash, the millionaire was seen being driven off in a fancy Porsche. It is believed that Psy was in China for the opening of a new club. The incident occurred as he was heading from the airport to a hotel.

Psy, who entered the history books when his “Gangnam Style” clip hit two billion views on YouTube, is set to grow his net worth by “extending his digital fame into mobile game Crossy Road.” According to The Guardian:

“He’ll cost $2.99 as an in-app purchase within the Frogger-inspired road-crossing game, with some of his signature moves – yes, including the horse-dancing one – and a new scoring system involving triggering music samples by stepping on dance-pads.”

What are your thoughts on Psy’s car crash?


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