Princess Beatrice Kate Middleton: Duchess Kate Feud Reports Denied By Princess Beatrice Pal

October 28, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Princess Beatrice, Kate Middleton are not friends, according to a British newspaper. The publication claimed that Princess Beatrice is not a fan of Kate Middleton because she “hogs the spotlight” from the royal family and is ruining her wedding plans.

Princess Beatrice Kate

Princess Beatrice and Kate Middleton will not be spending a royal Christmas together if the the latest rumors are true. According to a new article published in Express, Princess Beatrice resents Princess Kate for several reasons, and she is not a fan of Pippa neither.

In the lengthy exposé, it was revealed that Princess Beatrice who is the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson dislikes Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge because she ruined her engagement announcement.

Princess Beatrice who has been dating Dave Clark for the past seven years, was set to announce their engagement, but Kate Middleton stole the moment by falling ill and sharing with the world that she and Prince Williams are expecting their second child.

Princess Beatrice told her friends that Kate is “a commoner, who is hogging all the limelight and it’s not fair.” An insider had the following to say about the supposed Princess Beatrice Kate Middleton feud:

“As far as Princess Beatrice is concerned, Kate Middleton is still just a commoner. She’s always quick to remind people that according to official protocol she still outranks her.And yet the public seem to prefer Kate – at times even her sister Pippa has had more attention than Beatrice and Eugenie. Of course, the sisters find it infuriating.”

Another reason 26-year-old Princess Beatrice is upset is because she has been busy planning a spring wedding, and she has recently learned that Kate Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge are having their second baby in Spring.

The paper claimed that Princess Beatrice’s younger sister, Princess Eugenie is not a big supporter of Kate either. The Princesses are infuriated by the fact that Kate Middleton gets the best royal assignments like movie premieres, dinners with world leaders, while they have been “relegated to cutting ribbons at country hospitals.”

Pippa Middleton is not very liked by Princess Beatrice because she is viewed as a vacuous and pushy woman. Princess Beatrice has told her entourage that Pippa Middleton has no respect for protocol and often walks around like she has royal blood.

Another source has stepped out to deny the Princess Beatrice Kate Middleton cat fight. The pal claimed the ladies admire each other and there is no tension between them.


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  1. G2 says:

    What a whiner! Sounds like the little spoiled Princesses need to learn some grace….

  2. T McMahon says:

    Sounds like it came out of Cinderella

  3. Dawnie J says:

    and what of poor Camilla does she not resent Kate as well LOL – if this is news then it is a good day indeed…………

  4. Gary Foster says:

    Perhaps if her mother had not been such an embarrassment to the royal family with her adulterous affair and nude scandals while growing up, Beatrice might be seen in a more favorable light. Kate has picked up the royal protocol quite well, so Bea needs a better argument than that.
    On looks alone, Bea looks dreadful with her sunken eyes and large teeth.

  5. ilovetulsa says:

    Well, Kate is about 10 times nicer and prettier than those two.

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