Prince Harry Motorcade Crash Leaves Two Injured

September 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Prince Harry Motorcade Crash

Prince Harry motorcade was involved in a crash as he was heading to the Invictus Games in London. A police officer who was part of the royal motorcade smashed into a Toyota Prius on Prince Albert Road. The officer was thrown off his motorbike while the driver of the Prius was cut out of the vehicle. Prince Harry attempted to help the two injured motorists, but was held back by his bodyguards.

Prince Harry’s motorcade was caught in a crash that injured two people including a motorcyclist and a taxi driver. The accident happened at around 9:30 AM on Thursday as Prince Harry was being escorted to the Invictus Games in London. The 29-year-old was in a convoy composed of two blacked-out Range Rovers and four motorbike outriders.

According to witnesses, one of Prince Harry’s outriders had a head-on collision with a Toyota Prius being used as taxi near the London Zoo. The police officer was thrown more than 30ft off his motorbike.

As for the taxi driver, he laid unconscious in the vehicle for several minutes until members of the Metropolitan Police and firemen were able to cut him out. Pictures from the scene of the accident showed the police motorbike embedded in the white Toyota Prius, which had its windows smashed and at least one airbag deployed.

It is being reported that the fourth in line to the throne was distressed and fiercely attempted to get out of his Range Rover to help those who were injured. But security guards advised him to remain in the car, so he could be driven to a safe location. While Prince Harry was not able to aide the two Britons, his bodyguards stayed behind to help.

A close source to Prince Harry said:

“It was clearly a shocking incident but he was pleased the officers were able to stop and administer important immediate first aid.”

The Metropolitan Police is currently investigating the matter. The taxi driver is still in the hospital in stable condition and the motorcyclist has been released. Prince Harry who will turn 30 on Monday lost his mother Princess Diana in a dramatic high-speed crash on Pont de l’Alma in Paris in August of 1997.


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