Prince Harry James Hewitt Rumor: Old Claims About Prince Harry’s Real Father Resurface

December 31, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Prince Harry James Hewitt rumor is back in the news thanks to a new play. The play entitled Truth, Lies, Diana – which will focus on the life of Princess Diana, will reveal that James Hewitt fathered Prince Harry not Prince Charles.

prince harry james hewitt

A Prince Harry James Hewitt scandal is back in the media. The West End production – Truth, Lies, Diana is not even in theaters as yet, and it is already making waves.

Jon Conway, who wrote the play, claimed to have had numerous interviews with James Hewitt. Mr Hewitt was a former household cavalry officer in the British Army, who had an affair with Princess Diana.

In the play, the actor interpreting the role of James Lifford Hewitt, has a conversation with a reporter played by Jon Conway, in which he confessed:

“Diana and I started our relationship more than a year before Harry was born. Now that doesn’t prove that I am his father. It’s just the inconvenient truth.”

Midway through the play, the conversation about Prince Harry‘s “real father” came up again, and the reporter asked James Hewitt:

“Do you know if he knew who the father is?”

Hewitt replied by saying:

“Of course I do.”

Hewitt went on to talk about his dreams of seeing his son, following his foot step by joining the military. As the character is sharing his thoughts, a picture of Prince Harry is shown.

Prince Harry James Hewitt photo comparison

Talking to local media, Conway claimed that he spent more than two years interviewing Hewitt, who made some “remarkable” confessions during their lengthy conversations. The writer shared:

“There is a startling revelation that James Hewitt makes and he has allowed me to make it in the play.This is the fact that his relationship with Diana started 18 months before Prince Harry was born.”

Asked about the speculation, the author said he would rather leave the audience answer that question on their own. He went on to explain:

“I don’t know if James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s father and James Hewitt has always denied it either because it isn’t true or out of some sense of loyalty.”

James Hewitt, who has been talking about his affair with Diana since 1994, has admitted to doing the interview with Conway, and said that the play is accurate.

The controversial play, which also includes interviews from Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, will be at the Charing Cross Theatre in London’s West End on January 9 and until mid-February.


The new Prince Harry James Hewitt rumors seem a bit odd, because Hewitt himself in 2003, denied that he was Harry’s father. He said back then:

“There really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry’s father. I can absolutely assure you that I am not. Admittedly the red hair is similar to mine and people say we look alike.”

What are your thoughts on the Prince Harry James Hewitt rumor?


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  1. Delilah2 says:

    just look at Harry and William side by side and then look at Harry and James side by side. Harry does not have any DNA from Prince Charles side of the family. So those who villified Prince Charles need to remove the rose colored glasses and realize that Diana, besides being a liar, had her affairs. Oh offended by my calling her a liar? before marrying Charles, she rode horses, went camping, went on hunting trips, once married to Charles she stopped doing those things because she hated them. so while Charles thought he was marrying a companion, he ended up with a gold digger.

  2. Judy says:

    In this day and age ANYTHING is possible. Who has red hair in the royal family?

    • EJ says:

      Did anyone ever look at Diana’s brother,Charles???

    • terry208 says:

      Queen Victoria, King Henry VII, Henry VIII, King Henry the conqueror, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of scots just to name a few, the family is lousy with red heads.

    • Jean says:

      Judy, Harry isn’t the product of just the royal family–he also had a mother!! Her brother, Charles, has red hair and ruddy complexion, too. Even William doesn’t look a lot like his father’s side of the family.

  3. wanda says:

    30 years??? One would think that if Hewitt was indeed Prince Harry’s father, that it would have been known by now.

    • Perry Neheum says:

      It HAS been known for 30 years, but the so-called Royal Family has always denied or squelched the facts. And of course most Brits would rather not face the truth.

  4. JD says:

    Where is the DNA testing? Blood typing? My guess: if it’s royalty, they covered it up. This actually proves something. Testing would be the first step. They would be proud if he was the actual heir. So, what happens now? Does he lose status? Do they pretend he’s family?

  5. Katherine lee says:

    If you cannot see how much Harry looks like Hewitt, you ar blind. It has been obvious since Harry was born. No way Charles is Harry’s dad

  6. Rusilly says:

    Prince Andrew does not look any of his siblings either, but there are similarities. Just like Harry, there are familial similarities.

  7. rmi says:

    Look at photos of young Prince Phillip & Harry, striking resemblance!! He is Charles’s son.

  8. Jean says:

    I read a few years ago that the royal family will never, ever do a DNA test on Harry-whether they even have an iota of an inkling that he is NOT Charles’ son. He does look a lot like Major Hewitt; but he also looks a little like Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer. He doesn’t have to look anything like Prince Charles to be his biological son. I know many people who do not look like any of their parents. But….there seems a chance Major Hewitt could have fathered Harry.

  9. Jackie Rose says:

    Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. For instance, poor old mad King Henry VI said that his child had been sired by the Holy Ghost…leading others to believe that the Holy Ghost had impregnated Henry’s queen, Margaret of Anjou.

  10. Hecate57 says:

    Does no one remember that Diana’s brother is a red head or ginger hair? Harry looks like a Spencer which is Diana’s family and William looks just like his mother. Thanks God cause Charles’ family is not attractive but distinguished. Also Diana was still besotted with Charles when she had Harry and I do not believe James Hewitt. I am not a fan of Diana as I feel she was a sick person and had mental illness and needed treatment but in the royal family they would not let that happen because of the publicity should the press get hold of it. Diana was a woman scorned by Charles and wanted to make him pay but I do not think she started cheating until Harry was born. Harry looks like the Spencer’s.

  11. LiberalsRCommies says:

    This is BS. Look at their ears. Forehead eyes. None of those are from Hewitt.

  12. Melissa Bishop says:

    There are so many out-of-wedlock children of royal parentage throughout England’s history. Kings had dozens. Even The Virgin Queen is said to have had several children secretly, easy to hide in those days. Hardly a pure line, anyway.

  13. Kirsten says:

    What a miserable jerk off. That is so nasty to make such defaming old speculations just to get his play to be noticed. You place a picture of Prince Charles next to Prince Harry and there are many points that you can see in their faces that match. I hope his little play tanks because of these low life innuendos. To be honest it is ruthless,and desperate to manipulate publicity with damaging lies. It all has been exploited in the past in those cheap trashy rumor magazines for profit. All I can say there is enough on the internet to look at a variety of photos to compare the placement of ears, nose, eyebrows, face shape, forehead ,smile. Taking into account the DNA from the Spencer’s, his loving Mother.

    • Kirsten says:

      Hewitt wants to keep the notoriety because he is cashing in on it. He is so desperate for a little money that he thinks he is so clever on changing the timeline to fit his lies. I really think it is sad that he cared so little. He backstabs Diana and her beloved son’s. What a miserable dishonorable mean little man.

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