Prince Harry Invictus Games Little Girl: Prince Harry Steals Show At Invictus Games

September 22, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Prince Harry Invictus Games Little Girl

Prince Harry carried a little girl on his shoulders during the Invictus Games and the world rejoiced. This week, Prince Harry made a little girl name Isabelle Nixon’s day by making her stop crying, dancing with her during the Invictus Games closing ceremony in London.

The little girl who danced with Prince Harry at the Invictus Games is said to be over the moon after finally realizing whose shoulders she was sitting on. The event took place at the Olympic Park in front of 25,000 spectators.

On September 12th, little Isabelle Nixon attended the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games with her parents. Isabelle’s father Adam Nixon, who is the captain of Great Britain’s wheelchair basketball team met Prince Harry prior to the dancing on shoulder moment.

Mr Nixon, a former Gunner in the 26 Regiment Royal Artillery who lost one of his legs following an IED explosion in Basra, Iraq in March 2004, spoke briefly to Prince Harry after Team Great Britain beat Team USA. Prince Harry who gave a speech at the event called him a legend and took few pictures with him.

Fast forward later that evening, Isabelle, 5, who was unable to hear or see the Foo Fighters on stage started crying, which is when Prince Harry who was standing nearby decided to solve the problem. According to the father of four, without thinking Prince Harry just picked up the little girl and placed her on his shoulders. The 30-year-old royal also held Isabelle’s hands and danced with her.

The little girl stopped crying, but never noticed who was holding her. That is, until her mother Taryn Nixon told her that Prince Harry was the man who made it possible for her to enjoy the Invictus Games’ concert. The child told her parents that she is over the moon to have met Prince Harry. Taryn, a playschool teacher, was equally excited to be next to the Prince and took several pictures with him that she posted on Instagram.

And according to her parents, the little girl now tells all of her friends that she is a princess and calls Prince Harry, Uncle Harry. Mr Nixon is thankful for what Prince Harry did for his daughter and for the Invictus Games. The man called Prince Harry the perfect gentleman and stated that the moment will live with Isabelle forever.

As for the Invictus Games, Nixon shared that after being confounded to a wheelchair, he spent several years doing nothing with his life until his wife, his children Abigail, 11, Jayden, 8, five-year-old Isabelle and three-year-old Lilyana told him to get his act together, and he worked hard to become the basketball captain and once more represented his country.

The Invictus Games was launched by Prince Harry last weekend, wounded soldiers from 11 nations competed. Prince Harry is hoping to expand the event next year.

Below is the footage of Prince Harry at the Invictus Games with the little girl who really wanted to see the Foo Fighters, but ended with the memory of a lifetime.


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