Flirty Prince Harry Gets Linked To Jenna Coleman

June 8, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A flirty Prince Harry was pictured with actress Jenna Coleman, and the pals were spotted at a recent event in London. Prince Harry was seen with his hand on the star’s knee as he whispered sweet nothings to her.

prince harry flirty

Prince Harry got flirty with Jenna Coleman as they attended a polo match in London last week. According to witnesses, Prince Harry and the Doctor Who actress were seen getting very cozy at a party held after the Audi Polo Challenge on Saturday at Coworth Park in London, England.

The spy claimed that Prince Harry, who delivered a great performance during the match, (he played for his African charity, Sentebale), walked up to Coleman and invited her to the VIP area set under a tent, where they sat on a sofa and talked for hours.

At some point during the chitchat, Prince Harry laid his hand on Jenna Coleman’s knee. An onlooker said:

“Prince Harry was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning in to him and he had his hand on her knee.. From their body language it looked like they were really enjoying each other’s company.”

The pair left the tent and moved to a more private place to talk some more. Coleman, 29, famous for playing the Time Lord’s assistant Clara Oswald in the hit BBC series, dumped Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden, 28, few months ago. Since ending her long-term romance with Madden, Coleman has been single.

However, a close source to the actress has stepped out to deny the claims that she is dating Prince Harry. The person said:

“They were just two young people on a night out chatting. Jenna was honored to meet Harry, but the pictures make their chat look a lot more intimate than it was.”

It appears that Harry is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. Days after chatting with Coleman, Harry was seen in London as he watched Cressida Bonas perform in her West End show.

The pair, who met through Princess Eugenie, split last spring after two years of dating. An insider revealed:

“Miss Bonas, 26, struggled with the attention that came with dating an heir to the throne and wanted to concentrate on her blossoming acting career.”

Since dumping Harry, Bonas has modeled for Mulberry, landed a role in the film Tulip Fever, and has been getting rave reviews in “An Evening with Lucian Freud” at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.

What are your thoughts on the latest Prince Harry dating rumors?


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  1. Estall says:

    Prince Harry is having fun banging anything in a skirt minus Caitlyn Jenner of course- leave the man alone. He will settle down when he is ready.

  2. Robyn says:

    They look cute together, sorry to say but I think Diana would have been proud of him if her followed his brother’s footsetps, settle down and have a family. Isn’t e 35 or something? What is he waiting for?

  3. Sir Big Hat says:

    I’ m rooting for Harry because if I met Miss Coleman I would ask her on a date and show her a thing or two. But at 68, I doubt she would be interest in an old lad like me.

  4. Leslie says:

    Do you think the Queen will leave Prince Harry marry a little actress?
    He is a prince for goodness sake. Mark my word, not happening.

  5. Wolly says:

    He should marry Pippa and her fine aZs.

  6. Shakeefa says:

    Hi Harry.

    I ‘m a college student in Nigeria.
    I love science and technology.
    And long walks near the river in my village.
    Make me a princess and I will make very happy.
    Next time you come to African, visit Nigeria please.

  7. Newscomb. says:

    Prince Harry needs to find a girl named Sally and marry her.
    As for Shekeefa, while I am not racist, when you hear the words prince or princess and Nigeria in the same sentence you think scam.
    I have great doubt the prince of England will make a black woman his bride. Look at Albert from Monaco, he got a black woman pregnant but never married her or seen in public with the kid.

  8. Scarlette says:

    A Nigerian student wants to marry Harry?
    Why not? Love can be blind sometimes, especially if there is a special magic potion involved.

  9. Dolly58 says:

    Prince Harry looks like he was killing a bug on this woman’s legs, not telling her that he’s in love with.
    We follow the royals like some kind of reality, the difference is that they were born in the circus, they’ re not like the duggars or honey boo who decided to be on TV for money. So the British,Spanish, Swedish royal familes should be left alone, because they didn’t have the choice.
    The man went to watch a play and maybe beg his ex to take him bag, now the whole world knows about it.

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