Prince Charles And Camilla Divorce: 2014 Split Rumors Linked To Barbra Streisand

October 5, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Prince Charles Divorce Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla divorce rumors are spreading like wildfire. Are those reports credible? Apparently, yes and the reason for the split is shocking. According to British publication, GLOBE Magazine, Prince Charles has decided to divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles because of a decade-old affair with music icon Barbra Streisand.

“Prince Charles And Camilla Divorce 2014” is a trending topic on the web Sunday, after the cover story from the October 13 issue of GLOBE Magazine revealed that there is a major split about to take place in Buckingham Palace just as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is close to having another baby.

Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles got married in 2005, in a civil ceremony, something far different from his and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981 where almost a billion people tuned in to see the pair say “I do” in St Paul’s Cathedral.

Seeing that Prince Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla (there were numerous telephone recordings that surfaced proving that Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla,) many had predicted that The Prince of Wales would have another extra marital affair and eventually get a second divorce.

But the world expected Prince Charles to divorce Camilla after sleeping with a member of the British upper class not with an American legend. Well, according to GLOBE, Prince Charles who is the oldest person to be next-in-line to the throne since 1714 had done just that, he cheated with Barbra Streisand.

According to the mag, when Prince Charles filed for divorce on 28 August 1996 from Diana he was cheating with both Camilla and Streisand. It appears that poor Camilla was unaware of the love affair between Prince Charles and the iconic singer until her friends shed some light on the matter.

The English paper claimed that some of Camilla’s pals recently stumbled on 2007’s book Barbra: The Way She Is written by Christopher Andersen that exposed Prince Charles’ cheating scandal. In Barbra: The Way She Is, Andersen shared some juicy secrets about the diva including her 1994 affair with Prince Charles (she also had a love affair with Bill Clinton).

Prince Charles and Streisand were introduced to each other in California in 94 and had many secrets meetings later on while he was with Diana and Camilla. The GLOBE had the following to say on the Prince Charles divorce Camilla story:

“Charles had been infatuated with the legendary songstress for years when they reportedly hooked up in 1994 at LA’s posh Bel-Air hotel for a private afternoon tea date that lingered on…and on. And it wasn’t their only secret romantic rendezvous! Now, his decades-long obsession with Streisand, now 72, is coming back to haunt the Royal as he plunges into a messy $350 Million divorce from his second wife Camilla.”

So, will Prince Charles divorce Camilla? It seems more than possible because the rumors around England is that Queen Elizabeth II never liked Camilla and has already offered her a hefty pay out, so she can leave the palace.

Furthermore, according to an insider, when Camilla confronted Prince Charles about the cheating, he replied by telling her that he wished he had never married her. Do you think Prince Charles and Camilla will divorce or will they pretend to work it out so they can become King and Queen of England?


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  1. Charles Austin says:

    I Don’t believe a word of it. This rumor must have originated with Rupert Murdock it is so incredible. See just like Fox News.

  2. Lesley says:

    Well, well! Apparently Old Charles is a lot more interesting than I gave him credit for. I tip my hat to Charles. Nobody ever liked Camilla anyway. I don’t think this really has much, if anything, to do with her. She is just furious because she always thought she was THE ONLY ONE FOR CHARLES. Too bad for her.

  3. anna powles says:

    Charles is not popular and hopefully never King. He deserves everything Camilla throws at him after murdering Diana. The royal family is on its way out. As they say the apple never falls far from the tree so there is no hope for his off springs.
    Diana was pregnant and murdering her and all the other common people who had evidence that substantiated this but swept under the carpet by our establishment. At the heart of all this is PRINCE PHILLIP.

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