President 2016: Who Might Run?

Garrett Montgomery | November 7, 2012 | 0 Comments More

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Just seconds after the 2012 presidential campaign ended with the announcement that president Barack Obama had been reelected to the White House – the hot topic is – who will be running in 2016.

While voters are crying out that they have election fatigue, the pundits, the media, the reporters and the politicians are eager to get in the race again. On the Democratic side:

It is highly rumored that Hillary Clinton will run for president in four years.
Yes she has stated several times in the past that after leaving her post as Secretary of State, she plans to retire – but political insiders believe that she will be a candidate in hopes of being the first female president.

Joe Biden has said at least two times in the last few weeks that he will run in 2016.
The vice president joked with voters during rallies that they will see him around in 4 years.

Andrew Cuomo is also expected to bid for the highest office of land.

But if Mrs Clinton does run, the governor of New York might sit it out and throw his hat in the ring after her presidency.

On the Republican side:

Chris Christie is almost certain to jump in the fight to become commander-in-chief.

The tough talking governor was expected to run this year but stayed out to focus on the state.

Marco Rubio who is often predicted to be the first Latino president.

The Senator from Florida who many believed would have been Mitt Romney’s VP pick has already announced that he wants to work in a bipartisan way to get immigration reform passed next year.

Jeb Bush has plans to be the third Bush to govern America.

Paul Ryan will also give it a shot.

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