Tyler Posey And Seana Gorlick Engagement Off

October 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tyler Posey and Seana Gorlick breakup rumors are true. In a new interview, Teen Wolf star, Posey has confirmed that after 11 years of dating Gorlick, they have ended their romance.

posey gorlick break up

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has opened up about the breakup and wedding postponement rumors regarding himself and Seana Gorlick.

For several weeks now, the internet has been buzzing with reports that claimed, Gorlick and Posey had postponed their wedding. Posey, 23, who had been dating Gorlick since he was 12 years old, asked her to marry him last year, during a romantic gateway in Hawaii.

Posey and Gorlick were supposed to get married in the fall of 2014, but rumors started spreading that the pair had decided to postpone the ceremony. It was also being speculated that the lovers had decided to take a break.

But the truth is that the break lead to an official breakup. Last night, a solo Posey, appeared at the ASPCA Cocktail Event in honor of Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Nikki Reed in Los Angeles, where he confirmed the split to US Weekly. Posey revealed:

“You’re the first interview I’ve said this to. We have broken up. I’m just gonna get it out there because I get sad talking about it. I’m just gonna get it out there now so that hopefully people start hearing about it.”

Posey went on to make the surprising confession to the publication. He will no longer be friends with Gorlick and his heart has been shattered by the split.

Posey did not reveal the reason behind the breakup. Gorlick, who is a 23-year-old professional makeup artist and has worked on Teen Wolf, has not commented on why they called off their engagement. A source close to the young woman says that the split is also very hard on her.

The former couple had adopted three dogs together, Rox, Jack and Sadie, we do wonder, who will get custody of the pets?


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