Portuguese boy consoles French fan and video will melt your heart

July 12, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Portuguese boy consoles a French fan after Les Bleus’ heartbroken defeat in Paris, and the clip has gone viral. Sunday was a very tough day for French people (#FiersdetreBleus), who watched as their team lost the Euro 2016 championship to Portugal. One sobbing adult fan was caught on camera being hugged by a child.

Portuguese boy consoles French fan

A Portuguese boy consoled a French fan, and the video is giving Frenchmen and people all over the world a reason to smile.

Sunday, millions gathered at home and at the Stade de France in Paris to watch France take on Portugal during the final of the Euro 2016.

Pretty much everyone on this planet, who is not Portuguese, predicted that the French squad would be victorious, and it had appeared to be confirmed when Portuguese star player Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to leave the game on a stretcher after a knee injury.

However, during the extra-time, Éder António Macedo Lopes handed Portugal a 1-0 win over France. Needless to say, fans and the athletes themselves were devastated and broke down in tears.

Among those, who were heartbroken, was an unnamed adult male sporting France national football team’s jersey. As the man exited the stadium, he covered his face and broke down in tears and then something unexpected happened.

A little Portuguese boy, aged 9 or 10, proudly wearing his country’s color and clinging to his nation’s flag approached the sad man, shared few words of encouragement, and gave him a hug. The video has gone viral, and many are applauding the child’s behavior.

A British woman, who is still feeling that pain of exiting the EU, tweeted:

“an we fly that Portuguese boy over here to hug a nation and make us feel better.

A male sports fan wrote:

“I will never forget this video. This is the respect we need to show eachother more and more. #Euro2016Final”

Another said:

“Sport should be about friendship between teams. This is good.”

A man shared:

“This is what football is all about.”

Moreover, a last person summed up things nicely by writing:

“This Portuguese boy consoling an upset Frenchman will make you feel better about the world.”

“Aw man this is super cute.”

What are your thoughts on this video?


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