Pope Brief Papacy: 78-Year-Old Pope Francis Might Have A Short Papacy Because He Misses His Freedom

March 15, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Pope Francis’ brief papacy confession has startled many Catholics. In a new interview, Pope Francis revealed that his reign as the pope of the Catholic Church will be short and will end in less than five years because he misses pizza and his freedom. For the first time in history, the Vatican might have three popes residing together.

Pope brief papacy

Pope Francis’ brief papacy comments is making headlines. Like many biblical characters and religious figures before him, Jorge Mario Bergoglio better known as Pope Francis, thinks that his mission to spread the word of God might be short.

Earlier this week, Pope Francis, conducted an interview on a Mexican television network where he talked about Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation on February, 28, 2013. Benedict became the first head of the Roman Catholic Church in 600 years to resign instead of ruling until he dies.

He told the reporter from Televisa channel, that it was a courageous move by Pope Benedict XVI/Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger to leave eight years after serving as pope of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis went on to add that like Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI is a constitution. The 78-year-old Argentinian, stated:

“Benedict should not be considered an exception, but an institution. Maybe he will be the only one for a long time, maybe he will not be the only one. But an institutional door has been opened.”

Bergoglio’s whose papacy began on March 13, 2013, went on to make a surprising revelation, like Pope Benedict XVI, he might retire early. Pope Francis stated that he might resign after five years because he misses his freedom to walk around and go to a restaurant for pizza.

He shared:

“I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief. Four or five years; I do not know, even two or three. I have the feeling that God has put me here for something brief, but that’s only a feeling.”

Pope Francis further revealed that he longs for the days when he was an unknown priest, who used to travel all over Latin America, helping the poor and preaching the words in the Holy Bible. Pope Francis said:

“The only thing I would like is to go out one day, without being recognized, and go to a pizzeria for a pizza.”

He concluded by saying:

“I do not mind being Pope.”

Last year, a reporter asked Pope Francis if he would leave the Vatican like Pope Benedict XVI did?

He said that if he was unable to physically or mentally continue, he would remove himself. Pope Francis said:

“I think that a Pope emeritus should not be an exception. You can ask me: ‘What if one day you don’t feel prepared to go on?’ I would do the same, I would do the same!”

In the short two years, he has been pope, he has made headlines numerous times. Pope Francis advised mothers to breastfeed, he spoke about gays and atheists being accepted in the Church. He reached out to the world’s Orthodox Christians, to Hindus and Buddhists and Muslims. He was also instrumental in the improvement of the Cuba/America relations.

The headline “Pope Brief Papacy” was splashed on various media outlets, which prompted many to take to social media to ask him to please stay in the Vatican and they promised to make him a pizza. One person stated:

“Pope Francis, you are the most awesome Pope to lead the church in the lifetimes of all that currently dwell among the living…. You lead by example & humility and a huge dose of common sense! Papi, please continue to lead the church for as long as your body & mind permit…. besides, there’s no going back now….active or retired, you’ll be recognized in any pizza joint on the planet as the most special patron they’ve ever served….:)”

Few others claimed that Pope Francis is being pushed out by those, who rule the Catholic Church, because he is different, passionate and might want to reform the system.

What are your thoughts on Pope Francis’ brief papacy?


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  1. AmazedHuman says:

    Lord, we can only hope so. This was a misfit if ever there was one. Sorry, but that’s the truth of it.

    • The Soulless Saint says:

      Spoken like a true inbred right wing hypo-Christian.

      • RPS says:

        Excuse me? Were you appointed a Censor of Thoughts? Not everyone was pleased with Pope Francis’s ascendency to the Papacy which is their right. If you like him, that is your right. Since you are labeling others you do not agree with, perhaps we could lable you as “hypo-hypocrit?”

    • Rob says:

      I can’t believe we have so many mean and non-loving sentaments about our Pope! I believe he will be our spiritual leader as long as God ordains it period he is fantastic!

    • The Soulless Saint says:

      I forgot, this POS likes his popes to have been in Jr. Nazi programs as a child, like all republicans do. Sorry, THAT is the truth of it.

  2. John H says:

    The Holy Father has in his short tenure begun the process of modernizing the Church. Of course the pace is slow, but it is happening. My thoughts are that traditional hard lined Cardinals are not comfortable with said changes.

    While Church doctrine decrees that the Pope is the leader of the Church and their word is law, that does not prevent others from offering resistance and/or pressure. If I were forced to work under those possible conditions, I’d consider resigning too.

  3. WisconsinMom says:

    I don’t understand. He knew the position going in and he’s just now decided that he wants his privacy? Sounds more like he is getting pressured to resign because he’s to liberal,to much of the people and to modern.

  4. NoMoreLeftistBuffoons says:

    Let’s hope that this leftist buffoon Francis leaves in 4-5 months, not 4-5 years. Four to five years is plenty of time to destroy the church. Just look at the havoc and destruction left in the wake of the Islamist, racist, communist occupier of the White House after 5 years.

    • D. Lawrence says:

      Would you please list the “havoc and destruction” that you see?

    • The Soulless Saint says:

      Another inbred right wing hypocrite, more like hypo-Christian. Go pray to your “god”, oh wait, you bow down to the all mighty buck, I forgot that greed is your religion.

      • RPS says:

        I have to think that if ignorance is bliss, you must be living in a state of perpetual happiness.

  5. So Sad says:

    So many people with such narrow minds and views — and worse no love. This Pope has been a fresh breath of air with all of his views. Do any of these people who are opposed to this pope remember what Jesus said is the greatest commandment? The proplem with the Catholics who don’t like this pope is that they don’t like seeing change. Loved it that this pope is all about love and service and is opposed to us not judging others. The problem with this pope’s views are all the people who wish rule the church with all the same laws that Jesus was opposed to. Stop judging the sinners and learn to love others even those who are different that you are — you cannot grow if you remain the same.

    • The Soulless Saint says:

      The only thing these right wing hypo-Christians care about growing is their bank accounts. But, they would rather wage a war on the poor rather than poverty. That’s why they spend hundreds of billions of dollars on instruments of destruction, as opposed to feeding or caring for humans. But, what do you expect when they all think God himself wrote the bible (it was clearly written, and re-written a hundred times over, by humans, who have a distinct problem with honesty) because they also believe Jesus said “F%&K the poor, greed is good!”

    • M. Lisa says:

      Amen to that! Pope Francis is not only a Pope for the Catholic Church, he has become Pope for the World, and I as well as many others believe he has been Heaven-Sent. So many of these so-called negative respondents speak like modern-day Pharisees. God help them!

      • M. Lisa says:

        My “Amen” is misplaced, (inasmuch as we must have transmitted at the same time. I would not waste my time in commenting with the “Souless Saint”.) My agreement is with “So Sad”, because many of these comments from supposedly Christian people leave one cold and miserable about the reflection coming from them. It’s hard to believe they are truly members of the Catholic Church. Catholics I know are enthralled about this Pope, and a Protestant like me along with so many more are in agreement.

  6. Jenn says:

    I only wish the best for this wonderful Pope! He has opened eyes all over the world to the same walk Jesus took. It is so sad that people feel hatred towards the light and the truth that Pope Francis has tried to spread! Just like Jesus people were against him…Love Pope Francis as he is a very exceptional loving Pope as he speaks to everyone not just Catholics.

  7. marie says:

    wow, i am stunned by the bigotry and hatred in the comments section.

    • The Soulless Saint says:

      You’re surprised? How sad that is. These “people” are the reason I own so many guns and lots of ammo. Fascism is running strong in America, and their greed has no bounds.

  8. wow says:

    …just wow. I’m dismayed by the posts who feel as though they are somehow empowered to judge anyone. Do not judge others, lest you yourself be judged. The Pope isn’t someone you have the right to question. If you truly believe in Christianity, then you also trust that God wanted this man to be Pope. To believe otherwise is to admit your own loss of faith in God.

    • Valerie says:

      Not all of Christianity believe the pope is head of the Church, only Catholics. Having said that, and having been raised Catholic, let me say this guy knew the job going in. He did not have to accept the position; however, he did. Just because that Nazi Ratzenberger chickened out, doesn’t mean that that papacy should be taken with a grain of salt. This guy is old enough to know what his job entailed, he’s seen enough popes in his lifetime. If he wants to quit because he misses pizza (omfg), then he doesn’t deserve the job. God didn’t make him pope, the conclave did. If you knew your papal history, you would know the College of Cardinals is nothing but a political popularity contest. These men lobby for whom they want to be pope. Get a clue.

      • The Soulless Saint says:

        You can’t deny that because this pope is so “liberal” he is hated by the greedy hypo-Christians. Feed the poor, forgive trespasses, be a good person (all things Jesus said)… no wonder republicans hate this guy.

        • Dr Jobson says:

          If you knew ANY amount of religious history you’d know there is a difference between a Catholic and a Christian.

  9. DoozyBoy says:

    Any message broadcast either from his pulpit or over the din of hate enveloping the world; those of us who walk free from it right now, need to stop and listen to this man’s message of peace. Judge him internally because we cannot help that, we all do it. Personally I think we should be just grateful the man even opened his mouth to speak his truth. In my opinion it comes from a very good and solid place that doesn’t house hate. If you hate, don’t listen. Your choice. But others are so shut up. Listen to the man whom God has chosen to lead us – everyone as he knows no boundaries – through these horribly troubling times. No wonder he’s worn down – the volume of information about what is happening in the world around us must be a stifling amount of pressure on one so kind by demand. Hat’s off to him. I’d happily buy the man a slice of pizza and I’m a Jew. He speaks peace, not hate. You idiots.

    • Airchauffeur says:

      Doozy Boy is 100% correct. Read between he lines you judges… Wanting ‘pizza’ is just a mediphor. This Pope would never leave if he didn’t feel his message of peace were heard by all. Look at the humble life he leads now, would you in his position? As with Jesus, there will always be the bunch of haters and that’s their unfortunate right.

    • The Soulless Saint says:

      Sorry, its actually a conclave that picks the pope, not God. But I do like how you are just a big a hypocrite as the rest of these sheep. If you’re too big of an “idiot” to see that religion is the number one cause of war/death (next to resources), than you are the real fool. That being said, Jesus preached nothing but “BE A GOOD PERSON”. Sad how all these right wing hypo-Christians (and hypocrites of all other religions) missed that one.

      • Dr Jobson says:

        Actually yes He did, but you wouldn’t know that. Your too full of hate and ignorance to understand Him. We’re praying for you

  10. Jeff Burchett says:

    I pray The Pope will follow what The Lord tells him to do in his heart. We are in no position to second guess his decision. I will pray to The Lord to guide The Pope to continue in his good work. In any event Jesus gets a vote and if you want to know what it is ask The Pope. God Bless All.

    • The Soulless Saint says:

      “We are in no position to second guess his decision”. I wonder how many Nazis said that of Hitler. How many sheepish American drones said that about Bush/Chaney? How many more will say that before you realize that “God” created you to think for yourself. I, for one, follow no religion that anyone else can claim. My religion is purely of my own, and “God” (I refer to it as the Creator, or The Source) expects no prayers, no donations, no obedience… Just that I be a good person… something most hypo-Christians will never be.

      • Dr Jobson says:

        A ‘good person’ wouldn’t hate so much and point metaphoric fingers at people, religions, and polical titles. But you’re god, as you stated, is something you made up. Probably after eating too much ‘pizza’ one night and watching political media in you’re parents basement. Read you’re Bible! Go outside! There is a real world the rest of us live in called… Reality!

  11. ed braun says:

    the decision is between God and the Pope. God has something that he wants this pope to do. I do not know what that is and do not need to know. the people of the church have a voice as part of the communion of saints. I do not see a mechanism to collect that guidance. some scholars would remind us that this is to be our last pope.

  12. ancientrelic says:

    Jesus’ central and overarching message is love. Love God, love your self, and love others. Pope Francis embodies Christ’s message. I pray he continues in his awesome ministry to inspire all of us to live the word of God.

  13. Edison says:

    If pope Francis said his time in his position is going to be for a short period of time, is because the group of people who appointed him as pope already told him what’s coming next. He was not elected by God, we all know that. His mission was to stop the exodus of Catholics in America that were deserting that church, they were leaving a church to become followers of Jesus Christ and not followers of a tradition, rituals and a religion. Everything Francis is being doing is just following rules and commands from his superiors of the conclave. God didn’t chose only one person (Pope) to lead his church, God sent his Holy Spirit to guide every single person to be part of God’s church and be followers of his son Jesus Christ, not follow the pope. So he already knows he has to resign, but don’t know when.

    • Dr Jobson says:

      DIDO my friend! If people would study their Bible and not the Pope then I believe we would solve this mans desire for Pizza lol The Bible does say we can not Follow both God and ‘man’…and the pope is a ‘man’

  14. Rob says:

    God Bless and we (myself and my family) support him!

  15. Dr Jobson says:

    The pope does not want to be recognized in public…then come to America. I couldn’t pick him out of a crowd for my life, but I’m not catholic. I know tons of people who wouldn’t know him from Adam. And people get the idea that God “elects” people…God chooses people to do his work…Man “elects” people to push their Ideology. The Pope has no more rights to God than we do. If you study your Bible you’ll see that’s why Jesus died on the cross and rose again so that we ALL might be chosen and not a select few. God wants ALL of his children to do His work. ALL men are created equal, there is no such thing as ‘race’…that is mans Ideology. If there were races then why are we all ‘interchangeable’? As long as the blood type is the same we can all be changed out…there is no race with God! Same goes for the Pope and Preachers, and Ministers, and any leader that we as humans put in authority…Only reason we ‘elect’ these people is because we are to lazy and hypocritical to serve and search ourselves. And this is not a Belief this is Bible!

  16. justinpierce says:

    the end time is near!!

  17. Dawn says:

    That’s ridiculous. The Pope knows darn well that his position is a sacrifice that needs to be made to better the people struggling in this world. I would find it impossible to believe that this generous and giving man would leave so many vulnerable poor by resigning his title. He is not selfish. This article makes him sound human, but to insinuate his humanity is somehow going to spur him to make such a reckless and selfish decision is insulting.

  18. The Soulless Saint says:

    Its easy to see why the right wing hypo-Christians hate this pope; he actually tries to follow Jesus’ teachings. But, what do you expect from greedy fascists?

    • Dr Jobson says:

      Key words being ‘he actually tries’ which being interpreted means…’you’ don’t

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