Pop Star Shark Shoot: Music Diva Rihanna Swims With Sharks In New Photo Shoot

February 8, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

A pop star shark shoot has gone viral. R&B singer Rihanna swam with sharks for the March 2015 issue of Harper’s Baazar in photos taken by Canadian photographer Norman Jean Roy.

Rihanna Harper’s Bazaar

Rihanna is in a league of her own, the Barbadian pop star shark shoot still has people talking, days after the incredible pictures surfaced online. The “Diamonds” singer, who is always ready to try new things artistically, decided to swim with sharks in the latest issue of Harper’s Baazar US. The result is really impressive on so many levels.

First of all, Norman Jean Roy‘s photos are stunning. Secondly, Rihanna opted to face some of her childhood fears by swimming with sharks in this photo shoot. Lastly, this is something that will be hard to beat even by RiRi’s high standards. The talented diva admitted that in the interview part of the cover story, she said:

“Greatest adventure? Are you kidding me? I just did a photo shoot in the midst of sharks. It’s going to be pretty hard to beat that.”

The shoot took place at The Florida Aquarium in December. According to The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune and the aquarium spokeswoman Katherine Claytor, the pop star really went free diving with the sharks. The shoot was inspired by Steven Spielberg‘s Jaws movies.

The “Pon de Replay” diva was asked for her thoughts on the classic flicks, here is what she had to say about them:

“Both! It freaked me out because I was a beach baby, so every time a new Jaws came out I would take months off from the beach or just sit on the sand. If I happened to get in the water, my dad would hum the theme music, and I was right back out of it. But that was really my fault because I was obsessed with Jaws. Steven Spielberg was my childhood hero.”

Rihanna will release a new album later this year after a two-year hiatus. Few days ago, she put out a music video for her new single “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney, it was viewed close to 17 million times since February 3rd. Later tonight, RiRi will be performing the track at the 2015 Grammy Awards ceremony.

A pop star shark shoot gets attention, it seems to signal her return to the top of the music industry food chain.


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