Plus-Size Barbie Dolls Spark Hot Debate About Body Image And Weight

Garrett Montgomery | December 27, 2013 | 4 Comments More

Plus Size Barbie

Via Facebook, has started a debate about body image by posting a picture of a plus sized Barbie and asking should toy companies make curvier dolls.

The photo was created by Worth 1000 – a well know organization which held a contest back in 2011 asking people to enlarge celebrities such as president Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba through Photoshop.

The much talked about photo issued by shows a heavy looking Barbie, with a wider nose, a double-chin or triple-chin and bigger arms, legs and wider hips.

Under the big figure of the doll the following question is posed:

“Should toy companies start making plus sized Barbie dolls? ‘Like’= Yes, absolutely! Comment=No, bad idea.”

The post has received over 40,000 likes and over 2,600 shares since December 18 with mostly positive comments.

However few people have rushed to the social networking site to slam the group for promoting obesity. One commentator wrote:

“what many people falsely believe all plus-size women look like.”

Another stated that no one is born fat and that the picture of fuller figure Barbie is a way to tell young girls it is fine to be unhealthy. A third woman shared:

“Imo this is horrible. Maybe make her a little fuller,but in no way promote obesity. Triple chins?? Really?? Im a curvy girl,but come on this is ridiculous.”

Do you believe that that companies should make plus sized dolls?

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    1. Loretta says:

      I agree they should not make this doll. I am overweight and know it having struggled with it my entire life. But I do not look like this doll and first impression upon seeing it was outrage and embarrassment. I agree they should make a more realistic Barbie for todays woman. Make her healthy so girls today will want to emulate that and not shoot for the original Barbie (remember the Twiggy phase?) or this possible depiction. Children today have minds allow them to use them. You are actually polling the wrong group. The Girls are the ones playing and asking for the dolls poll them which one do they want. Remember the outrage for the pregnant unwed Barbie? Mattel changed and put out the Barbie and Ken family complete with the wedding band on Barbie.

    2. roslyn m. says:

      I like this doll. I would buy this doll for any female member of my family. I lik,e that this doll shows a different body image and that its okay to have weight on your bones and still be beautiful in pink!!!

    3. Roseanne says:

      Just as women should not base their life on romantic comedies, you shouldn’t base your life on the size, shape, color, height or weight of some stupid doll. Barbie, her image and everything that goes along with her is based on a fantasy life that none of us will ever have. It would be a mistake to make a plus size Barbie. Some people might ask, “Why can’t they just make a Barbie that looks like the ‘average’ American woman?” Well that just isn’t possible because American women come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all beautiful. Dolls or any fictitious representation of a person is based on a fantasy not the real world or real people. That being said, I’d be more concerned about the magazines your teenage girl reads, the television shows and movies she watches or the pop stars she listens to. I think American mothers are even less inclined to sit and talk with their daughters about the images they’re exposed to than they are about sex. Talk to your daughters from the time they are old enough to speak about their body image. Help them to be confident, smart and healthy and then it won’t matter what Barbie looks like.

    4. Valeria says:

      For Pete’s sake, don’t make her HUGE, just make her a little more…uh, realistic, maybe. I doubt anyone with a real Barbie figure would be able to stand up straight. Women don’t look like that if they’re healthy. I have a friend who does look like that but guess what, she’s got multiple health problems. But with this? Triple chins? Extremes are not the answer you dinguses.

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