Pleasant View seniors calendar: Charity calendar finds seniors going bare

March 31, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Pleasant View seniors calendar could raise thousands of dollars for an Ohio charity, thanks to the sexy and comical women featured in it. Few senior citizens in their 80s and 90s decided to pose almost nude for the Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living annual calendar this year because they “want to feel young and have fun.”

pleasant view seniors calendar

A Pleasant View seniors calendar created by a group of women in their 80s and 90s is making headlines. In collaboration with administrator Teresa Morris, a handful of seniors residing at the Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living, which is part of the Pleasant View Healthcare Center in Barberton, Ohio have crafted a very raunchy yet silly calendar.

The Pleasant View seniors calendar, which is retailed for $12, was put together in order to raise money for the Esther Ryan Shoe Fund, a local charity that provides shoes for children in Barberton. The models featured in the 2015 Pleasant View seniors calendar are between the ages of 87 and 99, and according to Pleasant Pointe administrator’s Teresa Morris, the ladies had a great time posing, The Inquisitr reports.

In the June photo, Wilma Purvis, 94, and Norma Elfrink, 91, wear nothing but giant playing cards. The scantily-clad senior citizens puff on cigars and use a large bowl of pretzels and bottle of Corona to hide their private parts.

For the month of February, 87-year-old Dottie Rutter, who is one of the youngest models in the Pleasant View seniors calendar is seen lounging in a bubble bath filled with rose petals with numerous pieces of lingerie lying around the bathroom.

Miss March is Velda Vogt, 88, opted for a big green top hat and nothing else but a smile. Maxine Garden, 98, who recently passed away was Miss January. She posed with a giant exercising ball.

Teresa Morris stated that the shoot for the annual Pleasant View seniors calendar was very fun, and the ladies were giggling throughout. Morris explained:

“That morning of the shoot … the residents were like 20-year-olds — giggling, and having the time of their lives. I do not believe the elderly should just sit around staring at each other. I want a fun environment where I challenge them and they challenge me,” “I love supporting their independence and will go above and beyond for each of them.”

Thus far, the women have raised $2,000 for the charity. To buy a 2015 Pleasant View seniors calendar call 330-848-5028.

What are your thoughts on the Pleasant View seniors calendar?

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  1. Janet Lee Clark says:

    Marvelous! My hat is off to these gorgeous ladies…but I won’t be taking anything else off….I’m not that brave!
    What a great idea…jlc

  2. Kat Anderson says:

    I love this! You go girls!!

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