Pit Bull Saves Deaf Boy From House Fire, Dog Ace Is A Hero

July 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Pit Bull Saves Deaf Boy

Pit bull saves deaf boy from burning home and story makes headlines. Two-year-old pit bull named Ace saves a deaf boy named Nick Lamb in Indiana by licking his face to wake him up. The dog is being called a hero by firefighters, Nick Lamb and his family.

Pit bull saves deaf boy by licking his face and this is not from a movie.

On Wednesday Nick Lamb from Indianapolis, was enjoying a new milestone, at the age of 13, he was allowed to stay home alone when his mother is out.

The 13-year-old boy who is deaf had a quiet night watching TV and playing games before going to sleep.

As the teen slept away, bad or old electric wires in the garage set the home on fire.

Nick Lamb who had removed his cochlear implants before heading to bed could not hear the chaos around him.

Thankfully his two-year-old pit bull Ace could.

After smelling the fire and inhaling some smoke Ace ran to Nick’s room and started licking his face to wake him.

Lamb who was in a deep sleep did not want to get out of bed, but Ace who knew that his friend was in danger continued licking him.

The boy eventually woke up, grabbed a shirt, covered his face and ran out with his dog by his side through a back door.

He called 911 and his mother to explain that the home was on fire.

Indianapolis Fire Department Capt. Rita Reith called Ace a hero and added not all pit bulls are aggressive after all.

Rita Reith said she was amused by the fact that the animal decided to lick the boy’s face and put spit all over him instead of barking to get him out of the home.

Reith also added that Lamb learned about covering his mouth and nose in case of fire in school.

Nick’s mom Lindsay Bernard said she drove back home panicking only to find her child and his pet sitting on the front lawn looking happy.

Bernard was thrilled to discover that their cat Pixie was saved by firefighters.


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  1. CFresh says:

    Where are all the pitbull haters now? So quick to judge, demonize, and assassinate the dogs character when there is a mishap and now here is a wonderful story of how truly incredible these dogs really are and silence. The bad press and media is what gives these dogs a bad name. There are far more instances like this one that we never hear about because this isn’t news worthy to media. Does nothing for their ratings. This dog should be honored as the life saving hero he is. Did I mention he lives with a cat? Pixie. I wonder if we dropped the “Pit” and just call them Bull Terriers would society place this dog back at the top of what is America’s true first breed which represented the US in both World Wars. From the White House to TV and movies and countless celebs (not thugs and drug dealers) that swear by these dogs. Pitbulls are America’s dogs.

  2. llbigwave says:

    Way to go, Ace! Steak for you every night.

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