Philadelphia Fire Kills Four Kids

July 6, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Philadelphia Fire Kills Four Kids

Philadelphia fire kills four kids among them a baby. Saturday morning at around 3 AM, a raging fire destroyed a row of 10 houses located in Southwest Philadelphia leaving four kids including 4-year-old twins and a new born baby dead. The blaze sent many to the hospital. It is believed that children who were celebrating the fourth of July on the streets might have tossed fireworks on the porch where the fire started. Rumors claimed that fire caused so much damage because neighbors tried to fight it on their own before eventually calling firefighters for help.

Philadelphia fire kills four kids including a 1-month-old baby from the same family.

Just hours after celebrating the 4th of July, a community in Philadelphia is mourning four deaths by a horrible fire among them a baby.

According to the Pa. police and fire department, a fire started around 3 AM on Saturday in Southwest Philadelphia and it obliterated a row of 10 two story homes.

The flames took the lives of four children, including 4-year-old twin girls named Maria and Marialla Bowah and their 1-month old baby brother Taj Jacque and Patrick Sanyeah who was also 4.

Dewen Bowah who is a mother of seven, told authorities she was not home when the fire started.

The 41-year-old woman stated that she ran to the second floor of her home and jumped through a window with her three daughters and was not able to save her twins, her infant and her little boy.

The devastated mother and her three children along with a dozen other people were taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment for their injuries.

Mayor Michael A. Nutter held a press conference on Saturday where he revealed that the city was mourning with the victims of the horrible tragedy.

He also pledged to help the families who lost everything in the blaze.

One of the neighbors spoke to the media saying that she believes that children who were playing with fireworks during the fourth of July events may have tossed one on the porch and it caused that disastrous fire.


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