Peru Bus Crash Kills At Least 37 People, Leaves Over 80 Injured

March 24, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Peru bus crash has left over 30 people dead, and 80 seriously injured. The fatal crash, which involved three buses and a truck, took place on Monday on the Pan American Highway.

Peru bus crash

A Peru bus crash leaves 37 people dead and a nation is mourning. On Monday, a bus, belonging to the Murga Serrano line, lost control and drove into the wrong lane on the Pan American Highway near Huarmey. The bus slammed into two buses and a truck.

It is believed that the driver of the bus had fallen asleep. Mario Casaretto, a government official, spoke to the media revealing that 37 people have died, and 84 are injured. Mr Casaretto stated:

“There are mutilated bodies everywhere, and the bus was sectioned into three parts, this is a real tragedy.”

Rev. Roberto Perez from the Movimiento Misionero Mundial, revealed that there were 42 members of his church in the bus. The religious man went on to add:

“My brothers and sisters were returning home after a meeting at the University of San Marcos in Lima. The event began on Tuesday and ended on Sunday night.”

The head of the Ministry of Health, Anibal Velasquez, released the names of some of the deceased who have been identified:

Joel Vasquez Pinto, Karen Elizabeth Llontop Tello, Rosa Stephanie Rubio Cusma, Katherine Rubio Cusma, Jorge Luis Saldarriaga Jiron, Lioneli Ordinola Rojas, Carlos Flores and Diego Quispe Clever Ramos (the truck drive).

Velasquez went on to explain that the government has already sent all the necessary supply to Lima to help the wounded. He has declared a state of emergency in the city in order to make sure there are enough beds and relief supplies in all hospitals in the region to accommodate those who are injured.

Police chief General Jorge Flores said 6 of the seriously injured passengers were taken to the National Police Hospital Daniel Alcides Carrión via helicopter. Flores added:

“Initial investigations indicate that the driver who drifted into the opposite lane may have fallen asleep and collided with another bus.”

This Peru bus crash is one of the deadliest crashes the country has ever known.


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