Penny Johnson Jerald: ‘Castle’ Actress Announces That She Was Axed From Hit ABC Series

June 2, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Penny Johnson Jerald and Castle are putting an end to their collaboration after four years. The 54-year-old actress, who started portraying Capt. Victoria Gates in 2011 made the big announcement on Twitter.

Penny Johnson Jerald castle

Castle‘s Penny Johnson Jerald was apparently fired by ABC, and fans have taken to social media to express their anger and disappointment. Jerald was not expecting this development. The 24 actress took to Twitter Friday to reveal that she would not be a part of Castle Season 8. She wrote:

“To my Castle fans around the world, as of late yesterday I am surprised and saddened to learn that I will no longer be a part of the Castle family. Thank you all for your support and love. Hugs from PJJ.

Castle has been going through many changes lately. First of all, season 8 will only have 13 episodes instead of 23. David Amann left the television series, and Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley were hired as co-showrunners to replace him. Additionally, it took a long time for Stana Katic to get a new contract.

Jerald’s character was liked by fans but never had her own storyline. This is something that probably made it easier for bosses at the network to get rid of the actress. The show probably had to make some tough calls for the two lead actors to remain on board. According to rumors, the upcoming season will be the last one for Castle. Production of season 8 is set to begin in July.

It appears that Penny Johnson Jerald was on vacation with her family when she found out that Castle was moving ahead without her. The reactions on social media were very supportive of the October Road actress. You can check out some of them below.

What are your thoughts on Penny Johnson Jerald being ousted from Castle?


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  1. Mrs Jackson says:

    The poor black star is the first to go? I wonder why?
    She was a great addition to the show.

    • RB says:

      It’s always bout being black. Isn’t it?

    • dixie pie says:

      Really? Tell that to all the Grey’s fans that lost McDreamy who is white this season. Or for all the General Hospital Fans who lost a few favs this year. Including 1 white, 1 Hispanic and 1 Black. Seriously what a stupid comment.

    • rmiss young says:

      if its not broke do not fix bosses always lets people that are high paid go first.

    • CN says:

      Seriously? Again with the black thing? Give it a rest for once, will you people?

    • Mr Brown says:

      Guess what, It’s not always about color. Castle has been My #1 for 7 years and now their cutting back to 13 shows a year. kiss my —.

  2. Jenny P says:

    Penny Johnson Jerald could not have done a better job with Capt. Victoria Gates – feisty, always in control and always baffled by her officers. I think Stana Katic asked for a fat check to stay on Castle which is why ABC had to make few cuts and fire Jerald.
    Still love the series thou.

  3. almamommie says:

    Sorry to see her go I likes the chemistry between the cast and her as chief. Not watching it as much as before. I will catch it online when I can. It is always the black actress the first to go.

  4. stormy 4 replies says:

    One more season and you couldn’t afford to keep Penny? If you have to pay Stana Katic that much, you should have just left Castle off the schedule. We had a decent ending this season and it should have been left that way.

  5. Carole Hay says:

    I am so sorry to see her have to leave she played a very great good part and gave the show lots of good spice to the show I dislike having to see any of these fine folks having to leave this show any time I LOVE THIS SHOW> PLEASE don’t stop this is a great show HELP SAVE THE FOLKS there…….. So sorry to see PENNY have to leave that wasn’t fair to dump her like that while she was on vacation with her family. GEE everyone deserves a bit of down time…………… sigh…………… sorry PENNY>

  6. Heff says:

    I will miss her. At this point the story line with Castle and Becket is reapeating itself. Bring some new characters.

  7. jeanie hall says:

    I never liked her, didn’t think she fit in, glad she is gone, she was never a person to warm up to, Liked the other captain so much better. Wanting everyone to call her sir was a bit over the top. I know it was the writers, but glad she is gone.

  8. Janice Watson says:

    We never did get to learn why Capt. Gates insisted on being addressed as “Sir”. There was still some stories to tell about her. Why would they let her go? I also don’t understand why we are only going to have 13 episodes instead of 23. And why is this supposed to be the last season? There is much to add to this show if we only had CREATIVE and intelligent writers to continue with the stories. I LOVE THIS SHOW AND ALL OF THE ACTORS INVOLVED IN TELLING THE STORIES! COME ON PEOPLE, DON’T STOP NOW!

  9. D. K. Funk says:

    Women’s Lib? Hey! I am onboard with equality. No problem there, but almost EVERY cop show on television has a woman as the big boss. That is so unreal. In society, ours or anywhere else, the big dog in the police station is a man. If you are going to portray a real life cop show, the main man has to be a real man.

  10. gene dunaway says:

    I stopped watching when the final show of season 6 dealt with the possible demise of castle. what a crock. that took the show from possibly real to absolute fantasy. Antiques Roadshow, also in its time slot in east Tennessee, is a better use of my time.

  11. Dakota Clark says:

    Penny Johnson Jerald – I hope your future is Healthy, Happy and Prosperous. Sometimes people make BAD mistakes, and the ABC minions firing you from your role was a BIG mistake. They will learn by loss of viewers and possibly sponsors. The Castle show will not be the same without you… !

    • Margaret60 says:

      Dakota, Your comment was at least neutral; thank you very much. I agree it was a big mistake. We don’t have to like the character; who likes a boss, anyway?? But, isn’t it weird–if 8th season is to be the last–that they’d bother to fire her and open themselves up to criticism (whatever its form). I mean, really, her salary couldn’t possibly be the tipping point in their budget!! for the LAST SEASON of only 13 episodes. This action makes no logical sense; seems like a “knee jerk” reaction about something we’ll never know. And, it makes the ABC minions look like idiots.

  12. mark says:

    I never liked her part in in it any way.but as always the race will come into it when it has nothing to do with wasent necessarily her but the way she played or didnt play her part that I never liked. so…..was she the first to go????? or just another way to play the race card crap?

  13. jim says:

    Wonder if they called her “Sir” when they fired her?

    If they hadn’t gone with that stupid little gadget, maybe I could have taken her character a little more seriously.

    No big loss to the show for me. Previous Captain was far more interesting as a character.

    • Dona Devareaux says:

      She really added nothing to the show, and what was up with calling her Sir??
      She above all was quite irritating and I for one won’t miss her!

  14. paulapoo says:

    It was just a matter of time before the producers started messing with a great show! Will miss the ‘Irongates’ character and ms. jpp

  15. Brin Londeaux says:

    I’m guessing that Kate Becket-Castle will be the new captain and they’ll bring in a new detective for Castle to drive crazy.

  16. michelle says:


  17. RBEE says:

    I wasn’t thrilled when PJJ came on as captain, simply because I liked Roy Montgomery and I didn’t think she could replace him. But I really began to like her and saw that she was doing a great job. I loved the chemistry with Castle (she didn’t approve of him being there but she couldn’t help but begin to soften toward him). Captain Gates was a procedure person but could let that slide a little if it brought the criminal to justice.

  18. Madmark says:

    I liked both her character and the one she replaced but in the end, it’s a supporting role and therefore subject to getting cut. As any season or contract comes to an end, they trim the costs. She had no story line so there wasn’t anything to wrap up with her. I think she should have stayed if this is the last season. I love the show but sometimes it gets too “chick movie” like and a hardnosed part in the series kind of off set that. I really like the two supporting actors as well. I hope to see all of them in other shows if this one is really going away after next season.

  19. Don says:

    She could have been a cardboard cut out for what she contributed to the show. No the cut out would have a smile on it.

  20. Anna says:

    Think about how season 7 ended and how 8 will start off. Kate Beckett has to be captain before she can run for senate. Unfortunately PJJ has to be sacrificed to keep the rest of the group together. Otherwise they may have to sacrifice Penny, Jon, Seamus and Tamila by sending Kate to a different precinct. I was a fan of Captain Gates and thought her banter with Castle was great stuff but for the next season to work this makes the most sense.

  21. TV Junkie says:

    I hade love her. Not much black actors on that show.

  22. Josie Martinez says:

    I enjoyed Penny’s character. Her dislike for Castle was a nice touch for the show. But, of course she likes him now. It is a shame that they fired her. Penny was good for the show.If this is the last season, why let CaptainGates go?

  23. Mary Alice Lopez says:

    I really like Penny, she was a strict Captain, with a heart of gold, she always knew that Castle and Becket would end up toget-
    her, I think, before they knew it…..HA! I really miss her, and I too wonder, why Becket called her “SIR”, since she is a lady!
    I think they are CRAZY to not bring Becket back in 2016-2017 season, she and Castle ARE what the show is really all about, Crazy!

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