Pawn Star $2 Million Plaza Plan: Rick Harrison Makes Bold Move

July 30, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Pawn Star $2 Million Plaza

Pawn Star $2 million plaza plan is making headlines. Rick Harrison, from the hit reality show “Pawn Stars” has announced that he has drawn the plan, to open a $2 million plaza called Pawn Star Plaza around the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Harrison’s plaza, will include several restaurants and stores. The $2 million Pawn Star Plaza, which will be built around the Rubik’s Cube concept might get the green light from the city as early as September.

Rick Harrison the co-owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, is about the expand his business.

The star of “Pawn Stars” on the History channel has submitted a $2 million plan to construct a series of stores and restaurants that will keep customers entertained when they visit the 24-hour family enterprise.

Harrison who came up with the idea about 7 months ago, is hoping to have the largest Rubik’s Cube in the world with the opening of the plaza.

The project dubbed Pawn Star Plaza was inspired by Tony Hsieh’s Container Park, will feature 22 modular cubes, 6 will be transformed into restaurants and the other 16 will become stores.

The reality TV star, has already submitted the plan to the city of Las Vegas for approval (most predict the plan will go through because it will rejuvenate the area and create hundreds of jobs).

Pawn Star $2 Million Plaza Plan

The Planning Commission is expected to give an answer by September and the ambitious man is hoping to open his shopping center later this year or early 2015. “The Spotter” has every detail figured out.

Richard Kevin Harrison’s Harrison Properties already owns most of the land around the pawn store including the vast parking lot and the tattoo parlor.

Harrison Properties has already contacted Stupak Subtrust in order to purchase the bail bonds businesses nearby. Xtreme Manufacturing has been selected to build the plaza.

Many fans of the show are applauding the TV star for the Pawn Star Plaza idea, because it will help the deserted neighborhood.

Others are impressed by the fact that he is always finding ways to make money.


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  1. robert gignilliat says:

    lets face it… rick wouldnt have a pot to piss in if his father didnt start said business

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