Paul Vagnozzi Extortion Plot: Cops Say Stripper’s Family Extorted Retired Man

March 14, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Paul Vagnozzi extortion plot has been exposed in court. It has been revealed that Terry Tackett has extorted more than $2 million from tech mogul Paul Vagnozzi, because his stripper daughter, Jessica Tackett, and his niece were getting paid for their services. Paul Vagnozzi is being called a fool and a creep for having sexual encounters with an underage prostitute.

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The Paul Vagnozzi extortion plot story has many wondering how such an intelligent and fortunate man could make so many mistakes. This week, a Michigan man named Terry Tackett, appeared in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Mona Majzoub, where he learned that he is facing 119 federal counts in relation to the Paul Vagnozzi extortion plot.

In 2008, Terry Tackett’s daughter, Jessica Tackett, who worked as a topless dancer at BT’S Executive Club in Dearborn, Michigan, met Paul Vagnozzi. Mr Vagnozzi, a 61-year-old software mogul, sold his company Cypress Corp for $8.7 million and retired in 2005.

Vagnozzi paid 24-year-old Tackett several times for sex. In the summer of 2008, Jessica Tackett and her unnamed female cousin, received a large payment from the software mogul for an incestuous threesome.

When Mr Tackett learned about the threesome in October, he demanded that Mr Vagnozzi pay him $30,000 or he would contact the police. He also threatened to leak to the media a vital piece of information that Vagnozzi was not aware of – Jessica Tackett’s cousin was underage when he slept with her.

Out of fear that his reputation would be ruined and his family would be destroyed, Vagnozzi paid. Two months later, the Paul Vagnozzi extortion plot really took shape with Mr Tackett demanding another $30,000.

This time around, Tackett scared the businessman by telling him that his ‘mafia’ friends at the Jokers Motorcycle Club would assault him if the hush money stopped. The following month Mr Vagnozzi gave Terry Tackett $1.15 million in checks.

The hefty amount was paid because Jessica Tackett and her mother, Kimberly Tackett, 53, filed a phony rape complaint against Paul Vagnozzi. West Bloomfield Township police in Michigan told The Detroit News that the phony rape complaint was filed against Vagnozzi.

Mr Tackett used his small fortune to purchase a mansion in Romulus, Michigan, six Harley-Davidson motorcycles, muscle cars, jet skis and expensive gifts for his stripper/prostitute girlfriends. Tackett is now facing 119 federal charges including conspiracy to obstruct justice, tax evasion, money laundering and banking crimes.

If convicted, Tackett could be in prison for 20 years. As for Jessica Tackett, she is free on $10,000 unsecured bond. But the mother/daughter duo is facing up to five years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines if convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

paul vagnozzi extortion plot
Picture of Terry Tackett, the man at the center of the Paul Vagnozzi extortion plot.

Raymond Cassar, Mr Vagnozzi’s lawyer, issued a statement that read:

“My client is a good man who was the victim of a lengthy extortion plot by a group of individuals that conspired to take as much money from him as they possibly could over a lengthy period of time.”

The public is split on the case, some say the Tacketts are disgusting and others say Vagnozzi is a foolish and horny old man who was looking for trouble by paying a stripper for sex.

Paul Vagnozzi’s extortion plot has many twists, some are wondering: What’s next? What are your thoughts on Vagnozzi’situation?


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