Patrick Dempsey’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Divorce Seems Close

April 23, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Could Patrick Dempsey’s Grey’s Anatomy contract be up in a year for good? According to several sources, Dempsey might be getting fired from Grey’s Anatomy in early 2016 due to his diva-like behavior, which has angered Shonda Rhimes. Former Grey’s Anatomy stars – T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington – learned the hard way not to mess with the powerful Rhimes.

A Patrick Dempsey Grey’s Anatomy split is coming. A source spoke to Page Six explaining that Patrick Dempsey is set to suffer the same fate as his former co-stars – T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington.

The insider stated that Mr. Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy in the long-running series, will get fired by Shonda Rhimes. What is the reason for the feud?

The spy revealed that Mr. Dempsey and the creator of Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes had been feuding in recent months. The pair spat over Dempsey’s wild demands and diva ways, which led to Rhimes suspending him.

However, according to the source, the suspension is just a quiet way to fire Dempsey. The anonymous person claimed:

“Patrick has been acting like a diva and has clashed with Shonda. She suspended him for a while, and the word on set is that he isn’t coming back full time.”

The rumor has some legs because Patrick Dempsey, who joined the ABC series in 2005, more or less left in November of 2014. Dempsey aka Dr. Derek Shepherd left Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after obtaining a job in Washington DC. In 2014, Dempsey signed a two-year contract, but he has rarely appeared on the show.

The insider, who sold the story to the publication, said that after the PR nightmares with former Grey’s Anatomy actors – T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington – Shonda Rhimes is not interested in another public scandal. The source stated:

“Given all the past problems with Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington, there is little tolerance on the show for troublesome talent.”

Rhimes more or less confirmed the firing by saying earlier this year:

“It’s highly possible that we might not see Derek for a while . . . There will be a time when you see him again, yes, but it’s probable that you won’t see Derek for a while.”

To further fuel the Patrick Dempsey Grey’s Anatomy split rumors, the actor recently revealed that while he is happy to be in the series, he is looking forward to jumping into new projects. Dempsey, 49, shared:

“Grey’s Anatomy has been an amazing ride and I’ll be forever grateful; it has a real magic to it. There are so many elements that work well; the cast, the music, the editing. But after three straight months filming, the rest of this year is 100 per cent focused on driving. At this level you have to be completely committed and I want to see just how good I can get.”

The same insider revealed that the Enchanted star’s comment further angered Rhimes, who is determined more than ever to get rid of him. After leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey has plans to focus on his children – Tallulah, 14, and twins, Sullivan and Darby, 8 – as he works out his divorce from wife of 15 years, Jillian Fink.

Additionally, Dempsey and his team Dempsey Proton Racing, who took part in the World Endurance Championships, have plans to focus on racing. He revealed:

“I had three or four things offered to me this year and I looked at the scripts and asked myself whether they would move the bar for me in my professional life. The answer was ‘No’, I see no reason why I can’t combine acting and racing.”

A rep denied that Patrick Dempsey is leaving Grey’s Anatomy at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the Patrick Dempsey Grey’s Anatomy exit rumors?


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  1. Lynn says:

    The show WILL NOT be the same without Derek and Meredith as a couple, and a happy couple as well. It seems to me that Shonda Rhimes has become THE Diva. She needs to realize that the McDreamy marriage is the 1st and important story line in the show. If she does this to Patrick Dempsey I will no longer be interested in the show. I have hardly missed an episode since the show started.
    Also, as to her new show about THAT lawyer lady…I think it is called How to get away with murder, I do not like it. Tried to get into it several times but do not like it. Scandal is good but if Jake is dead…I may stop watching that show also. Shonda needs to stop thinking that she can do no wrong. She is screwing up her storylines on her shows and making her viewers unhappy. That means less viewers and possible cancellations of shows. She might just Diva herself out of jobs for future shows and current ones as well. REMEMBER Ms. Rhimes, no viewers or not enough of them means Cancellation of shows and you as well. Stop being a spoiled brat!

  2. Peggy Hamilton says:

    omg – I have never missed watching every season of Greys and now this….getting rid of Derek Shepherd on the show because Ms. Rhimes thinks he is a diva. This show has been amazing with every new season and now she has just ruined it for all the viewers. McDreamy was the show and Meredith as his wife was perfect. Why would you want to ruin it for your viewers after 11 years??? I think you need to sit back and take a look at what you have done by firing him on the show. Ms Rhimes, you should be the one to leave and let the show continue with Derek and Meredith. It was bad enough when you got rid of all the other good actors because you didn’t like their attitudes. Something is definetly wrong here. You made a bad choice on this one…..

  3. Maggie says:

    I agree with Lynn and Peggy! The person with the “Diva” behavior and attitude is Shonda Rhimes!
    She is making a big mistake by firing characters that are loved in Grey’s Anatomy. She needs to learn that she cannot keep viewers with her dictator complex.

    If Derek goes, I will not watch Grey’s Anatomy and am getting tired of Scandal also!

  4. Cher says:

    Too late. I will never watch again. Nor will I watch Ms. Rhimes other shows. The Diva has won for now but in the end when she has no viewers, who really won here?

  5. susan says:

    I cant believe after 11yrs u killed off Derek..How could u do that to your loyal fans..I have watched Greys from day one.U really did make a bad choice…Wow u must be hard to work with..look at the other goodd actors u fired..the show survived because u could always fall back on Derek and Grey…

  6. Stephanie Mcmackin says:

    well i guess it is what it is .

  7. Heather dun says:

    I am very disappointed in Shonda as she has definitely has become the diva. Grays will not be the same. Too bad she has too many shows and just can’t focus on making one have a great plot. I won’t watch any other shows. Just so bad she had to “get rid” of so many great actors/actresses. Without Derek the show is NOT the same. Really too bad as the viewers are the ones who are suffering!!!!

  8. d t says:

    This is not good at all, He was a diva? HMMM yet she wishes him well Yeah OK, Scandal is boring and the other new people. I guess I will find a new TV Network,…

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