Patient Attacks Nurses In Minnesota: Charles Emmett Logan Paranoia Episode Caught On Video

November 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Patient attacks nurses, video goes viral. Charles Emmett Logan’s Minnesota hospital attack may have been caused by a family dispute. Logan, 68, used a metal pole to scare and injure several nurses at St. John’s Hospital before dying while in police custody. Logan, who was said to be nonviolent, was hospitalized with episodes of confusion and paranoia.

Charles Emmett Logan Minnesota

Charles Emmett Logan attacked Minnesota hospital staff, was tasered and died while in handcuffs. On Sunday, November 2nd, at around 2 AM, Logan surprised several nurses as he came running from his room, swinging a metal pole.

The incident occurred at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood, Minnesota. Charles Emmett Logan, who was 68 years of age, was admitted to the hospital earlier in the day after his family claimed that he was suffering from paranoia.

A video released Thursday by Maplewood police, showed Charles Emmett Logan’s Minnesota hospital attack. In the clip, Mr Logan can be seen going on a rampage with a metal pole he removed from his bedside.

The metal bar Logan was wielding is used to attach hospital equipments to a hospital bed. The husband and grandfather, ran through the hallway, burst into a nursing station and swung the pole at 7 nurses.

As the nurses ran for their lives, Logan followed them and struck at least four with the pole.

Leslie Lichey, 40, Brooke Scott, 22, Nicole Eenisse, 32, and Kelly Roberto, 30, were injured during the attack.

According to Maplewood police chief Paul Schnell, one nurse sustained a collapsed lung, another had fractured wrists and two more nurses suffered cuts and bruises.

Officers ran after Charles Emmett Logan on a street nearby where they attempted to Taser him but failed. He was ordered to drop the pole, he refused.

Three officers eventually wrestled the man to the ground and handcuffed him. Logan then became unresponsive. He was taken back to the hospital, where he has died.

Schnell explained that the assault was very shocking because Charles Emmett Logan was known to be a nonviolent person.

“This was very out of character. … We’re talking about like a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy.”

Schnell added:

“Virtually every element of this is tragic.Certainly for the man himself, and we still don’t really know what happened to him. Second, for his family, obviously, he was someone’s dad, brother, uncle, cousin and then, of course, for the nursing staff who were just going about doing their work. … Folks knew he was struggling, but I don’t think anyone expected this would end in violence.”

Shane Perry, Logan’s lawyer, said that his client’s death occurred after a family disagreement, earlier in the day. While the details are fuzzy, it has been reported that there was a difference of opinion between Logan, and his wife and daughter about his treatment.

Charles Emmett Logan wanted to divorce his wife, sell his home and give half of his money to his grandchildren. Prior to the tragedy, Perry sought an emergency order from a Ramsey County judge to protect his client and accompanied him to the hospital.

The video of Charles Emmett Logan’s Minnesota hospital attack is below.


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