Pat Sajak Raps: New Clip Goes Viral After The Recent Internet Hit ‘Pat Sajak Walks Off’

December 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Pat Sajak raps on Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” track and video goes viral. Sajak appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable on Thursday, where he rapped the lyrics of “No Type” with the help of host Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard.

Pat Sajak Raps

Pat Sajak raps and the clip picks thousands of views on YouTube in a matter of hours. On December 11th, Sajak briefly appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, where he sat down with Dan Le Batard, Bomani Jones, and Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard, and talked about the randomness of things.

The show opened with a funny spat between Bomani Jones and Pat Sajak because the 68-year-old Wheel of Fortune host was asked to come up with his own questions.

During the hilarious interview, he explained that the question he gets the most from fans is: “Can I buy a vowel?” Fans find that line to be the funniest words that have ever been uttered.

He is so tired of that sentence that he has threatened to deck the next person who brings it up. Believe it or not, rapper Flo Rida has asked him that question, so did Next Time We Love actor James Stewart.

The Wheel of Fortune host also shared that at least three of his friends tried to hook up with Vanna White. Other confessions included, him having a female contestant rubbing his butt as she was standing next to her daughter and her husband.

Jones asked him on what occasions does he act like a jerk? Sajak said that he is not a screamer and went on to share that on Thursday, he was at a grocery store and because the cashier was taking too long with a customer, he dropped the two cases of water that he had planned to purchase.

Moments later, he was at drug store and the fire alarm went off, and for a split second he thought of stealing the content in his basket. While on Highly Questionable, Sajak and Papi decided to rap on Rae Sremmurd’s mega hit, “No Type.”

Rae Sremmurd composed of rap duo, Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy, are also behind the new classic “No Flex Zone.” Papi opens with:

“I don’t got no type.”

Pat Sajak raps:

“Bad [cough] is the only thing that I like,.You ain’t got no life.”

Pat Sajak raps and takes to Twitter to explain:

“Appearances on ESPN yesterday dramatically altered my career. Hoping that counseling will salvage what’s left of it.”

Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy retweeted a link to the “Pat Sajak raps on Highly Questionable” video on YouTube.

The legendary TV host has been able to create a lot of buzz on the internet recently. In November, the “Pat Sajak Walks Off” of Wheel of Fortune set clip was able to garner over one million views on YouTube. It was all a joke, but it worked beautifully marketing wise. Sajak has found a good formula in order to reach a wider and younger audience.


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