Pat Patterson Comes Out As Gay On ‘Legends’ House’

June 13, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

pat patterson comes out

Pat Patterson comes out as gay on “Legends’ House” and drama ensues. Professional wrestler Pat Patterson comes out as a gay man and reignites the sex scandal that almost destroyed his career in the early 1990s.

Last night during the season finale of WWE reality series “Legends’ House” a handful of people must have been surprised by the fact that Pat Patterson announced on camera that he was gay.

The Canadian athlete taped the segment that aired on Thursday night back in 2012 (no explanation was given by the WWE for the 2 year delay.)

The WWE Hall of Fame wrestler confessed that it was the first time in 50 years that he was telling the world his secret.

A very emotional Pat Patterson said:

“Sitting here tonight, I’m going to say something that I would never want to say publicly.But being here with you guys, for once in my life, I’m going to be me now. I survived all this being gay.”

Pat Patterson whose real name is Pierre Clermont went on to reveal that he had a partner for over 40 years, but he passed away after a heart attack.

The man known as “Pretty Boy” Pat Patterson who underwent emergency heart surgery in 2006 told his friends with tears in his eyes:

“I had a friend with me for 40 years, and I lost him, because he had a heart attack, and I end up alone.It’s tough, guys. It’s tough.”

The 73-year-old decision to disclose his sexual preference brought friends and fellow WWE legends like Roddy Piper, Jimmy Hart, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Hillbilly Jim to tears.

For almost 30 years now people who follow the WWE religiously were aware that the champion who put moves like the Diving knee drop and the Sleeper hold on the map was a homosexual.

In fact Pat’s sexuality made headline news in 1992.

Pat Patterson, Mel Phillips and Terry Garvin were entangled in a messy sex scandal in the early 90s where they were accused by young wrestlers such as Murray Hodgson and Barry Orton of being predators who molested them and demanded sexual favors in order to get better jobs in World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Patterson a Roman Catholic, and a former altar boy was fired from the WWE while they investigated that sexual abuse claims.

Vince McMahon who is a close friend of Pat (he is the godfather of Vince’s daughter Stephanie) rapidly gave him his job back.

Today he is on the WWE’s payroll as a “creative” consultant.


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