Paris Jackson Pregnant: Is MJ’s Daughter Pregnant And Engaged?

September 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Paris Jackson Pregnant

Paris Jackson pregnant? Apparently yes. Several tabloids claimed that not only is Paris Jackson pregnant, she is getting ready to get married at the age of 16.

Debbie Rowe is about to become a grandmother, if and only if the rumors about Paris Jackson being pregnant are accurate. This week, the Daily Star published an article that says Michael Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter Paris is expecting her first child with her mysterious Justin Bieber look-alike beau.

A source told the publication that over the weekend, they spotted Miss Jackson having dinner in Utah with her boyfriend and instead of toasting with wine, she opted for a glass of water. The insider told the publication that when Paris Jackson got up to exit the eatery, her baby bump was very visible.

According to the anonymous person, people at the restaurant were stunned to discover that at the young age of 16, the king of pop’s only daughter was expecting. Folks at the restaurant started whispering and commenting as the couple left. The individual who sold the Jackson pregnancy story to the mag said:

“That and the prominent stomach bulge got people talking.It’s highly unusual to toast with anything but a full glass of wine.”

Few days ago, the Daily Star had a juicy piece about Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson and her boyfriend buying an engagement ring at a Utah jewelry store. So, who is Paris Jackson’s boyfriend? For over two years now, Jackson has been dating an unnamed boy who bares a striking resemblance to pop music superstar Justin Bieber and who even seems in love with the color purple like the crooner.

The pair was seen last month at The Six restaurant in Calabasas, holding hands and hugging. The ring, the water, the supposed baby bump all lead to the wild rumors about Paris Jackson being pregnant. Most of MJ’s fans are thrilled by the news and have flooded the teenager’s Instagram account with well wishes.

One said that the Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys actress will be a great mom and her dad would be very proud. While another stated that her boyfriend is really cute and they will therefore have good looking babies. A cynical one was quick to say that “Paris Jackson can get pregnant if she wants to because she is a billionaire.”

But few were unhappy with the Paris Jackson pregnant rumor. One person stated that she should have respected her father’s wish and focus on her education instead of romance. Another commentator said that it is sad that she decided to abandon her Jehovah’s Witness faith and decided to have a child out of wedlock. In May of 2013, reports claimed that Paris and her brother Prince Michael had announced to their family that they no longer wanted to go door-to-door in Calabasas neighborhood spreading the word of God.

But there might be another explanation as to why Jackson appears to be with child. For more than a year now, Paris has moved to Utah with her mom Debbie Rowe where she has been undergoing psychiatric care since her suicide attempt at the Diamond Ranch Academy.

So, there is a possibility that all the medication that she has been taking lead to some weight gain. As for the water, Paris is only 16 and therefore can not order alcohol in the United States. But if she is really expecting, her famous aunt Janet Jackson must be mad as hell. A source said few months ago:

“Janet acts like both a mom and a friend to Paris. She’s chatted with her niece about how she should wait many years before she is intimate with a guy.”

Paris Jackson pregnant or not is determined to stay away from her legal guardian and grandmother Katherine Jackson. Despite her guardian T.J. Jackson’s plea, the teen has made it clear that she has decided to live with her mother and wants nothing to do with the chaos surrounding her relatives in California.

Since the rumors started circulating, few of Paris’ supporters have taken to Twitter to blast the magazine.
They believe that the mag has fabricated the pregnancy story in order to make money off the teen’s back.
These same supporters asked that the media leaves Jackson alone because she is a fragile young lady who is still mourning the death of her father.

Do you think Paris Jackson is really pregnant, or just gained some curves due to medication?
A representative for the Jackson family has refused to comment on the story. Sometimes, a silent response can say a lot.


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  1. Heiwi says:

    I don’t think she is really pregnant. More BS from the tabloids.

  2. RaeJean says:

    What I find odd is that a 16 year old not ordering wine is seen as odd. Especially in Utah.

  3. Mrblue says:


  4. Mrblue says:

    WE don’t care

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