Paramedic Delivers Own Baby In Chicago

August 31, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Paramedic Delivers Own Baby

Paramedic delivers own baby and family holds a press conference to share their amazing story. A paramedic delivers his own baby girl after his wife goes into labor on the side of a Chicago road. Daniel Lynch, a firefighter and paramedic was forced to put the skills he accumulated over the years at work after his wife Elizabeth went into labor on Interstate 94 at 4 AM. The off duty paramedic delivered his healthy baby girl named Mary Margaret Lynch who joined 4 siblings.

Veteran paramedic delivers his own baby girl and holds a press conference to share the beautiful experience with the world.

On Friday evening, Daniel Lynch who is the captain of the Evanston Fire Department in Chicago, Illinois was told by his wife Elizabeth who was two days past her due date that she was having contractions.

The Lynches decided not to go to the hospital, after Elizabeth realized that the pain was gone. The family went to sleep, but at around 4 AM, the mother-of-four woke up and knew that it was time to give birth.

The trained firefighter and paramedic got into his vehicle to drive his spouse to Evanston Hospital. The couple’s children Madeline, 6, Tommy, 5, Hank, 3, and Charlie, 18 months, were being cared for by their grandmother.

Just minutes away from the hospital, Elizabeth asked her husband to stop the car after realizing that the baby’s head was already out.

The off-duty paramedic who had seen doctors deliver babies in front of him, got out on Edens Expressway and called 911 where operators guided him.

The 32-year-old man delivered a healthy baby girl named Mary Margaret Lynch in his minivan.

The baby weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and looks beautiful as a rose. The trio was taken to the hospital where they held a brief press conference.

The mother said that her daughter came into the world with a bang and is taking it as sign not to have anymore kids.

The 32-year-old mom of five said that she trusted her husband and knew that he would deliver.

As for the father, he said that he never imagined that he would help bring his own baby into the world.

The paramedic jokingly added that he will not be delivering anymore babies on the side of the road, he plans to go back to rescuing people in burning homes.

Paramedic delivers his own baby and takes part in cute press event to debut the infant, watch it all below.


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