Ozzy Osbourne Mutant Claim Makes News Again: Experts Say Genetic Mutation Turned Rocker Into A Mutant

August 2, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Is Ozzy Osbourne a mutant? According to some serious scientists, the answer is yes. A group of researchers from Massachusetts claimed that Osbourne’s unusual genes made it possible for the rocker to live a healthy life despite using a lot of drugs and alcohol over the years.

ozzy osbourne mutant

While he may speak like an alien, it appears that Ozzy Osbourne is a mutant. Osbourne opened up in his autobiography I Am Ozzy and on his reality series about his insane lifestyle.

At the age of 66, the rocker has confessed to using every illegal drug under the sun, he overdosed few times, had few failed suicide attempts, contracted sexually transmitted diseases and suffers from Parkin Syndrome.

Ozzy Osbourne revealed in his book:

Every day of my life has been an event. I took lethal combinations of booze and drugs for thirty f**king years. I survived a direct hit by a plane, suicidal overdoses, STDs. I’ve been accused of attempted murder. Then I almost died while riding over a bump on a quad bike at f**king two miles per hour.

Yet, the Black Sabbath vocalist is more than alive, enjoying life, enjoying his children, grandchildren and touring with his pals. He added:

People ask me how come I’m still alive, and I don’t know what to say. When I was growing up, if you’d have put me up against a wall with the other kids from my street and asked me which one of us was gonna make it to the age of sixty, which one of us would end up with five kids and four grandkids and houses in Buckinghamshire and Beverly Hills, I wouldn’t have put money on me, no f**king way. But here I am: ready to tell my story, in my own words, for the first time.

So, how can a human being abuse so many drugs and still be living?

Apparently, he is not a man; he is a mutant. About five years ago, a team of scientists from Knome Inc invited Osbourne at the TEDMED Conference “to discuss their analysis of Osbourne’s whole genome, which shed light on how the famously hard-living rocker has survived decades of drug abuse.”

Knome Inc’s co-founder Jorge Conde discovered that Osbourne’s genes had changed through time to better handle his use of marijuana, opiates, and methamphetamines. The expert from Cambridge, Massachusetts explained:

“He had a change on the regulatory region of the ADH4 gene, a gene associated with alcoholism, that we’ve never seen before.He has an increased predisposition for alcohol dependence of something like six times higher. He also had a slight increased risk for cocaine addiction, but he dismissed that. He said that if anyone has done as much cocaine he had, they would have been hooked.”

While mutant Ozzy Osbourne’s system can handle almost any drug in the world, coffee might harm him, says Conde.

Do you think Ozzy Osbourne is a mutant? What are your thoughts on this discovery?


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  1. bill jesernig says:

    Ozzy is Ozzy, “An extremely smart business man/song writer/singer.” He has identify a neglected segment of society, sang to it as one of it’s founding members, and made millions.

  2. Twinkleye says:

    He is more like a crazy old man who has snort so much cocaine that his body is now immune to it. I still think that it’s probably bad for his health and should stop taking these crap. We as the public find him enteretamaning when his rambling on TV and never understands a word he says, But I think his kids and wife find it worrisome that Ozzy sounds and appears high as soon as he wakes up from bed. It must hurt his family that he often forgets important events that occurred in their lives.
    NOT A Mutant, just crazy as sh$t.

  3. Mark Belleisle says:

    You deserve to be protected from any harm you are one of the nicest guys to have walked the planet. And yes you are different than most you care about others and your gift of making people happy is like the best virus that has ever consumed mankind. We need more mutants like you if we could all be like you the earth would be a happy wonderful place to live! thanks ozzy for the joy and happiness that you have given us all. Live long and prosper!

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