Affleck Ring Adds New Twist After Nanny Christine Ouzounian Pregnancy Rumor Surfaces: Is Ben Affleck Trying To Save His Marriage?

August 10, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ben Affleck, who is still wearing his wedding ring, is going to be a father again because his alleged mistress, Christine Ouzounian, is apparently pregnant. However, other sources, including one close to Mr. Affleck and Jennifer Garner, say the former nanny is not expecting and is the one planting the fake stories in the tabloids.

Christine Ouzounian Pregnant

To keep her 15 minutes of fame going, Christine Ouzounian may have invented a fake pregnant story and sold it to a publication, allegedly, of course.

About one month ago, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced to the world that after exactly ten years of marriage, they had decided to get a divorce.

The split was not very surprising because for several years rumors had claimed that the power couple was going through marital woes. It was even claimed that Garner and Affleck had their son, Samuel, 3, to save their marriage and by all accounts it did not work.

However, what was surprising was the fact that despite the official announcement, both the Gone Girl star and Catch And Release actress have been spotted on countless occasions with their wedding bands.

Things went from surprising to strange after a source explained that Affleck and Garner have decided to live on the same property, one in the main house with the couple’s three children and the other in the guest house.

Continuing with the oddity, Garner and Affleck decided to go on vacation to the Bahamas after their separation. As they were away tanning and surfing, Christine Ouzounian was hard at work making sure all of Hollywood knew her name.

Close sources to Ouzounian spoke to multiple publications to reveal that she had briefly worked as a nanny for the couple and that she was allegedly having an affair with Affleck.

Ouzounian, who was previously employed by Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, claimed that her relationship with the movie star started as a friendship, but it rapidly blossomed into a romance. The friend said:

“…Eventually she couldn’t contain her excitement and spilled the beans that she was dating Ben Affleck…she told her friends she was completely in love with him.Ben told Christine things that led her to believe they were going to be fully together. Over the course of the last few months, their relationship became very real and serious to Christine.”

A representative for Affleck quickly issued a statement saying that on July 1, Ouzounian’s contract was terminated and added there was no affair. The rep said:

“It’s tabloid journalism hiding behind blind sources. It’s a shameful ploy to stay relevant for the magazine.”

However, on July 17, Ouzounian was spotted in Affleck’s car running errands in Los Angeles, and that same night the pair was photographed hanging out together. It was later revealed that Ouzounian was the one, who contacted the paparazzi and told them about the meeting with Affleck.

Frustrated by the presence of so many photographers, Affleck was seen storming off the scene. Another pal of Ouzounian eventually came forward to reveal that after being fired, Affleck wrote her a “glowing recommendation letter” and the pair stayed very close.

Ouzounian, who is the gift that keeps on giving, is now rumored to be pregnant. According to the same pal, Ouzounian, who recently broke off her engagement to a local fisherman in the Bahamas, has been telling everyone that she is carrying Affleck’s baby.

The friend said that Ouzounian is a pathological liar and added:

“Ben is petrified she might be pregnant.He’s sweating beyond belief right now, wishing he’d never gotten involved with her in the first place. It’s clear that Christine is an opportunist — [but] whether she got knocked up remains unclear.”

Ben Affleck’s rep has denied the pregnancy rumors, but it is hard to deny that these Ouzounian stories are hurting the actor’s chances of getting back with his wife.

What are your thoughts on Ben Affleck’s nanny drama?


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  1. John B Brannen says:

    Mistakes are made and many people make them. Opportunist make it harder to move on when wants to do the right thing once they realize what is really more important to them. I feel sorry for this couple. They need to be left alone to work this out themselves. I do not believe another mistake will take place as hard as Ben seems to be working at this.
    This so called Nanny needs to be sent out on a rail. She is a devil in disguise panning for attention and status. Boo! Hiss!

  2. Rebecca Paquette says:

    If the nanny is telling all, she is more interested in publicity versus a private relationship with a top movie star. If she were in love she would want to protect both Ben Affleck and his children.

  3. jim says:

    Where were their brains on this deal…you don’t hire a nanny that can become deeply involved in both of your lives and then expect nothing to happen at her age….She should have been 50 years old stupids.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree, what were they thinking,Im in my fifities w/o kids & helped raise my nephews & nieces! That is a shame that an agency would hire these younger girls & place them in these Hollywood homes.What training do they really have? Maybe some college,but I think they take a risk placing girls like this who are in awe with the movie stars & let them live there with them!What a messed up situation!!Now she gets to make money w/the tabloids!!ha!

    • geanitte says:

      You’re absolutely right

  4. Necey says:

    People are so desperate today, this girl needs to crawl back under the rock from which she came and let this couple work on their marriage, period.

  5. tfsmith says:

    Christine Ouzounian is a complete and total a-hole. Literally stalking a family for her own motives of 15 minutes. I feel so bad for Jennifer Garner who is nothing but the best kind of person. I hope Jennifer pulls her self up by the bootstraps and kicks this Christine moron so far out of the picture she can’t even see straight.

  6. Dave says:

    I’ve lost all respect for this guy…and that nanny is a c*nt.

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