Osbournes VH1: New Episodes Of ‘The Osbournes’ Are Coming To VH1 In 2015

November 14, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Osbournes’ VH1 deal has been confirmed and the new series will be hilarious. A new Osbournes miniseries is set to air on VH1 because Ozzy Osbourne was too drunk to remember the first four seasons. The Osbournes will be giving fans an update since their hit reality series ended in 2005.

New Osbournes

Osbournes’ VH1 miniseries is set for 2015. New Osbournes TV series coming soon to VH1 and fans could not be happier. The Osbournes appeared on four seasons of their reality series, The Osbournes, from 2002 through 2005, where they aired their dirty laundry.

The family has decided to appear in a new VH1 mini-series of the show that will feature only eight episodes. Ozzy Osbourne, his wife, Sharon, daughter, Kelly, and son, Jack, have decided to return to the little screen in order to give the audience an update.The Osbournes’ eldest daughter, Aimee, will not be appearing on the VH1 show.

Another reason the Osbournes have accepted to have every moment of their lives documented is because Ozzy was often drunk and can not remember past events. The crazy clan will start filming in January of 2015. Sharon Osbourne recently told U.K. talk show Loose Women:

“Ozzy has decided that he wants to do another few episodes – not a whole season, about eight episodes – of The Osbournes. It’s been 13 years since the last one. He said that for the whole three years that we did it he was drunk the whole time so he said he would like to do one where he is completely sober, as he is now.”

Mrs Osbourne went on to add:

“It’s not forever. It’s no more than eight episodes. Because it’s been 13 years and our lives have changed so much, it’s a kind of catch up. It’s like, ‘What are they doing now?”

On Tuesday’s episode of CBS’ The Talk, Osbourne told fans:

“Catch up on our lives and where we are now.”

In the new Osbournes VH1 series, followers might get a glimpse of the 65-year-old heavy metal vocalist’s last tour. The rocker, who is hoping to be knighted by the Queen of England, claimed that he is retiring from music because:

“I can’t relate to it. New music is old music rehashed and Internet piracy is killing it off.”

Will you be watching the Osbournes’ VH1 show?


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  1. Richard R. Engnath says:

    Hey Yo, Ozzy! If Into “Jazz/Latin/World/Electronic(a)”, and/or If “Jaded” — Check Out Colombia(n) Group “Bomba Estereo”…!!

  2. cc says:

    Yes,I’ll definitely watch! I loved the old show.

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