Orphaned Moose Killed By Montana Parks Officials

June 6, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An orphaned moose killed by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials with explosives has many people upset, mainly Josh Hohm, the man, who first found the animal. However, the experts are defending their decision saying that the moose was potentially carrying an illness – but the truth is that they never tested the creature before killing it.

orphaned moose killed

An orphaned moose killed by employees of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Services has sparked an intense debate, and the killing makes no sense to many.

On Monday, Josh Hohm went to the West Boulder Campground, which is located in the Gallatin National Forest to camp for one night. While setting up his camping gear, the Bozeman man was startled when a newborn moose calf walked right up to him.

Hohm stayed away from the little moose thinking that the mother was nearby and would soon attack him to protect its young one. When he realized that the moose calf was not going anywhere, he decided to help it find its mother.

He eventually found the remains of the mother and the twin’s calf. The mother died while giving birth. Hohm told local media:

“Clearly I’m not going to leave the little guy there.”

Hohm took several pictures with the orphaned moose and filmed it crying. The camper did the logical thing and contacted officers from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks thinking that they would care for the newborn moose. Hohm was wrong. According to Examiner, other states would have handled the matter differently by providing care to the orphaned moose.

Officers killed the orphaned moose and then U.S. Forest Service blew up all three bodies with explosives to scatter the remains so they would not attract predators like bears to the camping site. Saddened and angered by the officials’ decision, Hohm said:

“It’s just unbelievable to me that that’s how things are handled. It just sounds incredibly wrong.These guys are on our payroll to oversee the protection and well being of these animals and this is how we ‘manage wildlife.'”

The nature lover asked why didn’t they find a rehabilitation center for the young moose and later release it in the wild, but FWP spokeswoman Andrea Jones said the agency had no other option. “We don’t move or rehabilitate moose,” Jones explained.

Jones went on to share the reason they killed the little creature it was because the mother moose had an arterial worm, which could sicken other animals. Jones revealed:

“Nobody ever wants to have to deal with putting down a young animal, those who wish to help animals need to recognize that sick animals can translate disease to humans.”

According to Jones, another reason to blow up the moose, is the fact that it would not have been able to feed itself without its mother.

The man fired back by saying that they did not even test the orphaned moose before killing it. He stated that if he knew what they had planned for the poor creature he would have never called for help. The campground is currently closed to the public. The Inquisitr claims that this “standard protocol” is quite shocking.

What are your thoughts on this controversy? Did officials handle the situation properly?


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  1. Adriana says:

    The Wild Life authorities have no heart to kill that little innocent baby moose. They could have moved the animal to a facility in another stated instead of blowing it up into a hundred pieces.
    Pure cruelty.

    • Mark says:

      How some people live with themselves is beyond me. How repulsively horrible. Hel

      • Susan Squier says:

        I completely agree with you. This was a horrendous act. They blew the calf up because it was unable to feed without its mother? How many animal sanctuaries take in just these kind of situations, able to care, feed and see an orphaned animal grow and be released back into the wild? These people make me sick. Everyone needs to email the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks like I just did. You can easily leave your message.

    • Jo says:

      Pure Cruelty!!!! I agree with Adriana. It was only a baby Moose. Why was it not tested? The Wild Life authorities will have to answer for such cruelty and I hope justice is served to them!!

    • Veronica says:

      That is just awful! If some general person decided to blowup an animal, criminal charges would be brought up against them. That behavior is just disgusting and that is what is wrong with society, no one from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Services thinks that what they have done is wrong. Shame on them!!

    • Kaye from Ohio says:

      Adriana, I agree with you completely. The attitude of the park service workers is exactly why I NEVER take an animal to a “humane” shelter. I firmly believe the people who work in this capacity are sociopaths who hate animals and will go to any lengths to justify cruelty and the destruction of innocent beings. The individuals should be fired, and a better policy should be adopted.

    • deb says:

      Wild life authorities and also humane society are both wrong
      humane society returns abused animals to their abusers so take
      care of it yourself don’t ask for their help cause its not help

    • Beverly says:

      blowing up the dead animals doesn’t stop disease it spreads it all over if it’s a parasite. I will not go to the national parks if I may be stepping in animal remains. Hope people boycott.

  2. Jason says:

    While it was a horrible thing to do, one must understand that the agency had to protect the other animals and humans visiting the forest.
    To make an omelet you have to break few eggs, right?

    • STEVEN KAGE says:

      What you don’t understand is that what the agency said is a lie; orphaned animals, be they moose or deer, can safely be raised.

    • Donna says:

      They did not make an omlet. In fact, they did NOT make anything; they destroyed an innocent, helpless baby. If God had wanted this poor creature dead, it would not have made it through the birth.

    • jerry says:

      well they should have tested it first before euthanizing it. There would have been a lot of places the healthy moose could have ended up in

    • Jay says:

      If they blew it to pieces others will eat the Pieces. dieases goes on. So the thats no excuse, use your head more animals are infected.W hat in comes down to they did’t want to mess with the littleone. I hope they can lives with them self.

  3. Erin says:

    This is just horrible, those so called officials should be fired for killing the baby calf.

  4. Erin says:

    I meant to say baby moose. This story is very upsetting.

  5. Angered says:

    So the the staff member of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Services is saying that the killed an animal because it wouldn’t survived in the wild? Seriously?
    What is that twit talking about? Animals are supposed to live in nature and find ways to hunt and feed themselves. Is she in the right job.

    • nunyabidness says:

      Your thought process on this is exactly why our schools are letting us down. Without momma moose the calf would last only a couple days before a predator took it down.

  6. Mickey says:

    While I agree the animal was not murdered. It was killed..

    • screw speciesism says:

      The baby WAS murdered. Euthanasia is NEVER in the interest of a healthy animal who has an interest in living. By definition, euthanasia is performed only to end the suffering of an individual who continues to suffer despite medical intervention.

  7. Blues says:

    Did anyone read the part of the article that explained that the mother moose was carrying a worm which could be fatal to other animals in the area? That sounds like a good enough reason to get rid of the calf.

    • screw speciesism says:

      Puppies and kittens and their mothers carry worms ALL THE TIME, and we certainly do not blow up their bodies! We treat them!!!

      • Jess says:

        Please do a little research on the types of parasites an animal can carry before you assume they are all easy to treat.

        The worms the cow was said to have been carrying are not just “worms”. They were arterial worms that make their home in the carotid artery and, if I remember right, the heart. While many types of worms are easy to get rid of in our pets, think about how dangerous heartworm is for dogs. This is the ungulate equivalent. It wreaks havoc on a moose’s entire head and nervous system. It can cause blindness and can lead to some horrific facial deterioration which causes a whole mess of other issues.

        From what I understand, not a whole lot is known about this particular parasite and it’s possible that, like heart worm in dogs, it can be passed from mother to fetus. It is a huge issue plaguing moose and elk populations in certain areas and, if the mother truly was carrying these parasites, I can very much understand why destroying the calf was the plan they went with.

        It is a very sad end for the entire trio, but if the baby was indeed infected with these parasites, then any deer species/ horses/etc at its rehabilitation center would have been at risk of catching them through horsefly transmission. Not only that, if infected, it was already set up for a life filled with misery.

        If there is a test that can determine whether a moose has these parasites without cutting into the animal, then we must consider the fact that the department may not have the budget to test every orphaned deer they find. There are so many factors that to judge them without being in on all of the knowledge is just as wrong as people think the death of this moose calf was.

    • Notplainjayne says:

      Ok the mother was carrying a worm and then they blew her up to bits. Hello would that not spread it more!! My mother in Alaska raised a moose after her mother was killed and it grew up to have babies of her own and she would bring them to visit her.

      They could have tested the poor thing.
      Nature is cruel we need to have a little empathy sometimes.

    • jerry says:

      really? Then if the mother was alive – kill her. Test the young moose and then make an intelligent, vet-based decision.

    • Randall says:

      Agree with Blues

    • Gail says:

      Well what about the all the illegals entering this country with TB, etc. passing it on to our “citizens” Going to shoot them too… ???

    • stephanie says:

      it was never tested it never had it don’t you read

  8. PETA be crazy but says:

    Where are the nuts from PETA when you need them. Drag the officials for murder.

    • Izzy says:

      They’re to busy protesting the tossing of already dead salmon at the pike place market here in WA

  9. Fischer T says:

    You folks are soooo concerned about the cute moose that was slaughtered.
    I’mma go Vegas and bet my modest fishing boat that you eat pork, chicken, beef and fish.They don’t grow on trees, they had to kill these animals for them to land on your plates well cooked/fried or baked with beans and carrots.

    • marty maxwell says:

      They did not kill the baby moose to eat it you idiot.
      You don’t even know what you are talking about, you just want to rant.IDIOT!

    • Cherry B says:

      Love your point Fischer T. If these people knew how the animals they eat suffer they whole life, maybe they wouldn’t eat meat. If they saw how cows react when going to slaughter because they smell the blood of the previous slaughtered it’s just sickening. It’s easy to turn your head and pretend you don’t know what these animals go through. I don’t agree what they did to this baby moose either.

    • Jay W says:

      You are right I do eat pork, chicken and beef. They are killed for that reason. This poor moose was not killed for its meat, th US forest service just didn’t want to deal with an orphaned moose so they killed it. I don’t beileve they tested the mother to see what she died from,I think it was just an excuse to explain why they killed the orphan.

    • ECS says:

      What an outrageous comment.
      Killing animals for food is one thing.
      Killing for sport, cruelty or because you don’t want to spend the time or money to handle a situation is very different.

    • STEVEN KAGE says:

      There are over 20 million Americans who don’t eat meat, including me. Slither out from under your rock sometime & look around. By the way, you owe me a boat.

    • Accountant78 says:

      I forgot you’re not allowed to care about the welfare of animals if you eat meat. That’s a tired argument. I eat meat, does that mean I should be pro-animal abuse? Just because people eat meat doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be bothered by the senseless killing of animals. They are not mutually exclusive. Try again.

      • Cherry B says:

        You should care for the animals welfare! All animals not just a few. The ones you eat suffer their whole lives and no one seems to care about their welfare! Don’t understand your reasoning. It’s a senseless killing if you hear about and they are wild but otherwise it’s okay?

    • jerry says:

      and that is why there are no cows or chickens in the wild: they are raised to be eaten. The last time I looked there were no moose steaks for sale at Safeway. What a lame comment!

      • Cherry B says:

        They still suffer raised to be eaten or not. And so you know Jerry once upon a time cows were wild before they domesticated.

    • Jess says:

      The difference is that the calf was not eaten. I am all for hunting and fishing. In fact, I went fishing last night hoping to catch a salmon for my birthday dinner. However, this calf was not eaten. It was killed and an attempts made to scatter the meat so that it would not be eaten by anything.

      I refuse to condemn the officials completely because we do not have all the facts, but the fact remains that moose CAN be rehabilitated. What keeps me from automatically wanting to think they were too quick to kill the calf is the fact that it was said that the mother was infected with the carotid arterial worms that are plaguing moose in certain parts of the country. Mule deer have adapted to tolerate them, but it they are very hard on moose. It is not a well understood parasite and, if it’s anything like heart worms in dogs, it’s possible that they can find their way to the unborn calves after the mother is infected. It causes all kinds of issues in moose that, while they may not die from the parasite load as often as previously thought, it wreaks havoc on the moose’s entire head and nervous system. I can understand wanting to stop the spread of the parasite.

      In the end, it is sad that the calf was never given a chance to live, but what’s done is done and I would like to think that it was done in an attempt to help stop the spread of the arterial parasite.

  10. donaldborman says:

    I was of part of a dog rescue my ex-wife and I started in 2006
    In the past, we have taken in about every kind of animal you could imagine
    We would have quarantined this animal,we all have prevention from various creature illness
    Let the vet. make the call

    With all due respect to the Wildlife Officers and all they do

    could there have been a vets oppionion on the outcome of this situation ?

    It is said, but from an animal person, this is what I feel

    • Christine says:

      I totally agree with you. There were so many options, but this was the easiest and by far, the most irresponsible and non-compassionate. Destroy the animal and walk away? Really? Personally I’m appalled by the response of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Services. Blowing it up in pieces to prevent further disease?!&$#? Was the mother tested? Was the baby tested? MFW & PS are imbeciles.

  11. Melody says:

    It has been proven that the Wildlife and Fisheries has become a rogue killing machine. Millions of innocent animals are shot, leg hold trapped, poisoned, and murdered by this lawless uncontroled assassin’s group, including innocent pets, birds, etc.. They answer to no one. And taxpayers are paying for this carnage.
    People need to start speaking up.

    • marty maxwell says:

      Melody, I whole heartedly agree.
      Anytime they are contacted, it is “kill the animal.”
      If the situation can’t get them money, forget it.
      I don’t even call them anymore.

  12. Cat and Mouse says:

    This was done to help the environment. If you don’t like, you can be mad at nature.

  13. Ed says:

    People should mind their business and let others do their job.

    • Cherry B says:

      Oh so you are one of those people! Good job Ed hope you never need a little help and don’t get it because people are busy minding their business!

    • I care says:

      Then Ed shut up and mind your business, but when you go on a nature walk and there is no more nature, shut up and watch a Zombie flick. There are people trying to do their jobs, like the Vet, so why use the label Dept of Wildlife ? How about Dept of over paid employees that are lazy humans. There enjoy that while you look for NATURES BEAUTY

  14. Molly Daniels says:

    Hello Ed, these are government workers, they are getting paid with American tax payers’ money. We have the right and moral authority to call them out with they screw up. Killing that little moose is a major SCREW UP!!!!!!

    • Will Boyd says:

      Volunteer to bury dead animals, they could use your help, they have thousands dying every winter.

  15. Vixis says:

    Boycott vacationing in Montana, to treat a harmless animal in this cruel inhumane manner is wrong!!!! Makes me sick to think those who are hired to protect wildlife and the environment would not find other options…Govt phuckers!

  16. Linda Butler says:

    If the facts are as they seem then the animals should have been killed humanely then buried not blown up. If the animals were NOT tested then these park officials are inhuman and should not be working with animals. I am certain another rehab facility would have taken the animal if the word had gone out. This is outragious! Where is PETA when you are truly needed??

  17. cesunshine says:

    It is a shame to kill a harmless baby moose. They should have tested to see if it had the disease and not just blow it up. That is disgusting. And people should speak up about protecting the wild life. Do we want to rid the world of all creatures?? I know I don’t. There are some humans that we should get rid of before the wild life.

  18. Howard Camner says:

    Humans doing what they do best: destroy. What filthy bastards. Karma’s a bitch and hopefully they’ll find out.

  19. Rae says:

    Rather than assuming that the arterial worm was passed from mother to child, the calf should have been tested first. If he DID have it, it could have been treated. If that wasn’t successful, then I can understand putting the animal down in a humane way, and then perhaps burning the three corpses rather than blowing them up like they’re in some sort of Sylvester Stallone action movie. I’m not entirely convinced that blowing them up will eliminate the risk of other animals eating the remains and spreading the disease.

    As for the comment that the baby would not been able to survive without it’s mother, that is – by and large – accurate. However, there are places that would likely take in and hand-rear an animal of that nature and then return it to the wild when it was ready.

    This is purely speculation on my part, but sometimes I think that the Avian Flu and other animal-borne diseases are making us a little nutty.

  20. Zev says:

    It is rare to hear of wildlife distress. The baby moose was born of a female adult moose who had an arterial worm in her body.

    I do not support uncontrollable killing of wild animals, but this poor animal was connected to her mothers uterus and shared her internal network of arteries and veins to receive nourishment in its developmental phase. This means that the worm in the mother had plenty of time to work its contagion to the newborn animal.

    The wildlife authority was correct in their evaluation, but they could have consulted a wildlife veterinarian.

    Other than potential treatment of the arterial worm, if the predicament offered no hope then the annihilation of the tainted family of moose was the only resolve to the issue since burying the animal whole would only lure other creatures to feast on them and the contagion would become an epidemic.

    As a rule I want to protect moose, rhinoceros from poaching, elephants from poaching, shark finning and other heinous and wasteful monetary gains attained by destroying the worlds ecosystem and leading them towards extinction.

    • ECS says:

      Do you think maybe this baby survived for a reason. The mother died giving birth and the other baby died. This one survived. Nature has always had a way of taking care of wildlife and plants, until man stepped in and decided that we know better.

    • Donna says:

      They said “potential” arterial worm. Just like everyone in the world is a “potential” carrier of TB.

    • Michael says:

      Hey Zev, Mothers carrying the AIDS virus are born out of their mother wombs and by golly the children do not contract the virus themselves… Bottom line is they did nothing to help the animal and killed it on an assumption not on facts. If a normal person were to have don’t this they would have been put on trial, fined and had jail time for animal cruelty.

    • Katarina says:

      Finally, an intelligent statement

  21. Will Boyd says:

    USDA Forest Service Directive requires employees taking pack animals into the National Forests to carry so many lbs of dynamite per pack animal. If an animal dies they are to stuff it with an appropriate amt. and detonate it. They are not required to dig a grave or to pack it out of the wilderness and they are prohibited from leaving the carcass for predators to dispose of.
    That’s not the same process if your pet dies in your apartment, but then that’s a totally different situation, isn’t it?
    You want to volunteer with the Forest Service to bury dead animals, that’s your choice.

    • jerry says:

      who said anything about burying the animal(s)? The mistake was ASSUMING the moose had the same parasite that they THINK the mother had. A reasonable test with a vet would have helped make the right decision (curable – cure it and place the moose with a reasonable agency; incurable – euthanize it – and THEN blow it up).

  22. Kathie says:

    There really are no words for this story. At least FWL could have tested the baby moose to see if it even had the disease. Surely there are better options than killing a baby moose because it MIGHT be sick. What is this world coming to when those that are supposed to protect our wildlife end up killing them without all the facts. Andrea Jones said the agency had no other option. “We don’t move or rehabilitate moose,” Jones said. This pretty much was a special case, wouldn’t you say?? I feel sorry for Josh Hohm, who did the right thing.

  23. Mary Jo Schlechty says:

    Yea the Game and Fish want to protect the wildlife, those 2 bit 4 fletching gunslingers they just don’t want to be bothered by an innocent little creature that could not help that his mother dies or sibling as well, sometimes I think that the Game and Fish should be re-evaluated on their job performance and see if that job is really for them. I think there is other people out there more suitable for that job than those that’s in there now.

  24. papadz says:

    At the least they could have had nice BBQ and not wasted the tender meat. Even if it did have worms, the temperature would have killed it.
    Moose ka-bobs are great! Such a waste.

  25. Lynn Long says:

    Not only no, but HELL no.
    Sick bastards. If this is “protocol” then it needs to change.
    They are there for the protection and preservation of these animals. This little guy never stood a chance. May they (Fish and Wildlife) rot in hell.

  26. Kathy L says:

    They should have tested the baby moose prior to blowing it up. Karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the butt. Maybe it will come back on them.

  27. Larry says:

    And just How do they KNOW that this Mother Moose had this So Called WORM did they do all the LAB TESTS and Confirm it in a LAB or was it Just some FKNG MORON out in the Field that thinks he is a DR. and Took a wild GUESS and just wanted to be a asshole and LETS BLOW UP THE DEAD ONES AND OH WELL GET THE LITTLE LIVE ONE TOO That is BULLSHIT some needs to be held accountable for KILLING the LITTLE ONE How do the Know it had the WORM VIRUS if they DID NOT TEST it???????? OH FKNG PLEASE TELL ME!!!!??????

  28. Linda says:

    The state of Wa.just released a little cub called Cinder after rescuing it from a forest fire.Many months of care later and it was released back to the forest.They should have done some more tests on the baby moose.

  29. Arlene says:

    The kind man who the crying baby moose first approached, said himself, that they never even tested the moose for any kind of sickness or worms. So, now they have E.S.P. and can see these things without the proper medical testing! WOW! I need those kind of “experts” to test on my animals so I don’t have to spend a fortune on Vets,and medical tests! No…wait…if they came near my animals they would just blow them up!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  30. Kim says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels. But what it comes down to is LAZY Montana FWP employees and nothing else. Not to mention heartless. I feel sad.

  31. Melanie says:

    By blowing up all three animals and scattering their remains put other animals at risk for contracting this so called worm?

  32. Jeanne M Heiman says:

    That’s beyond disgusting. Shame on you Montana Fish and Game Dept. You should have tested the baby before proceeding. Further, there has to be available, raw milk from some other mammal that could have been fed to the infant via a bottle just as an orphaned cow calf or horse, etc. With all the sorrow and cruelty in the world these days why would anyone kill an innocent animal that provides beauty to our world and food to folks that try to live green and only kill for food for their families.

    I think that had you tried there would have been many people in line to help that calf until it could be released into the wild once more, especially the gentleman that rescued it to begin with. So what’s next Montana F&G?

  33. Gail says:

    What a friggon stupid question to ask “Did the officials handle……” – all these so called officials can all go to hell ! If you what to kill things go to the middle east and have a ball !!! This poor little baby… karma to all of you !

  34. Cindy says:

    What a tragic & sad situation. Other states would have handled it differently for sure. The Montana FWP are nothing short of murderers when they should be protecting wildlife. I agree the calf should have been checked out by a vet before the decision was made to kill him. Montana FWP needs to change their procedures & get employees that care about the animals!

  35. Donna says:

    How shameful. How did anyone KNOW that the mother had an arterial worm? OR that the baby would have/transmit it? Innocent until proven guilty/HEALTHY UNTIL PROVEN ILL. If they were not ‘PARK OFFICIALS”, this would be considered animal cruelty and chargeable anywhere there is an morality.

  36. Accountant78 says:

    I think we should blow up human remains instead of poisoning the earth and taking up valuable land by burying them.

  37. Gene says:

    It surprises me that so many people comment on these things when they have no concept of how the wilderness really works. The moose would have starved or been eaten, possible spreading disease to other animals.
    An agency must employ procedures that people do not understand and inane comments about the poor little moose are totally emotional in nature. Responsible people will always put sick or injured wildlife or even pets when on other alternative is available. It is the correct thing to do. No one enjoys it, it is just correct. Sad but true.

    • Mikey says:

      I would agree except that the animal wandered into a campsite and a concerned individual called the Fish and Game for assistance. The calf was not in a situation where predators had access to the animal. Humans had access and made an erroneous decision not based on any science other than what they thought. No test performed? No verification the mother had this arterial parasite? Was the calf that killed the mother breech? Too many unanswered questions here. It was an act of expedience pure and simple. Pure laziness not to transport the animal where it could be tested.

      And while on the subject, blowing an animal up simply scatters the remains. No assurance the worm wont spread. Cremation would be a better choice, but requires effort that the park employees are clearly lacking.

  38. Mike Hunt says:

    Holy crap!, are you people clueless. You all must live in a city. Ya a baby moose is all cute and cuddly…guess what in a yr you have a 1000lb animal that’s habituated to humans.

    Angered- You’re totally clueless. What do you expect? that this hrs old moose calf is going to go hunt down other wild animals. Preferably lactating females so it can get milk and then develop the strength to fight of wolves and bears???? for crying out loud nature is very harsh. You all need to realize Disney’s “Bambi” was not a documentary about how animals survive in the wild. Seriously it’s not like that out here in MT

  39. Bob says:

    The problem with this situation is it will like the moose die right here instead of an investigation. if the gov’t agency says it’s right then it’s right,RIGHT. NOT.but what can we do.say to much you might get shot.if the moose or any animal in question should be tested,then they should be tested. to much trouble in this case I guess.if I had been there I would have probably done the same thing Mr.Hohm did. big mistake.i think my cat,my dog,my what ever is sick. LET’S KILL IT.Had Mr.Hohm know the outcome he would have like most of us taken the little guy home and found out how to care for it.if that were impossible,then the outcome may have been the same.testing the animal first would have been the right thing to do. to bad for ignorance!!!!

  40. Mike Hunt says:

    “Had Mr.Hohm know the outcome he would have like most of us taken the little guy home and found out how to care for it”

    Do you people realize how big a moose gets???? this isnt a kitten or puppy.

    No one likes to see a cute baby animal put down. But it wouldnt have made it more than maybe a day if left alone.

  41. Chris Olander says:

    You people are right. Animal activists are always right. No matter if you’re wrong. This was a wild animal whose mother died while giving birth. Without the initial feeding of colostrum, the calf is short on immunities and would need constant care to have a chance to survive. And then it could live in captivity, I know you’re all in favor of that. Or should we teach it to depend on humans for survival and turn it loose? And who should we hire at $7.00 an hour to care for it for the first 6 months? And read the article. It was killed , then the remains scattered. It was not blown up to kill it. Jesus people, grow something on the north end of your brain stems.

  42. Dennis says:

    This is common and F&W everywhere always uses the same old excuse. In the “interest of human safety”. What a crock. Just plain old “easy way out” Seen it over and over in Florida with black bears

  43. L Townsley says:

    I believe they did this so they wouldn’t have to take care of the baby…really sad. They should have tested the baby to see if it was sick before killing it. Wonder about Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Services.

  44. Karen says:

    I think that was so inhumane to kill that baby moose. It could have been tested and taken to test and then if he was ill, treat it. It’s bad enough the baby didn’t have it’s mother to take refuge with. Good Samaritan was trying to do the right thing, however, the ones that killed it and exploded the animals shouldn’t be working where they are. Totally disgusting! I know how much the man that found him probably feels…..sickening to hear the loss of a baby animal.

  45. Rolly says:

    That animal could and should have been saved, because it was the right and human thing to do.
    I do not believe an animal shout be slaughtered if it is no one is going to eat it. As a hunter from Mississippi, if I have enough meat, I will not venture into the wood looking for trouble.

  46. Karen from Seattle says:

    That is ridiculous. I wonder how many animals they are killing without us knowing about it. It’s things like this that break my heart.

  47. ann gentry says:

    tragic and not the right thing to do. im disgusted, shocked, cant even find the words. so awful.

  48. danno says:

    They should have taken it to Central Park and let it go. Along with all our wolves and grizzlies. The comments here are funny! City folks are hilarious!

  49. danno says:

    The downside of this is that this was one of the (very) few moose we have left here. What happened to all our (once very plentiful) moose you ask? Wolf poop.

  50. Rob says:

    The decision to kill this baby moose wasn’t a health issue, it was a money issue. They Montana Fish and Wildlife agents don’t have the resources to rehabilitate anything. Bullets, and I guess c4…are cheaper. The lesson here is don’t call agents of the gov’t for help with anything. You won’t like the results. For results more to your liking, you have to take care of matters yourself. I rescued a baby whitetail deer in similar circumstances…I was smart enough to ask what would happen to it BEFORE I called in the “professionals”. You guessed it; bullet time. So I hung up on them and helped the critter myself.

  51. Brian says:

    Maybe as the tourist season is just beginning, people should consider spending their time & money in other states.

  52. alexandria says:

    what the heck im still in highschool and i could have done a more humane and logical way to care for the little cutie. some officals they are, we pay to protect wildlife not destory. the only good thing i see out of this is that the mother and both calfs are reunited.

  53. Donna Uhle says:

    REMEMBER ONE RULE , NEVER CALL FOR HELP FISH AND WILD LIFE !Find same rescue organization or try to do by yourself. SORRY FOR YOU AND THE LITTLE MOUSE ,SO SAD!!!!!!!!

    • Donna Uhle says:


  54. Dan says:

    First of these were game wardens not “park officials” since it is nowhere near Yellowstone park. Second it happened on forest service land making it an interagency issue, the state game wardens investigate and handle wildlife cases, thus the euthanasia, However, after that final disposition of the carcasses was up to the forest service perssonal, {blowing them up}. This was done in order to limit bear human encounters since it is near a campground, been forest service policy For years concerning large dead animals. What also is not mentioned anywhere is the fact that there is an active wolf pack right in that area, a day old calf would have stood no chance for more than a few days. I know this because I live in the area,only 8 miles from the campground, As far as getting a veterinarian involved,, forget it. They wouldn’t touch it. They aren’t equipped to do necropsies on large dead wildlife and would lose their state license if they tried since it is illegal for them to work on any kind of wildlife, only state or federal labs and personal are allowed to do this sort of thing

  55. jenn rice says:

    It must be amazing to have so many moose in your area that you find it ok to do something that any sane normal person would call animal abuse.. and find that okay. I mean should someone go to as your house and kill your kid cuz they may be cross eyed and have an extra limb… why not a zoo to say the very least… I mean NY doesn’t have many moose you could have sent it here or send us some of your overflowing abundance of moose to repopulate my home the Adirondack mountains. That poor baby… who made fish and wildlife god to not only put down but then explode a newborn moose… so if the baby was sick like its momma you dumb f&%#$ just blew that parasite all over the area… birds.. they’ll find the scraps and eat them and get sick and I sure hope they go that moose murderers house and crap or explode all over their house.!!!!!

  56. Jonh Smith says:

    I think everyone is getting caught up in the poor calf moose, that was killed needlessly. Which biggest crime is be born. The worms that killed the mother and threatens to kill many more is the bigger and sadder issue. These Non-native worms have killed tens of thousand animals, in the past decade. Those worms got to this area from the Fish and Wildlife negligent importation of Grey wolves, without taking the time to test them and treat them for the worms in the first place. All they did in this situation was spread the contaminated meat to more animals. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity.

  57. Alex Amador says:

    My understanding is the mother died giving birth not by the worms so the act of killing the baby Moose was disturbing to say the least. The officers actions should be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

  58. Linda says:

    That is just cruel. They could have done something to save the little guy! After all they are park officials. They should be trying to protect the animals, not kill them! They should have tested him for the disease instead of taking it for granted that he was carrying the worm.

    • danno says:

      There were park officials there? What park? Central Park? Jellystone Park (that magical place you urbanites think is a petting zoo)? There were Montana game wardens and representatives of the current administration’s USFWS. They followed protocol. It’s what they do every time. Sorry you can’t swallow how we do things here. It’s tough out here. You wouldn’t make it.

  59. Gary says:

    WTF … what else do you expect out out of a bunch of Gov workers.
    To bad the explosives didn’t blow up prematurely. Less pensions I need to pay out of my taxes.

  60. Joanne says:

    This is so wrong and beyond cruel. I feel so sorry for the Baby Moose and also for Josh who felt he was helping and then had to find out that Montana killed this poor baby that he wanted to rescue! SO WRONG of them!!

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