Escaped California inmate: Orange County Inmates Escape, Authorities Are Asking For Help

January 27, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Three California inmates escaped from their prison cells this week. The men – Jonathan Tieu, Hossein Nayeri, and Bac Duong – were awaiting trials for various crimes including murder, kidnapping, and torture and they are considered very dangerous.

Orange County inmates escape

Three Orange County inmates escaped between Thursday and Friday assuring a massive manhunt for their capture. Saturday morning, Sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock held a press conference to address the matter. The three inmates are Hossein Nayeri, 37, 20-year-old Jonathan Tieu, and Bac Duong, 43.

Mr. Hallock stated that the authorities are aware how the trio got away from the Orange County Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana, but he can not share that information with the media at the moment. According to Hallock, the inmates are very dangerous, and he asked the public not to make contact with them – but simply call O.C. Crime Stoppers at 855-847-6227 or the Sheriff’s Department at 714-647-7000 or visit the website with tips.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has also released the photos (above) of Nayeri, left, Tieu, middle, and Duong, right, hoping that anyone with information about the three inmates will contact them. Authorities spent Saturday morning searching near the Central Jail Complex located at 550 N. Flower St. and the Civic Center, but the inmates were nowhere to be found.

By Saturday afternoon, sheriff’s department officials issued a special bulletin explaining that the fugitives escaped and fled the area. Just moments ago, Hallock held a second press conference where he revealed:

“The sheriff’s No. 1 priority in this is the safety of our community. We have dedicated all available resources to this search and investigation so that we may bring all three inmates back into custody.”

Hallock shared that the inmates had faced various charges: Tieu was held on suspicion of murder, while Duong, an alleged gang member, faces an attempted murder charge, and Nayeri was held on charges of kidnapping and torture.

Nayeri and Duong were ineligible for bail, while Tieu’s had been set at $1 million. Duong and Tieu’s stories went under the radar, but Mr. Nayeri, an Iranian, made headlines in 2012 when he and three other men kidnapped a California marijuana dispensary owner.

They drove the dispensary owner to a deserted spot where they believed he had hidden money and then cut off his penis and hid it because they did not want doctors to reattach it. The foursome also poured bleach and set the man on fire to hide DNA evidence.

Authorities say they poured bleach on the man before dumping him and his girlfriend on the side of the road. The girl, injured, scared and still bound, was able to run a mile to the main road to flag down a police officer in that area. After the horrific crime, Nayeri fled to Iran where he remained for several months. He was arrested in Prague in 2014 while changing flights from Iran to Spain to visit family. Additional information on the inmates, who escaped from Orange County:

Hossein Nayeri ,37, arrested on: 9/13/14
Charges: 2 felony counts of kidnapping for ransom/extortion, felony count of aggravated mayhem, felony count of torture, felony count of burglary, sentencing enhancement for inflicting great bodily harm. Has pleaded not guilty to charges.
Status: Being held without bail.
Occupation: Dog walker

Bac Tien Duong, 43, arrested on: 12/4/15
Charges: Felony attempted murder, felony use of a firearm, felony assault with a firearm, felony burglary, felony discharging firearm at an occupied dwelling, as well as sentencing enhancements for attempted premeditated murder and inflicting great bodily harm. Has pleaded not guilty.
Status: Being held without bail due to immigration hold
Occupation: Laborer

Jonathan Tieu, 20, arrested on: 10/15/95
Charges: Felony murder, Felony attempted murder, felony street terrorism and sentencing enhancements for criminal street gang activity. Has pleaded not guilty.
Occupation: not listed.

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    these people arein Panana by now enjoying cocktails and shrimps. thank u el chapo. ask trump to build more walls around presions lol

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